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Positivity needs a paradigm shift to be looked at a total congruent concept of Holistic Positivity rather than simply a word. The first paradigm shift of the Positive Imperative and the study of Positivity is a vocabulary change.
The whole notion of being right also adds to the conversation the word EGO and pride which can be attributed to everything from wrongful dismissal on the one hand to honour killing on the other extreme. It goes without saying that taking a shot of positivity or a positive song is no different than saying I took a shower or went for a workout last week.
Positivity as a skill and attitude is where we evolve and ascend to a higher consciousness, one that includes Responsibility. Positivity with the PosiRatio (see the 3 tenets) either works at the synergy of creating more positives or is a victim of negative dominoes as you only need a few to get in your way and undermine your efforts at creating Positivity.

Congruent and consistent Positivity is a foundation for World Peace the Environment and to end Poverty?
So you’re saying, OK enough is enough, I can buy into a lot of what you have said on Positivity when it comes to the conditioning of the mind, but how is Positivity going to change the world? While there are so many great values and deeds done through the efforts of religious organizations, at the end of the day major change is still in gridlock between Religious moderates and fundamentalists.
You could be starting from the belief that the law of attraction and meditation is hokey pokey or wishful thinking. How does Positivity relate to helping the environment, or making sure there’s enough blood in the blood bank, or even stop a horrific mass shooting like which happened in Newtown Connecticut. Like all well-built structures, a solid foundation is imperative for the integrity of the structure.

To continue your study of Positivity I invite you to check out Positive Resources and Links page, that contains both descriptions and links to some noteworthy Positive Sites as well as many links to our members blogs and sites containing a wide range of Positivity resources from Positive Music to coaching, self-help, blogs and more. Posithanks ~ More than 30 ideas of different ideas of things to be grateful for”Hotel California AngelSing, share, UPower Youth!

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