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Such is the popularity of DC-to-DC voltage converters (“switching regulators”)––due to their high efficiency across wide input- and output-voltage ranges––that chip makers have focused a lot of research dollars on squeezing the essential components of the devices into modules.
However, until recently, it has proven difficult to include the energy-storage device (the inductor) inside the package. Alternating current (AC) is easy to generate and use, with numerous advantages over direct current.
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These modules typically include pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controllers and switching elements in a single, compact package, easing the design work for the engineer.
This has dictated that the engineer must specify, source, and design-in the inductor as a peripheral component, adding complexity and consuming board space. In this lesson, we'll define AC, discuss its advantages and disadvantages, and provide a quiz. Now, a new generation of high-frequency switching regulators has enabled the use of smaller inductors enabling the devices to be housed inside the component vendor’s package.

So it is important that we discuss technical advantages and disadvantages of both AC and DC Systems.
So we can not get desire voltage for Electrical and electronics appliances (such as 5 Volts, 9 Volts 15 Volts, 20 and 22 Volts etc) directly from Transmission system.

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