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Use the address search to find properties by using a specific address number, street name, Unit and MLS Area. The redesign of Firefox, which Mozilla calls Australis, will land in less than two weeks in the stable version of Firefox. Almost certain is that part of the userbase will look for support on the Internet to modify or restore functionality, and since we are talking about the browser with the best customization options, they will find them in form of add-ons such as Classic Theme Restorer. Note: Mockups are not finalized which means that these changes may land in this form, in another form, or not at all in the browser. Mozilla plans to move most interface elements of Firefox that open in a new window in a tab instead. If you compare the tab-based version with the window you will notice that there are not many differences.
Mozilla broke several download extension when it removed the old download API in Firefox 26. If things go as planned, Firefox will display the download speed of every download in the download panel when the change lands. The private browsing mode blocks data such as cookies, information about visited websites or cached files from being stored on the computer system.
To visualize that mode better, Mozilla considers changing the current theme to a dark one when you fire up that mode.
While there are ways to edit the context menu in Firefox, they all won't go as far as what Mozilla plans for the Firefox context menu. What you get basically is a fully customizable context menu that looks and feels in many regards like Australis' customize menu. Mozilla plans to overhaul those error pages and add functionality to them to make them useful.
Another mockup shows how search terms could be visualized in the Firefox web browser in the future. Firefox for Android offers a reading mode that you can use to convert a web page you are browsing into one optimized for accessing textual contents. Mozilla plans to integrate a similar reading mode into the desktop version of Firefox similar to what Microsoft is offering in Internet Explorer 11. You cannot modify the websites that Firefox displays on the New Tab page directly currently in Firefox. Mozilla plans to change that by adding an option to the page to add custom urls directly to the page so that they become available here. I'm not sure how Mozilla plans to address the accidental removal of important icons from it though, but that is likely handled via a reset option of sorts for it. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. I've been using Australis since mid November when it first showed up in the Nightly Channel. Anytime something is this radically changed there are always people that are unhappy about it.

I'm talking about the dropdown menu on the right-side of the Navbar that you click on to open the Customize panel. Another option to quickly access the Customize Panel is make a Bookmarks Toolbar button with about:customizing in the URL box. Not everyone is as happy about the redesign as you are and not everyone shares your way of using the browser. Mozilla was been trying hard to make sure the normal users soon will not even notice anymore if they are using Chrome or Firefox.
Based on the screenshots, I imagine that none of the old (current) functions are removable (represented by the "(menu options)" placeholder). Some of the changes to Australis were specifically designed to prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot by removing essential functionality (like the location bar), so I don't expect they would introduce such an easy footgun now.
I'm just honestly glad that all the whiners who can't cope with change will move to Palemoon. Granted, Firefox with Australis can do more as Google Chrome, but Mozilla has made a big step forward to become also a generic uninteresting browser for the masses. Luckily there are browser developers around like the Seamonkey council, Maxthon company or Avant Browser, Qupzilla or Midori makers which do understand that browsers should have more options and no useless minimalism.
If these days people are still unwilling or unable to handle complexity or are even getting angry because such features exist, i would suggest to all the minimalism lovers to get rid of computers completly, because they also have a lot of functions you do not want! I'm thinking of getting the BadELF GPS receiver for my wife's iPod Touch to try this with, just for fun. Marvin, I'll go with your assessment of mixed map data based on the small area I have checked. While it is clear that it will be embraced by some and hated by others, we don't know how the majority of users will react.
A new set of design  mockups have been released recently that show other areas of the browser that could receive a design overhaul in the future. What we can take away with certainty though is that modifications will be made to these areas, we just do not know if they will look like in the mockups or different.
In fact, the layout is identical with the exception of the settings button at the top right corner of the screen. That is not really a problem for most users of the browser as it has been this way for a long time.
When a page cannot be displayed in the browser, when a page cannot be found, when the proxy server is not configured correctly, or when network errors occur.
If you are in offline mode you will not only receive that information but also a button to go online. As you can see on the screenshots above, Firefox could highlight the search term in the url in Firefox's address bar, and also highlight what you enter in the address bar in the suggestions menu that it displays before you hit the enter key on your keyboard.
It removes several page elements to do so, and features several configuration options such as different font sizes.
Here you see all tabs of the current group, all tab groups at the bottom of the page, a search option, and links to recent tabs as well as tabs on other devices.

If I had to pick a favorite, I'd select the customizable context menu as it could be extremely powerful if implemented correctly. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. A few of my most used buttons also go on the left-side of the Bookmarks Toolbar like FireFTP, Theme Font & Size Changer, Extension Options Menu, Closed Tabs Menu (A Tabmix Plus Function). Soon Google's massive Chrome ADs and soft bundles will make sure Firefox disappears completely from home users life and the Web. If we were to consider AT's a sign of success, then your site here has made it on the official radar.
Navigation toolbar in the add-on bar, or tab bar and navigationbar combined for example or tabs below the adressbar or making special bars for special add-on items.
It offers only minmal customization options out of the box which may be more as Google Chrome can do, but in the end you are also only able to move some icons and touch optimized menu buttons around between the upper bars. Even the Slimboat developers who make a custom Chromium build now do understand that concept. Luckily as said above, some clever people are still around which are AWARE which priorities are the RIGHT ONES! CoPilot Live North America is available for the Touch but there's no point in doing this if the Canadian maps suck.
I've had zero issues with the routing there, other than it not showing the rest areas along the highways like they do in the US. Unfortunately, it does not seem to match the Navteq data for any product I have in certain respects. The bookmarks library will also be moved to a tab-page, and the screenshot above visualizes how it could look like. If a proxy server is not working, you get an option to open the proxy configuration and so on.
If you can't cope with change that's your prerogative and you should already have moved to Palemoon or another fork that wants to live in the past.
The only browsers which remove massive customization options or never had ones in the first place are Mozilla, Opera and Google. Keep in mind, though, that I've only been on the major routes there and not out traveling the wilderness. I don't know for sure, but my guess would be that ALK uses (at least for the North American version of CoPilot Live 8), its own data for roads and addresses, and in addition to that it likely uses Navteq for truck-specific data. Just put your lesser used buttons in the dropdown menu to get them out of your way and to allow you to reclaim screen real estate. If you're so averse to change that you need to live in the past instead of install a few more minor addons, then you're not necessarily the smart one.

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