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Lucky number 12 is an ancient power number in astrology and is perhaps one of the most potent of all the lucky numbers when it comes to matters of love and romance.
Aries Lucky number 12 means that for Aries matters of the heart, love and romance will come to the forefront and will begin to take priority during these months. The number 14 is another lucky number for Aries and it relates to all things related to money and finances. It is my prediction that the arrival of Aries lucky number 14 for Aries will have a positive impact on your financial future in the last 6 months of the year. We often get emails from readers who say that they did not feel the benefit of their lucky numbers and feel a bit let down with their continuing lack of good luck and fortune.
This is the single biggest mistake that people can make when it comes to harnessing the power of their lucky numbers. Put simply – you need to make an effort in your everyday life to look out for the appearance of your lucky numbers. I always do my best to point out the lucky numbers for each of the star signs for this very reason. Now that we have clarified that little point, let’s get back to the final three Aries lucky numbers. If the answer is yes then the good news is that in the months ahead the arrival of lucky number 6 will change that for you in a dramatic way.
Traditionally lucky number 6 has always been associated with the end of a career and most people mistake this for a bad thing. Instead this lucky number tells me that Aries career prospects will improve quite dramatically.
Whilst it is true that Aries personality traits can make it one of the more difficult star signs to get along with this is no reason for you to be held back in your career. If there is someone you work with who is causing you problems, politely and respectfully take them to one side and address the issues and resolve them.
Although it might seem highly unlikely that money will unexpectedly arrive for you, trust me Aries. Although I cannot say where this money will come from or indeed how much you will receive I expect that it will come to you in the final two months of the year.
The great benefit of lucky number 11 is rare and does not happen often for those born under Aries so I strongly recommend that you keep a close watch out for anything that has the lucky number 11 in it. Although we cannot predict exactly when this money will arrive or how it will arrive there are simple things that you can do to increase your chances of making sure this lucky number works in your favour. Aries Lucky number 9 signals a new sense of independence and freedom for the Aries star sign.

The good news Aries is that the arrival of this lucky number means that you will begin to really find the confidence to stand on your own two feet in the coming months. Once you begin to look inwards you will start to feel happier in yourself Aries and less dependent on those around you to feel happy. This concludes my special report and expert analysis of Aries lucky numbers for the months ahead. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. If you are an Aries you will want to pay special attention to my predictions on the luckiest numbers for Aries for the year ahead as these lucky numbers will have a major impact on your life in the coming twelve months. If you have not already read my report on Aries love predictions for the year ahead you should do so now to better understand just why the lucky number 12 is so powerfully important for Aries. Lucky number twelve also signifies great change for those born under the sign of Aries as it brings with it a series of unexpected events. You should be careful to look out for a signal that the power of lucky number 12 is at work so keep a close watch for the arrival of new people in your life. Lucky number 14 is often mistaken as an unlucky number for the Aries star sign but it is wrong to assume that this is an unlucky number. I view the arrival of lucky number 14 as a signal that a sense of turmoil in relation to your money worries will begin to ease. Although things have been tough financially over the last two years for you Aries this is all set to change.
When I ask people who email me saying this did they make sure to look out for the arrival of their lucky numbers in their life almost every time they reply back saying no. Let me put it very simply – if you do not make an effort to look out for the signs of your lucky numbers then what chance do you have of benefiting from their power? For example – you might get a letter in the mail that has your lucky number somewhere on it.
The list goes on and on but the point I am trying to make is that you must be prepared to look for your lucky numbers. If you know in advance what your lucky numbers are then you can be better prepared to look out for their arrival.
Think carefully Aries, has a dispute or ongoing problem at work left you feeling a bit down in the dumps? The arrival of lucky number 6 for Aries means that it is time to take action and confront your problems in work head on. Lucky number six brings you a sense of purpose and confidence that allows you to make changes that will have a positive impact in your job so do not let this go on any further.

The arrival of number eleven for Aries is a signal that true good fortune (in the form on an unexpected amount of money) is coming to you in the months ahead. As a star sign that gains strength from those closest to them, the happiness and wellbeing of an Aries is extremely important.
Although it is good to have a close family and tight circle of friends it is not such a good thing when your whole sense of self-worth and happiness are so closely tied to others. At first this might seem strange to you but take your inspiration from this site if you need further information on this.
This is a good thing not only for you but also for your relationships with those around you.
As ever if you have found this free analysis and report useful we would really appreciate you sharing and liking this page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I’m sure you know at least one other Aries who could benefit from discovering what their lucky numbers are too! If someone does arrive in your life on the 12th day of one of these months you should take some time and consider how you feel about that person. The arrival of lucky number 14 coincides with the rise of Saturn in the third cycle and this always results in long standing problems being solved. Take comfort from this and look out for the arrival of this lucky number in your life in the coming months. If you miss them it is highly likely that you will miss out on the good fortune they can bring to you.
Lucky number 6 in my analysis reveals the development and progression of a career – not the end of one! The power of lucky number 6 will only last for 90 days so you must act whilst the power of this number is available to you.
However the arrival of lucky number 9 for Aries in the months ahead changes things a little. If you are less clingy and needy people around you will sense the change in you and react to it in a positive way. Often I hear from people born under the sign of Aries who feel that someone they work with is causing problems for them.
This is a win-win for everyone involved and I encourage you to take full advantage of the power to heal relationships which lucky number 9 will bring.

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