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The movement of the Earth around the Sun causes the Sun to appear to follow a path through the sky. Cancer Leo CuspThe transition between Cancer, the forth sign of the Zodiac and Leo, the fifth sign, takes place between July 19th and July 23rd. Aries Taurus CuspAries to Taurus is the first transition in the Zodiac and runs from April 19th to April 23rd.
Capricorn Aquarius CuspThis transition between the tenth Zodiac sign, Capricorn, and the eleventh, Aquarius, can create one of the most interesting blends of personality traits. Leo Virgo CuspLeos are quite a creative group and it is generally the kind of creativity that reaches out into the environment. Libra Scorpio CuspHere is a transition that will make an excellent investigator, either police or private. Pisces Aries CuspThis is a transition between the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, and the first, Aries, and occurs between March 19th and March 23rd. Sagittarius Capricorn CuspThe transition between Sagittarius and Capricorn takes place from December 19th through December 24th. Scorpio Sagittarius CuspThe symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion and the Archer is the symbol for Sagittarius. A Pisces-Aries combination will be great at getting things started, but not always so great at finishing. They can be optimistic and pessimistic at the same time and either an idealist or a pragmatist depending on the circumstances. Pisces Zodiac SignPisces zodiac sign cusp’s character, as it grows, becomes more confiding, more trustful, but rarely self-reliant; although they are capable of being very honest, amiable, loving and kind, with an abundance of sympathy, especially to all dumb animals. Aries Zodiac SignAries zodiac sign cusps make splendid companions, being affable, genial and witty. Their deep desire for fairness tends to make them reluctant to push people around and they may be a bit too lax when it comes to demanding that the job get done. Virgo Zodiac SignVirgo zodiac sign cusps possess that keen intellect which comes from experience more than from education; they have remarkable tact and ingenuity, but they are usually fully aware of all their attainments, and are inclined to be somewhat proud of them. Libra Zodiac SignLibra zodiac sign cusp is best studied by knowing its opposites, and in Libra we get the balance of Aries, which makes the spiritual perceptions the keenest and the most manifest, so that they seem to have the ability of getting occult knowledge through inner perception. The Ram and the BullThe stubbornness and strength of the bull combined with the energy of Aries gives a considerable capacity for perseverance and leadership. Aries can be quite judgmental and has no qualms about sitting in judgment on the worth of others.
Aries Zodiac SignAries zodiac sign cusps are ambitious persons, who love to engage in great enterprises. Taurus Zodiac SignTaurus zodiac sign cusps are slow, plodding, patient, enduring, persistent, executive and matter-of-fact persons.
Just as the Western calendar is solar, based on the movements of the Sun, so is the Western Zodiac. This path is represented by the signs of the Zodiac and is divided into twelve sections of thirty degrees each. Capricorn is a traditionalist, and as such the Goat feels surefooted as long as all four feet are on the ground.
Leo loves to receive approval from others, so you can expect the Lion will roar in the arts and the business world and that roar will be to attract attention.
The metaphysical nature of Pisces adds a certain level of spirituality to generally materialistic Aries.
It has sometimes been called the Cusp of Prophecy because the ancients believed that those who were born between these dates had the gift of prophecy. While Pisces and Aries have different types of awareness, a Pisces-Aries transition gets the best of both worlds. They are never at a loss for a word, and make excellent conversationalists; as a host or hostess they are full of little plans for making those around them happy, and they can always be relied upon to provide plenty of entertainment. A Virgo-Libra cusp can be counted upon to be a conscientious worker and a dedicated employee. So, if your partner is a Virgo-Libra individual, it might be a good idea to help them find ways to help you and other people. The presence of Libra directs the Virgin's attention more toward social situations and brings out the Virgin's natural Mercury influence. These persons become more selfish than those of the other signs, since they are always alive to their own interests; they then become rather materialistic and seek to absorb all the good things in life for themselves, and may attain great worldly success, as they possess all the ability to enable them to attain their desired altitude. They seem to accept fate in a way that others are not capable of, and realise the justice of all things. Such a person can follow through where others give up and that quality alone may cause him or her to rise to leadership. Taurus may be stubborn, but the Bull has a strong sentimental streak that will often dominate later in the transition. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war and when mixed with Taurus can be a stubborn and dangerous opponent. The intellect of Aries and the love of sensual pleasure of Taurus combine to create an individual who has an appreciation of art, especially fine art. With them the intellect is the main feature, but they always find it difficult to understand their own emotions and feelings. They are remarkable for their conservatism, and they never seem to waste their strengths like the Aries types, who scatter them everywhere. The word Zodiac comes from the Greek word "zoon" meaning a living creature, because most of the constellations in the Sun's path are represented by animals and each constellation occupies one part, or section, of the Sun's path. Those born on the cusp have the fiery Aries attitude toward life that is tempered by the more practical nature of Taurus. While Gemini is more poet than scientist, the Twins are very good at gathering information.

