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This blog is substantially a platform where the yin energy of the goddesses has an equal opportunity to be seen and heard alongside the yang energy of the gods. If you talk to a lot of people about astrology, they think only of sun signs and the columns that are found in newspapers and magazines and on the internet as well, these days. So over the course of the weeks and months and years ahead, I am going to be introducing a large cast of ‘planetary’ characters, and writing about them in ways that will be very new to a lot of people.

Ultimately it is all about the play of consciousness, because the way astrologers interpret the meaning of the Sun and Moon and planets and dwarf planets and asteroids and so forth is all about understanding how the great cosmic consciousness (or the Divine, or Brahman, or the Absolute, or God, or whatever you want to call it) is unfolding itself in the material realm, and playing with endless possibilities of expression.
Each human being has some part to play in this cosmic drama, this lila, or as Shakespeare famously called it, the world stage, where all of us are players, with many parts in each lifetime, entrances and exits, and a huge range of contributions to make to the whole. I hope you will enjoy thinking about the play and plays of the world theatre that are presented for your amusement, education and meditation each time I post something on this blog.

One of my many aims with this blog is to consider the kinds of energies in play in the world each week, so that there is always something new happening here at Yin-Yang Astrologer.

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