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Hatred has been getting a bad rap for centuries, probably even millennia, but did you know that feeling the emotion of hatred can actually be a good thing?
So if a person has been going through something for a long time that has kept them depressed, if they are able to think hateful thoughts about the circumstance, then they will actually feel a little bit better about their situation.
So let's say this person has received great relief from mentally moving up from depression to hatred, but now hatred is starting to feel like a drag; if they start entertaining thoughts that make them feel revenge or even anger, then they will again feel relief from the resistance that has been building up! A process that can be very helpful in helping you reach for better feeling thoughts and moving you up the emotional guidance scale is to write statements that represent your current emotions about a situation and then write 1-2 sentences representing the next level of emotions on the scale. As you can see, my thoughts moved from doubtfulness to hopefulness, and each new sentence made me feel better, it also increased my state of allowing well-being to flow to me!
Keep in mind that when you are writing these sentences, be sure to pay attention to your feelings.
I'd love to hear about your experiences with this process or others that you enjoy using to get in vibrational alignment with your desires, so please leave a comment! My first and middle names mean love and blessings, respectively, therefore, I am Love and Blessings.
When people think about hate, they often think about people taking bad actions that will hurt others.

If they are able to stay around that hate level for a while, they may be able to leave those depressed feelings behind and just be hateful!
If what you are writing does not match how it makes you feel, then keep writing until it does. But if you take a look at Abraham-Hick's emotional guidance scale, you will notice that hatred is actually a better feeling emotion than depression. You may be able to move up a level within minutes, or it may take a few days, but as long as you are beginning to feel better, then that is all that matters. I’m inviting you to try this one with me – pick one of your most resistant thoughts that is having a negative impact on your life, and let’s try playing with the Abraham-Hicks Focus Wheel process.The thought I’m choosing might seem a little silly, but it’s having a negative impact on my life and I would like to change it. The goal is to move up just a little at a time, so that you can stand firmly in that emotion!
I recognize that having this thought is creating negative feelings and actions, but it doesn’t seem to matter.
I still hate grocery shopping.Here’s how the wheel works- begin with your original thought (“I hate grocery shopping”) and determine the thought about the situation that would feel incredible instead.
I’m calling this your goal thought, and mine for this example is, “I’m excited to gather foods to nourish my body.” You need a sheet of blank paper, and you want to start by drawing a giant circle, a small circle in the center of it, and six lines to make spokes of the wheel (that cross like the numbers on a clock).
It’s a little easier to see this, so I’ve made a little graphic for you:Once you have your wheel drawn, you want to start with the 1 o’clock position, and write down any believable thought that is closer to the goal thought that to your original thought.

For example, had I tried, “Grocery shopping is a little bit fun” as my first sentence, I would never have gotten anywhere. Abraham-Hicks recommend writing your goal thought over the whole wheel once you arrive at the “end” position.
I’d love to hear how this worked for you – leave a comment with your original and goal thoughts below!Liked this post? Keep in touch!Sign up to receive weekly Sunday blog posts delivered to your inbox, lifetime access to my free tools library, first notice of new programs, classes, and sales. Definitely this is a pointlessly negative topic!Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Because I understand what it's like to wonder if I will ever get over 'my issues' - and how it feels to believe a job was eroding my soul.

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