Scorpio is tough minded without being stubborn and has a strong instinct for emotion in other people. A Pisces-Aries individual will be more in tune with the hidden aspects of the world and yet will bring a pratical and reasoning attitude to otherwise deeply esoteric subjects, that are often dominated only by emotion and intuition. While this hasn't always proved to be true, Sagittarius-Capricorn individuals to tend to demonstrate a natural ability to anticipate events. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that the attributes that the person is born with are rarely added to during his or her lifetime. As with all other Zodiac signs, these symbols represent the qualities of those born under these signs.
Aquarians value friendship and often have many acquaintances in addition to their close friends. Secretive and dreamy, Pisces can short circuit the generally good goal pursuing capability of Aries. Aries is noted for ramming toward a goal and for having the surefootedness of a mountain sheep when it comes to traversing the rocky paths of life. This comes from Pisces' inability to tell a fact from an opinion, which is caused by a heavy reliance on intuition. Water sign Pisces swims in deep emotions and can be very self-centered, seeking emotional satisfaction that the Fish believes he or she is entitled to.
Pisces has a strong potential for developing inner awareness while Aries is a master at developing outer awareness.
It is essential that they live pure and clean lives, as they are more magnetic and liable to absorb evil influences than any of the other signs. They love harmonious surroundings, and, possessing artistic tastes, they generally seek to make their environment as beautiful as possible.
The Virgo-Libra individual pays more attention to other people and what's going on "out there." They are not very good at self-inspection and tend to take whatever they are as granted and pretty much unchangeable. They may be said to have many faults and they can become very domineering, using their good intellectual abilities to the detriment of others, and a certain hardness takes possession of them, which causes them to identify themselves almost exclusively with the external world; but when becoming what is termed more self-conscious, they are really very splendid characters, becoming discriminative and wise. Once at the top, an Aries Taurus cusp individual can dig in and stay there better than most. This can cause the odd phenomenon of a tough minded Aries who can be motivated less by facts and more by emotion. They may become art collectors or have hobbies related to art or the collection of objects that exhibit fine workmanship, such as miniatures or even classic model railroads. They are too often inclined to fly off at tangents and will rush into danger somewhat recklessly. Persons possessing the strongest wills are born under this sign, but when living for themselves exclusively, they become as obstinate as it is possible for them to be. Both systems of astrology can provide insight into an individual's personality, life and possible future.
Each of these sections is thirty degrees across and the Sun transits from one to the next as the year goes by.
This means that the characteristics of any particular sign can be modified depending on when a person is born and some people are born exactly on the cusp, which is the dividing line between one thirty degree section and the next. This makes for an interesting combination as intellectual Aries mingles with sensual Taurus. Its symbol is the twins and the dual nature of Gemini makes it one of the more confusing signs when it comes to assigning attributes. Intuition may serve well, but there will be times when it's wrong and Pisces may not notice. Practical and pragmatic, the Ram is often willing to do "what it takes" to get the job done.
This can cause Pisces to consider that "roll up your sleeves and get busy" style practical pursuits are pointless because they don't result in the enlightenment that he or she is looking for.
There is no better potential for both spiritual and material success that a Pisces-Aries cusp. They sense others in a remarkable way, going straight to the core with those in whom they are interested. These persons would do best in life as overseers or in positions of refinement, where they can quietly and calmly manage affairs through their large insightfulness. The only real problem is that Aries, which is symbolized by the Ram, tends to try and ram through problems.
Altogether, an Aries-Taurus cusp is one of the more interesting transitions as both signs have characteristics that seem mutually exclusive and yet can combine in interest ways. When the energy of Aries dominates, you can expect a person born on the Aries-Taurus Cusp to be an active participant in sports, rather than an observer. When not living up to the highest strength of their character, they have a tendency to jealousy, they expect loyalty from others and may be somewhat exacting in this respect.
They can be very determined, persistent and dogmatic; they usually speak with a quiet, firm, inflexible and almost authoritative tone. And so, the characteristics endowed by a particular sign are never absolute and astrologers must take this into consideration when preparing charts.
Whereas a Gemini, for example, may like getting paid, he or she will still be quite willing to create art regardless of remuneration. A combination of these two signs can result in a person who is a fantastic communicator, imaginative and capable of being very expressive physically as well.
