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Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from beginning of 2014 to March 6, 2014 and again from December 8, 2014 till year end. The first half of the year, (typically till Jupiter is in Gemini) is quite favourable, where professional advancement is concerned.
There is also the likelihood of being applauded on a public forum or receiving an award, public acknowledgement and fame.
Things may change somewhat towards mid-year when bickering and arguments on trivial matters vitiate the domestic environment. The Aquarius individual may be in a state of discomfort, primarily due to high levels of engagement with negative thoughts. Horoscop zodia Rac luna ianuarie 2015: Forma fizica si moral La sfarsitul lui decemie 2014 Saturn a intrat in casa bolilor Racului unde va sta pana in decemie 2017. Gemini: This is what Bejan Daruwalla has to say to you dear Gemini- Partnership will remain the key word for you this year.
CAREER AND MONEY: The personal and the professional are beginning to merge, and everything depends on your relationships and how you behave in public. 2016 SUMMARY: This is a year to make your mark in the world, to make your dreams come true and achieve success on your own terms. CAREER AND MONEY: The first part of the year is so uncertain that if you change your job once, you could change it a thousand times. 2016 SUMMARY: Expect positive trends and personal intensity, which will impact on all areas of your life. CAREER AND MONEY: You are driven by deep passions, although your emotions don’t always coincide with the jobs that are on offer!
2016 SUMMARY: Planets at the top of your chart reveal your high hopes, but you may put secret ambitions first. CAREER AND MONEY: No less than eight planets are firmly on your side in the early part of the year, with helpful consequences not just for your money, but all joint finances.
CAREER AND MONEY: Jupiter’s continuing passage through your chart holds out the promise of quite exquisite financial rewards. You must give your best so that favourable time period can offer you the best possible outcomes. You may end up lending money to someone in distress or may have to borrow to meet a sudden expenditure.
You will need to watch what you say as harshness of speech is likely to create damage to your interpersonal equations. This could be a time where eye related trouble, skin issues and respiratory ailments flair up.
Nagging often leads to irrational accusations and irresponsible statements-which unnecessarily hurt both emotionally.
I have always felt Horoscope Leo Gambling March Symbol For Zodiac 26 trapped in this facade- trying to feel like I have everything in control when I know I do not.
At a time when we have been through years of crisis it sometimes seems as if we will never be back to normal. The reason is that you have come to a time in your life when your need to make your mark in the world is stronger than ever. Press on with your own schemes with diligence and hard work, winning people to your cause by your example as well as by your persuasive tongue. Given that other people hold the key to your success, April finds you in the best form to achieve professional advances. You’ll be turning the clock back in May and June, but only long enough to complete unfinished business. September is probably the most solid month as far as money is concerned, partly because it seems that improvements that happen now will take place as a result of your own efforts in the past, rather than by a whim on behalf of planets which tend to build you up now only to let you down later. Study is in the air, so spend your time picking up new skills and acquiring fresh experience. Your need for privacy and your commitment to group activities will intensify in February, when you will be questioning your long-term hopes and plans; it could be that you will be forced to give up a responsibility. Not just work, we should say, but your broader professional ambitions, your desire to fulfil your destiny to be the first and foremost in all human activities. Yet when you get into a professional tangle after April your best approach may be to act only out of the highest of motives. The only forecast we can make is that your business situation is bound to improve by July, just as long as you can make the most of the opportunities which come your way. However, this planet’s motion is highly cautious, and at the moment it is still refusing to commit all its power to your cause. Above all, you’ll be supremely ambitious, eager to climb to the top in all activities and anxious to do the best you can.

