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The Cancer Horoscope for 2017 predicts that there could be a general development in all parts of your life. Your horoscope 2017 prediction foretells that fresh possibilities are most likely to open on the profession front.
For the Cancer zodiac sign, those of you who are unattached might discover true love this year.
Cancerians should steer clear of over eating, as excesses of any type are best recommended to be avoided. The Cancer horoscope 2017 prediction foresees that your domestic life might stay fairly calm this year. The New Moon on August 25 2014 is at 2? Virgo and falls within 2.5? of the royal star of Regulus, the heart of the Lion.

This new Moon falls in Virgo decan 1 which is a totally different creature but is still ruled by the Sun!
There will be numerous possibilities for you personally to show your intellect to everyone. You might face some surprising circumstances, so it is much better to deal with them wisely. There are excellent probabilities of one's love relationships concluding into marriage this year.
Your sources of earnings may improve this year, but for financial savings the year isn't favorable.
This is significant because Regulus entered tropical Virgo from Leo on November 28th 2011*. You'll really feel like wasting a part of your financial savings for beginning a brand new venture.
You have currently been struggling with some persistent ailments; attempt some healing therapies to obtain improved and lasting advantages.
The rapport with your parents, particularly your father, might stay strained as your view of life might differ from theirs. The energy is still regal but Queenly rather than Kingly. There is both a Yod and learning triangle in the New Moon chart.

Find out just how much you'll need to lead a good life after which the rest may be taken up for financial savings or some kind of charity.
So I would hope to see this moon reflecting back to us something of what this huge astrological event means for the collective.
You need to let go of all previous emotional baggage and start living life on a happy note.
The transition makes me think of the Egyptian Sphinx, which has the head of a goddess and body of a Lion. Although you may be the expressive one in the relationship, your partners too will share their feelings with you as well. You will then realize that you are now in a position to do more than you thought your body was ever capable of. I think the mix of fiery goddess energy plus quiet caution and sound judgement mean that through conflict, understanding is found and it all ends well and amicably. It shows the evolution of humans being of service (Slaves) to the Sovereign to one of being sovereign beings in service to humanity.

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