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Age of Aquarius, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions, mystic crystal revelation and the mind’s true liberation… sounds pretty inviting huh?  Well the lyrics surrounding the song that interprets the meaning behind the dawning of the Age of Aquarius certainly sums up what astrologers have been saying for years. Ironically the Age of Aquarius is said to begin on December 21, 2012, what some say is the last day in the Mayan calendar.  You know the whole thing that has everyone saying 12-12-2012 END OF THE WORLD!!!! Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by a water bearer, and falls between the months of January and February. There is more to the sign of Aquarius though that needs to be known to understand the age upon which we are entering in the end of this year.  In the zodiac, Aquarius begins on January 19 and goes through February is also home to the promise of a new year, but the cold winter months that sometimes make people feel isolated and introverted.
Following the Age of Pisces (the age Jesus was born), the Age of Aquarius Ozzy Osbourne, yeah he’s different, wrote a song entitled Mr. Why do I believe in the Age of Aquarius?  Well because I understand more of the astrology view, basing this revelation around the stars.  I have studied astrology for years, I have a gift to read individuals and there is truth within the deep roots of the planetary alignment. Right now my life has turned upside down.  My personal beliefs that I have developed over the past few years are in a fierce battle with the passionate heart I was born to live through.  What is happiness if you deny yourself? The traditional symbol of Aquarius is made up of two lines, on on top of the other, that look like waves of water. Some Aquarians prefer more intricate styles, and incorporate the symbol into other elements that are representative of their astrological sign. Other aquatic elements can also be used in Aquarius tattoos, such as fish, coral, and other sea life. Aquarius tattoos can be made still more intricate, combining the symbol with images of fairies, water sprites, and other mythical creatures.
Because of the versatility of the Aquarius symbol, there are virtually no limits to how it can be used in tattoo art. If you're like most people born under the Aquarius sign, you've got a creative streak, an individual spirit, and a talent for arts. Aquarius tattoos may be something you consider if you were born between January 20th and February 19th. The Aquarius sign - a glyph made of two stacked, horizontal waves - is universally recognizable and a standard zodiac tattoo.

Many Aquarians also ink themselves with a water bearer, traditionally a man (believed in ancient Greece to be the god Aquarius) pouring water out of a jug or urn. Other common Aquarius tattoos replace the male water bearer with a beautiful woman, bathing or emptying urns. As with most zodiac tattoos, part of the fun of an Aquarius tattoo is finding ways to take the traditional, expected designs and tweak them to make them more personalized. A Japanese-brush effect can make your Aquarius sign more elegant or suited to your background. Another way to individualize your tattoo’s look is by modifying the Aquarius symbol to fit your needs. You can add suns, moons, stars, and other symbols of space, astronomy and astrology to help make it clear that you are flaunting your zodiac sign. If you're a lone-wolf (as many Aquarians tend to be) or very independent and thoughtful, consider using a figure of a man or woman sitting on a lonely cliff overlooking the sea. Sea animals, especially dolphins, are another option, as these creatures were said to pull the chariot of Poseidon, the sea god.
Another creative (though esoteric) idea is to get a tattoo of the chemical symbol for water: H20. Flowers or plants associated with water, like reeds, lily pads, and lotuses are another good idea. In the end, your options are only as limited as your imagination and your tattoo artist's ink and talent.
Some of these people identify themselves and their personality traits through this sign, and look for Aquarius tattoos to show the world who they are and what they are about. Water often figures prominently into Aquarius tattoos – a good tattoo artist can create a water design that is both realistic and visually appealing.
Some designs also feature sweeping tribal lines that compliment the amorphous nature of the Aquarius symbol.
The Aquarius symbol can be used as the basis for a highly personal, unique work of art that the wearer can enjoy for a lifetime.

An experienced, creative tattoo artist can help design an Aquarius tattoo that will garner plenty of compliments. This man is sometimes kneeling or standing or has his back turned, and turns up just as often as a young, muscular kind of guy as an old, bearded man. Other posibilities are water nymphs, mermaids, or even the god Poseidon hoisting his trident.
Try creating a tribal Aquarius tattoo by making the lines and angles of the wave design sharper, thicker, and less free-flowing.
How about a tsunami wave or rising flood waters like in the picture below (Japanese style)? You can get an Aquarius tattoo that expresses anything you like, from a life situation to feelings for a loved one, from your personal outlook on life to your cultural background.
Because of the simplicity of this design, this type of tattoo can be made quite small, and can be placed on the ankle, the wrist, or even the foot. These sea-people are usually swimming, making intricate designs with their bodies or tails, or bursting from the waves.
On the other hand, you can make the glyph even more wave-like and turn it into a series of very shallow waves.
Just be extra careful when considering getting a fish tattoo, as these are the symbol for Pisces, the sign after you in the zodiac.
Or, you can just get a good, old-fashioned Aquarius tattoo that still shows the world who you are - an Aquarius, open-minded, artistic, and stubbornly your own person.
Go for one fish rather than two or more, and make sure to emphasize the water around them, just for extra distinction.

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