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One of my favorite eyebrow products is Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo, which retails for $22 and comes in six shades. When I was initially deciding what color to purchase, I had a hard time deciding on the shade, and I couldn’t find good quality swatches online. Later today I’ll be posting comparison pictures of my eyebrows with the various different products I use. This entry was posted in Anastasia, Eyebrow Products and tagged anastasia brow powder duo, eyebrows by Emi S.
The fact that it’s even a question we ask ourselves in 2015, is enough of a sign that YES, platinum might just be the new hair thing this season.
Anyway, leaving those two aside, I would very much dare say I myself had a lot to do with this new hair trend.
Of course had I voiced this hair desire sooner, I could have claimed the fucking throne to platinum hair. Ahh, but you see… platinum hair, as Marilyn Monroe intriguing and seductive as it is, or as 80s Madonna sexual-edgy as it looks is not a cake we can all swallow.
Platinum hair is a major style and beauty statement, first of all cause of its obviousness, and second, for what it stands for or translates. It can be the dolled up platinum bleached blonde babe, but that is so 2000s Christina Aguillera.

Platinum blonde also looks so much better on short-er hair, hence Kim Kardashian’s new cut to go with the new colour.
This is where things don’t add up for me, as I made a promise to myself I will no longer cut my hair for a long time.
While fair skinned people can pretty much rock any platinum blonde shade (cold, warm, ice blonde, pinkish, ash blonde etc.), the plot thickens when we talk medium brown, brown, caramel, and dark skin tone. Yes, it’s not natural looking on darker skin tones, and yes they would probably look conventionally better with darker hair, BUT platinum hair with darker skin tones looks uber sophisticated and very very very fashionable.
Think about when last week Kim Kardashian bleached her hair it sort of had a yellow unnatural tone to it, now… she went even lighter, but cooled down her shade and made it less chicken-yellow and more 80s platinum. And if so, do they look too fake, or do they actually add just the right amount of sophistication and edginess to our style?
I can easily distribute the product and the waxy-creamy formula works like wax in setting my hairs in place.
But what about us, the rest of the flock with darker skin, dark eyes, and not-naturally-light-blonde-hair? It’s no longer required to match your eyebrows to your hair, au contraire, keeping your eyebrows dark, or darkening them will add more definition to your features and create a high-fashion-cool contrast to your platinum hair.
After a couple of years (my natural colour is medium blond with lots of gold in it) I decided I was missing glamour in my life!

Those who know me, know, that last week right before Kim Kardashian went platinum I was seriously considering getting blonde highlights, and then, after stumbling on this photo below of Kate Moss, I was flirting A LOT with the idea of getting platinum blonde hair. At least I wasn’t that off the rail and onto the looney place with my bleached blonde thoughts. I use my Ecotools angled eyeliner brush to apply the product and I have always loved this technique, as it allows me to get sharp, defined edges and fill in the whole brow with feather like strokes, getting a natural look.
I could probably also use the darker shade in Medium Ash, but I don’t think the lighter shade would work on me. The cream is not as pigmented a regular Fluidline, which is great, allowing you to play with the intensity of the look. I think you right about make up- very blonde hair and fair skin can look a bit wash out…but on the other hand very Scandi, natural and clean.

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