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This point has the groove, it is highly filled with energy and needs a special implementation embezzlement. The number of motion, momentum, impulse, dynamic tension, gives a dynamic output, the will to overcome obstacles. This number is teaching, information, quick response and rapid changes, this mental activity. This number is the law, the number of the perfect man, the possibility of success in social life. A symbol of harmony and love, harmonious perception of the world, a source of beauty and peace. This number is unity consciousness, the center and the source of energy, the active radiating nature. Stagnant energy can lead to disturbances in the physical body, to inflammations, slagging, education seals and stones. Mars – the manufacturer of earthly things, the reason for existence and aspirations in life.
In the men’s mandala it gives an opportunity to see how to use the power and the will.

It shows how to appear in person and in the life of the principle of harmony, aesthetic perception of the world, artistically inclined. Saturn – the principle of deepening of life, bustling center strength and experience through all the trials that lead to higher development. This is the supreme conductor between the earth and the heavens, through the release of a boost.
Sun – the giver of life, the creator of the world, the rate of development of the individual, his ascension, creativity and morality. The outgoing and incoming rays to a point shown as a complete manifest as self-awareness and creative potential. Symbolizes the changes in life, in the life, desires, passions, instincts, emotional personality traits, physical health, women’s influence. Mercury – the mediator, he sees the influence of the spirit forces and directs them in real life, symbolizes the physical data, agility, flexibility, playfulness, youth. When a negative manifestation seen disappointment in love, shame, loss, perversion, lust, extravagance. On the incoming rays show that a person acquires stability, stability and wisdom, ways and means to improve the individual.

Incoming and outgoing beams give the opportunity to see the development of methods and possibilities of telepathic clairvoyance, a religious man .. Generally, all the rays emanating from the point 3, indicate the nature of the active human action. The rays emanating from 6 show the nature of partnerships and relationships to material values. In a negative form – dogmatic, laziness, treachery, ingratitude, greed, darkness, isolation. Symbolizes the will, explosive energy, and suddenly and unexpectedly in the power of creative and destructive.
After a certain period of time is the inclusion of point 1, which stimulates the development of creativity. Uranium enrichment could give a sudden and success, the unexpected losses and disasters, conflict with society, the ability to inventions clairvoyance.

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