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June 2014 is a month of emotional and social development for people born under the zodiac of Aquarius.
Aquarius June Horoscope 2014 forecasts for career indicate that you will have more responsibilities at the work place, and rewards will be commensurate with hard work.
Family affairs will be dominated by spirituality and you will seek emotional strength from your social contacts also.
Health horoscope points to a trouble free June 2014, and you should strive to keep it fine with regular workouts. Aquarius July Horoscope 2014 predicts that you will have to deal with relationship, health and professional issues during the month.
Professionally, you may get into a new job and the work environment will see major transformations. Financially the first three weeks of the month will be beneficial and more effort is necessary to generate income after that.

July 2014 love forecasts foretell that all the blemishes in the current relationship will come out in the open during the month.
Your basic approach towards health will see a major change and you will rectify the earlier mistakes. Aquarius monthly horoscope this month, Jupiter is placed in your 7th house with its 7th aspect on your lagana along with Rahu with Ketu in your lagana. Ketu wants to give you name, fame and comforts and is in the right combination with Jupiter but Rahu can make people suspicious of you. If there is any issue regarding your family, trust, lack of understanding and bitterness try to be part of the solution not the problem. This is not the time to be aggressive, and you have to be tolerant and flow with situation. June 2014 love astrology predictions for the Aquarians predict that love will be playful and entertaining till the last week, and then you will be seriously entangled.

Speculative and innovative investments will yield good results during the first few weeks of the month. You will achieve status, prestige, honour and your skill, ability and knowledge will be appreciated and duly recognized. Invest passion not aggression and accept reality while avoiding any kind of superficial state of mind.
You will be in contact with powerful professional people and will be blessed with property, comforts, success, name and fame. Health wise please look after all issues related to your lower abdomen, diet, exercise and any sharp pain in your body.

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