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It should provide an output voltage of 7-12V which is the recommended voltage, though the voltage regulator on the board can handle 6 – 20v. However, if you want to avoid the above drawbacks you should buy an SMPS ( switched-mode power supply) adapter which uses electronic switching regulator to convert the mains electricity to a low-voltage DC power. I’ve been looking through the Arduino schematics in search of a circuit to perform automatic power supply selection in the case that there are two available supplies. According to the information page for the Arduino Uno, available here with the corresponding schematic, the current board revision uses a comparator and mosfet combination to switch between the USB and External DC supplies. This option is very useful especially when using the Arduino connected to your laptop away from any power source. Be aware that transformers are devices with AC output and sometimes due to economic reasons manufacturers produce adapters containing only transformers without a rectifier circuits as the final products are respectively AC-output adapters. Switching power supplies are more efficient, lightweight and designed to work in a wide range of input voltage (usually 100v – 240v), which means that you can use them anywhere in the world. When using batteries instead of AC adapter you avoid the risk of electrical interference or power surges that may occur in the electrical grid, which is very useful especially for powering devices containing electronic components (such as microcontrollers) that are sensitive to any change in the input voltage.

I had convinced myself that there was a design flaw in the Arduino Uno selector, however upon further inspection it seems it should work just fine. Sometimes, however, the power from the USB port may become insufficient for the normal functioning of the Arduino board and you will need to use an external power source to complete your projects.
Of course, depending on your location you will also need an appropriate AC cord, as in some countries there are differences not only in the mains voltage but also in AC power plugs and sockets.
Batteries provide us with a mobile source of power that can be used literally anywhere but of course, just like AC adapters, they also have some drawbacks. Today we are going to push things a bit forward and drive DC motor using same motor shield. Things make sense if you don’t look at the active part of the circuit as the selector. This most often happens when Arduino is used together with one or more shields (such as motor controllers) connected to the board and requiring power that exceeds the maximum limits provided by the USB port.
Batteries are sensitive to heat and overcharge so they must be stored properly in order to have a longer life.

This motor shield is capable of running small DC motors that require less than 0.6A of current and operating voltage us less than 25V. Moreover, high power consumption could be also dangerous for your computer because although USB ports are over-current protected, there is still a risk of failure and therefore the use of external power sources in such cases is always recommended. Moreover, depending on their type batteries must be recharged or replaced (discarded) once they are discharged. Be aware that most laptop adapters work with output voltage of 16v – 20v (depending on manufacturer) which is dangerous for your Arduino board so it is not advisable to use them as a power source.
Aside from that a rechargeable battery would be an excellent power source for your Arduino board, but remember that you will need to buy a charger as well. There is NO reverse polarity protection, so be sure you connect it right otherwise things can get hot or damaged.

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