What you must remember though is that rewards will be in keeping with the efforts and the quality of the effort you put in. Your advice and opinion is valued and you may even be invited to be a part of prestigious academic bodies or renowned forums. You may experience that the stress arises not so much out of the tasks assigned but more due to the interpersonal equations and dynamics throwing you in newer situations.
This is also a time to be careful about legal matters and litigation, especially the ones that concern property. You could also be anxious about certain symptoms that remain without any proper ailment being diagnosed.
Horoscope Leo Gambling March Symbol For Zodiac 26 click on the relevant match to go to our detailed compatibility guide for that particular partnership.
Goat and Rooster: Rooster Love Compatibility 2014 with a Goat will be remarkable due to same interests. However, the good news is that the planetary formations which have stirred up financial collapse and chaos in the Middle East are at last moving on. January and July advise caution in finances, promising profits if you are sufficiently careful. Money matters are going to be complex and time-consuming for most of the year, so be careful in all your financial dealings and be prepared for a number of ups and downs around May, June and July. And that’s why you need to be less concerned with your own feelings and more aware of colleagues’ questions. Assuming that you’ve increased your financial options, June could well find you receiving pennies from heaven. The New Moon on May 24th looks excellent as far as your professional prospects are concerned; you are bound to make a fresh start and embark on a new prosperous cycle. June and July may be your most expensive months and you may hit an extravagant devil-may-care mood. It looks very much as if you will repeatedly place family commitments and romantic hopes in second place, although the New Moon of June 24th will oblige you to deal with urgent demands at home. If you have other people’s interests at heart as much as your own, you will be above criticism. You may be spending wildly in August, but should adopt a sensible saving policy in September, working for the future and seeing to it that you have cash set aside for those all-important social costs. Aries prediction for New Year 2015: There’s so much potential in your life this year, creatively, financially and socially, that you will need to pace yourself if you don’t want to wear yourself out. You may be taken aback both by the interest friends are expressing in your affairs, and by the central position which a partnership has now come to assume in your life.
While there is development professionally, there may be residual grief, resentment, bitterness that continues from the past and that does not allow you to truly enjoy the current phase. It is quite likely that you, by yourself may be looking at enrolling for higher education or acquiring more relevant skills to your field of work. Personal challenges come to the fore and you may find yourself at the receiving end of scrutiny and criticism. There is a romance in the air definitely and you may feel the desire of having someone special in your life rather strongly.
Horoscope du jour lion March 2015 - April 2015 - May 2015 - June 2015 - July 2015 - August 2015: La chance vous accompagnera dans votre priple.
And it looks at the moment as if November reveals a financial bonus – if all goes according to plan! In July you may face a personal choice, perhaps because there’s the chance of a business partnership with a friend or lover, although domestic pressures may intervene.
In November and December a strong astrological configuration in air signs means success will come to you without too much effort on your part. There are also excellent indications for those in the property market, but don’t be reckless or you may get more than you bargained for. Career-wise, October and November are powerful months, although the rewards may be a long time coming.
Mars’ exciting movements in September will bring you some of that famous crusading spirit for which you are so well known – and a creative surge which could make a wish come true. Those of you who have planned a brief holiday early in the year are also in tune with your planetary influences, for it is good to broaden your horizons. One key period is February-March when affectionate Venus enters the scene, bringing the prospect of close and profitable business relationships. You may even be tempted to break with the past, split up with someone who’s important to you, or undertake a complete change of direction. The first half will have pleasant experiences and events but you must stop being sceptical about everything and not chastise yourself for having a good time.

The last two months of the year of the month could bring in additional delays in professional plans. Avoid giving larger proportions to trivial matters and accord importance to sleep and adequate rest.
ScorpioMystique's 2015 Astrological Forecast tells you the best dates to make the most strategic moves to advance your career and love life, as well as the dates when it may be best to lay low. This is a sensitive period when you may have one last chance to finalise a particular arrangement or involve a special person in your plans – and issue bold invitations.
If you fancy a spot of drama, then that’s all fine, but if you’re more keen on an easy life, you should be a bit more mellow and go for gentle transformation, allowing one phase of life to flow seamlessly into another. Someone who is very close to you may be agitated by the direction you are taking early in the year, and you should look at this as a welcome expression of concern for your welfare.
You will have to do a lot of running around to get even the simplest of tasks accomplished. This doesn’t mean that the world will become a nicer, happier place overnight, because there are still daunting problems to deal with. And, when September and October come round, keep your options open and always have a fall-back position at the ready.
Plus, you are specifically due to gain if you are involved in any legal questions or are pursuing educational ambitions.
Taurus prediction for New Year 2015: There are many welcome changes in store for you this year which will require an adjustment in your attitude and, on a number of occasions, you’ll be both re-evaluating your progress and changing course. However, when the universe relaxes its grip, there is more chance for us to do a bit of good. You are tenaciously loyal to friends and loved ones unless they are foolish enough to cross you, in which case they have made an implacable enemy who never forgets the injury done to them. Whatever the nature of events, isolating and withdrawing into your shell will not offer solution. Venus, lady of love, aligns with your chart in July, bringing excellent romantic stars — and fine prospects for travel. Questions such as how far you should get involved with a new friend and what improvements need to be made in an existing, settled relationship will be uppermost on your mind. August and September may be your most intense months, so count your blessings, keep your cool, enjoy whatever life throws at you.
Summer brings the chance to complete tasks left unfinished some time ago, such as telling someone how you feel about them. You need to mix with a different type of person after November and, as the year draws to a close, you will develop the higher side of your being. Those things which you feel are going to be important to you in the long term are being kept under wraps at present. You may be taking up a new activity in April, which you will be slow to reveal to those around you. A harmonious set of planetary patterns indicates that your morale is high and you are thinking big over the summer. Meanwhile, it may be that you are able to shed some light on a situation which has been baffling others. There’s a shift taking place from being preoccupied by work and routine responsibilities into being concerned with much bigger issues — like happiness in your closest relationships.
Life begins to look decidedly interesting after July when your levels of determination, self-discipline and raw energy rise simultaneously. If you do, then you may be either overcome by a sense of confusion regarding professional activities or begin to feel that plans are grinding to a halt. All in all, and despite repeated financial ups and downs, you may find, on looking back, that this has been the easiest year you have had for a very long time.
If you’re reckless in May, you might spend the rest of the year regretting your rash actions. Your desire to be recognised by the community and in your professional life comes to the fore in October, bringing a degree of stress and strain into your life. You will make much better progress when you co-operate with partners, whether at work or in your personal life.

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