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Apple has done a great job with the iBookstore, and many people use readers from companies like Sony, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. In short, all our experiences indicate that our books find more new readers through Amazon, and the promotions the Kindle Select program enable complement that.
Amazon’s ease of use, flexibility, and speed made it our go-to choice, and for a long time we published exclusively there. We are working to make all our titles available from all stores, but in the meantime, we publish without DRM, which means you can purchase them through Kindle, and even if you prefer Barnes & Noble and own a Nook, or you read on a device made by Sony or Kobo, you can still read our books. Calibre’s pretty excellent even if the only reason you use it is to convert one ebook file into another format.

A year or so before, Amazon had bought a company called Mobipocket, whose software powered many of the most popular digital reading devices on the market, including Palm software (remember Palm Pilots?). After Amazon had already bought Mobipocket and made the .mobi format easy to use and create. There are other companies for sure (Apple, Kobo, Sony, pretty much in that order), but Kindle and Nook are the Verizon and AT&T of the digital reading market.
One might think that would include the condition of making our work available in every format across every platform, but we noticed something; the platform with the most discoverability is Amazon. Because we publish without DRM, you can convert our ebooks you buy from Amazon into any format you want (ePub?

Better than Smashwords, better than Barnes & Noble, better than offering the files direct here on this very site.
More readers find more of our books using Amazon and Kindle, and even more readers do so when we use the Kindle Select program, which is the tricky part; while it makes our books exclusive to Kindle (not so good), it also allows us to offer you all our stories free during special promotions, and let you borrow them, as well (we think this is awesome. We can go months without selling anything on Barnes & Noble while at the same time selling hundreds of copies on Kindle.

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