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Retro Magazines, Comics, Game Guide, Game Book Scans » Gaming Comics » Sonic - The Comic Issue No. Even though I loved this book there were some elements of it that sounded kind of familiar: a princess in exile, a devious ruler with ulterior motives, a ruffian boy that is just so charming.
I’m not sure how many other times the early Superman stories have been retold in comic form, probably a lot, but I sure enjoyed reading them in this series. I bought this issue along with Richie Rich: Rich Rescue #5 so that I could try out both new Richie Rich titles from KiZoic. Akiko and her friends sure are lucky sometimes, and in this issue some pretty fantastic events happen to help them out of some pretty dire circumstances. Usually I tune out advertisements in comic books (or anywhere else for that matter) but this issue had one that I not only noticed but actually read carefully and enjoyed – gasp!
Have you ever been good friends with some one, maybe even best friends, and then had a bit of a falling out? Several months ago I learned that Richie Rich comics were being published again – and I was ecstatic!
So, in the late 1990s my oldest brother was remodeling an old house in a small, rural town. Is there any guy luckier than the man who has not 1 but 2 beautiful women chasing after him? It features several famous, dead celebrities whose heads have been preserved in jars of fluid – and they are still sentient. While that one features the new look of the modern Richie, this one sticks with the classic style, and includes new, original stories as well as digitally re-colored old ones. It was the mini-story about breast cancer awareness featuring Iron Man and Captain America.

I liked it and thought it made for more interesting stories, but neither of us were aware of this ground-breaking series from the mid 1980s. These were my all time favorite comic books when I was a kid, and I was sad when they quit publishing them. Now we, as patient readers of this 14-year-old story arc, finally learn what the terrorist organization is up to – and it ain’t pretty! I was jealous as a teenager reading these issues, and now as a middle aged man – well, I’m still a little bit jealous! It was quite funny to see some famous US Presidents chewing out people in the 30th century! I was impressed with the modern Richie Rich, so let’s see how this one stacks up shall we?
This super-fun all-ages comic pushes the borders of willing suspension of disbelief, but I enjoyed it immensely none-the-less! It wasn’t long after that conversation that I purchased this series and learned for myself why Superman had weaknesses.
These new ones have been going on for about a year now, but I had heard nothing of them until I saw a small review in Comics Buyer’s Guide recently. Realizing that it might be valuable he carefully pulled it out from between the crumbling dry-wall and eventually brought it to me to see how much it was worth.
Oh well, joining in on all the fun, hi-jinks and plain good luck of Archie is half the fun of reading these issues… right? Anyway, this issue has a bit of a different spin on the whole headlessness thing, and it is well played too! It totally reminded me of those old Hostess ads from the 1970s, and it had an important message and was pretty cool to boot!

Needing to deal with that ex-friend again because he or she is the only one who can help you. I remember when the 4″ action figures came out, and I was blown away by how cool they were! I was hoping that his appearance in this comic would be more to my liking (I don’t know why) but, alas, it was not. Well, that didn’t make his eyes light up with dollar signs, so he eventually gave it to me!
Here is a story where Matt and Foggy are upset with each other but still require each other’s help.
Joe marketing machine to kick in and a comic book of the popular brand to appear in Marvel’s line-up. I think it is a great comic book, and even if it is only worth $10 that is still 83 times its original value! The bright side to all of this, however, is that it usually leads to a renewing of the friendship – let’s see what happens here shall we?
I have fond memories of reading these comics, and it was those tugging heart strings that made me want to re-read them.

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