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When the output of the oscillator stage is high, transistor Q1 will be switched ON and the current through the inductor L1 starts to increase. An inductor will always try to oppose any variation in the current passing through it and this property of the inductor is utilized here. When i try to simulate the circuit in ISIS (Proteus), i got max DC Supply not 24V, i don’t know if my simulation is incorrect or that circuit might explode my device???
It means a fues(protiction from short circut for 12 V DC)in case of any over load in the circut it self.
Hi,i really admire your good work there but is it a square wave or a sine wave stuff and if its a square wave how can it be converted into a sine wave?
IC CA3130 is a 15MHz BiMOS operational(8pin) amplifier with MOSFET inputs and CMOS output.Gate protected MOSFETs are used in the inputs so that the IC has very high input impedance.
You have mentioned IC CA3130 in this post, but I cant see it in the circuit schematic of the inverter.
Basically I have a bunch of stuff I scanvanged from old throw aways,,, even a flat screen I found in the dumpster! I also once faced a situation like this when I decided to fit a small transistorised stereo amplifier which operated from 24V DC in my car. LM324 is a quad opamp and out of the four operational amplifiers inside it, only two is used here. When the output of oscillator goes low, transistor Q1 will be switched OFF and now the only path for the inductor current is through diode D2, capacitor C3 and the load if any. LM2585 is wired as a boost converter in this circuit and it can source up to maximum 3 Ampere current  .

5V Boost Converter – This is a 5Volt boost converter circuit designed using IC LTC 3440.
Positive to Negative Voltage Converter – Its actually a simple circuit that shows how to obtain a negative supply from a positive one. Voltage from C2 to C3 is discharged out to the input voltage over almost two times less than 2 times due to the loss of diodes D1-D3.Also, I highly recommend this circuit. Although this is not part of any professional dc ac converter it can be used quite effective on some home appliances. If any needs help on the please contact me on me email address, I may get you 100% done without any problem. Using a CA3140 BiMOS op amp and a single positive supply converts a conventional voltage doubler with two precision diodes into a precision peak-to-peak ac-to-dc voltage converter having wide dynamic range and wide bandwidth.
The fly back diode D2 will be forward biased and the energy stored in the inductor during the ON state will be dumped into the capacitor.
The voltage it outputs during the discharge phase is proportional to the rate of change of current through it. This circuit is designed using two IC’s -one is NE 555 which is wired to an astable multivibrator that operates at 100Hz frequency and the second one is CD4013 which is a CMOS dual D-Flip flop.
This IC can be operated from an input voltage above,below or equal to the output voltage and it can deliver an output current  of 600mA and a steady 5 Volts Dc output. The output voltage is stabilized in this circuit using a voltage limiter and a zener diode. Circuit is designed using NE 555 IC which is wired as an astable multivibrator that operates at 1Khz frequency.

Or is it available every where.I will like to know the total cost for the circuit components.
The total cost of this 12 Volts dc – 220 Volts ac is around 50$, depending on your location. This circuit can produce a steady 24C DC output and can deliver up to 800mA of output current. As the switching frequency increases the induced emf (electro motive force) from the inductor also increases. This circuit is designed using the constant current,constant voltage boost converter IC LT1618. A dual supply can be simulated using this same circuit by making use of both positive and negative supply.
The circuit is basically a dc dc  converter built around LM324 IC which is configured as an oscillator to produce the switching frequency and a transistor as the semiconductor switching element. IC1b is wired as a comparator which compares the output voltage with a reference and feeds back a voltage to the oscillator stage. Output of this comparator stage is fed to the non inverting input pin of IC1a through another 100K resistor. Output of the oscillator stage is connected to the base of transistor Q1 and resistor R7 is used for limiting the base current of Q1.

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