Virgos love to solve difficulties and making the environment quiet down and behave is their definition of coming out on top. This combination of intellectual capability and emotional understanding makes a Libra-Scorpio a formidable individual who is hard to fool. The Virgin is concerned primarily with house and home, she is the ultimate nest builder and those born under Virgo hold home, family and security in the highest importance.

All that is learned by the first 11 signs comes together to help Pisces reach the pinnacle of their potential. This gives a cusp born person a changeable quality that is quite rare and can be baffling to those who don't understand. Symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, Pisces tends to be indecisive and to immerse him or herself in ideas the way fish are immersed in water. Instead, the fish will proceed anyway and become irritated when things don't work out or people object.
Combine this with the Pisces willingness to believe regardless of the evidence and you have a combination that can be quite dangerous under the right circumstances. As caterers, hotel proprietors, nurses and those who minister to the welfare of others generally, they find their forte in life. Their mental sympathies are always quick to respond to the least good which they may find in others.
This is an excellent combination that promotes the development of a quiet and caring individual who is a good communicator as well. A Virgo-Libra transition will rely greatly on logic without becoming cold, like Aquarius or harsh like Gemini.
When this is mixed with the bullheadedness of Taurus, it can make for a volatile combination that can be quite hard on juniors who don't follow through on the intentions of Command.
Taurus is more sensual than Aries and an Aries to Taurus transit can lean toward the intellectual, if early in the cycle, or more toward the sensual if later in the cycle. When fully individualised, these persons make very grand characters, especially in all pioneer work, their enthusiasm rarely being daunted by obstacles.
Possessing a considerable amount of physical vitality, the Taurus become furious and violent when severely angered, but as they are usually slow, careful and cautious, it takes a very great deal to excite them, although when very excited they stand beside themselves with rage. Here we will delve into what being born on the cusp between different signs entails and what traits are present but fading and what characteristics are present and increasing depending on the which Zodiac signs the Sun is in transition between. Libra, the Scales, is more concerned with justice and understanding the different sides of any issue.
The esoteric nature of Pisces can combine with the get up and go nature of Aries to create an individual that is easily bored. Both these signs want what they want when they want it and this characteristic can be doubled in a Pisces-Aries transition. They are sometimes too hopeful with regard to their enterprises, and generally over-estimate. Such a person will also have a strong appreciation for beauty both in beautiful things and in other non-material areas such as personality and soul.
This person will have a strong instinct for business, without being greedy or engaging in sharp business practices. While Taurus is less active than Aries, both together can make a contribution and in some cases tend to magnify each other’s characteristics, because two characteristics from different signs can be complementary.
When their mind is made up they seek to overcome all opposition, more by their dominant will and masterful spirit than by simple perseverance. They can do a great amount of good by their steady, building capacity, being capable and able to carry out all plans entrusted to them.
An artist born during this transition will approach art as a business and will expect to make a profit. When these two signs are blended together, you get a person who is very people as well as very justice oriented. Combine this with the goal pursuing tenacity of Aries and you have a strong combination that can occasionally hit a brick wall.
The Aries aspect wants action and activity and can become frustrated in an environment that demands careful study and application. They are good at all work that does not require sustained effort, and where things are required quickly and promptly, they are the people who can do their best, but their mission in life is to inspire and lead, as they are directors and promoters, designers and teachers.
Since Virgo-Libra cusps have an innate skill in dealing with people, they are very good at starting projects, but not necessarily all that great at finishing them. The Social conscience of Libra combined with the caregiver mentality of Virgo will often draw this cusp into careers such as medicine, nursing and social work. Libra's sense of justice coupled with Virgo's love of organization and desire to serve make this one of the most successful transitions in the Zodiac. An Aries-Taurus individual is a unique mix that will definitely make life interesting for anyone they encounter. The preceding sign has the most influence at the beginning and the least influence at the end. For example, the tough mindedness of Taurus can turn the volume up on the Aries tendency to be judgmental. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and so is susceptible to illusion, but is also capable of great spirituality. They may result in an individual who hides his or her emotions, but is susceptible to emotional outburst when the pressure gets too great. Depending on other personality traits, such a person can make a courageous pioneer, a top notch general or a ruthless dictator. And the Aries trait of intellectualism mixed with ego, can make Taurus, who loves to be the center of attention, more desirous of achieving acclaim for intellectual prowess. Libra improves Virgo's outlook, making Virgo less worried about things going wrong, which is a strong Virgo trait.

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