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On Monday, August 25th, 2014, at approximately 10:13 am EDT, there will be a New Moon at 2 degrees in the highly Analytical, extremely Thorough, and Detail-Oriented zodiac sign of Virgo, the Virgin. I’m sure that there are many Virgo New Moon articles and pieces that have been written and read, which describes the energy of the upcoming celestial  event as being of health, work, detail, and hygiene.
Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from beginning of 2014 to March 6, 2014 and again from December 8, 2014 till year end. The first half of 2014 could be quite a challenge for the individual born under this sign of the zodiac. There may be financial pressure and you may have to shoulder more responsibility than you think you could. Things improve significantly from the month of June when Jupiter the benevolent planet rolls into the sign of Cancer.
The yearend may bring some good heart warming news and also great relief as Saturn rolls over into Scorpio ending your Saturn cycle early November. The former half of the year 2014 could be challenging for the Virgo in terms of personal equations.
There may be several expenses related to family members needs and you will have to plan carefully in order to avoid taking a loan.
The Virgo may have to deal with illness of a loved one and this may cause deep anguish and anxiety. Both, the masculine and active force of the Sun, as well as the feminine emotional force of the Moon will simultaneously occupy the Virgo constellation at the same time. Artistically, these two symbols are very similar in appearance, and this is no coincidence. With this upcoming Virgo New Moon energy, I employ the very Eyes and Minds which reads Queen of the Night astro blogs, to be Virgoan in your quest during your Spiritual work. You may be in a spot professionally as well as personally and this isn’t doing any good for your self-esteem.
Family bonds and ties undergo visible stress and strain you may be pushing really hard but may not be able to meet everyone’s expectations.
Eligible individuals have better chance of getting married in the second half of the year 2014.
In close personal relationships (while you are entitled to opinion), go easy with the criticism and reprimands.
You could have a disturbed sleep and rest schedule along with irregular meals affecting your health.
Virgo’s ruling Planet, Mercury, the Mind, the Intellect, will be in its natural home in Virgo at 17 degrees, further increasing the Virgoan energy of this upcoming Virgo New Moon. Let’s take a small detour in the Mind of an Aqua Rising, whose ruling Planet, Uranus conjunct my Mid-Heaven and see how I perceive what Virgo means to me.

Do this by analyzing all information and by being discriminating in the doctrines in which you receive. The first half of the year would continue to be a challenge with personal rhetoric being quite significant. It would be detrimental to go back to the past and compare notes - about who you were and what you have become (This is what most individuals do). The business of people-pleasing will further dent your ability to maintain healthy boundaries. Make efforts to show gratitude and appreciation to people who silently support you, especially your parents and the elderly in the family. The Virgoan energy is all about Self-Improvement, Purity, Perfection, Craftsmanship, Mastery, as well as Harvesting and Cultivating that Sober-Minded Critical Scientist that We, as individuals, and as a collective are Destined to Become! By the way, Virgo is in fact an Earth element, which Solidifies, Stabilizes, and Manifests events and occurrences into the physical realm! The One who has integrated portions of Self in order to be made Whole, the True and Purified Self! Virgo’s glyph and the Scorpio glyph bear much resemblance because of its implied 8th house similar energies. Life is an evolution oriented process and standing still or looking back does not help the cause. Interpersonal relationships and interactions between family members become better from November onwards. Queen of the Night is that chick with four Planets deep in the 8th House, so there are periods and cycles of time when I go underground to rejuvenate and regenerate in order to gain a new sense of Enlightenment and Empowerment! Scorpio is the constellation which rules 8th house issues such as Sex, Death, Regeneration, and Rebirth, yet its energy is directed Outwards. Just remember that with little extra patience and forbearance you will be able to tide through this time too. People who felt stuck in their jobs may now see definite growth or chances to move into more fulfilling roles. At times you may not see me with the physical eyes, but you may catch me lurking somewhere in the Underworld, showing up and appearing in the astral realms and even at night time in the Sub Conscious realms of the dream world! Whether an organism is Sexual or A-Sexual, the word and energy of SEX itself is still present!
Scorpio-Putonian energy is implied in the glyph of Virgo, but instead, the energy is directed Inwards with Virgo, symbolizing the Complete and the Whole Self which comes by way of Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Hygiene. The larger message for the Virgo is to remain strong-willed and not let mental fatigue creep in. Don’t you see a mythological and a Cosmic story taking place in the Heavens involving the Divine Woman, and the Serpent?

The difference between the two is that former is Sex with the other or Sex outside oneself, and the latter is Sex within Self or Self-Creation.
The Virgin Priestesses were actually skilled in the Knowledge and Science of Fertility and Sex. Virgo energy not only deals with Hygiene involving mundane everyday matters, but Hygiene and Health in ALL aspects of Life, period! With the New Moon in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, things may not be what they appear to be on the surface.
The Virgo New Moon event that is taking place right now in the Heavens, The Moon representing the Feminine, and the Sun representing the Masculine in the constellation of Virgo, is symbolic of the creation myth in Genesis.
Ancient Fertility temples like the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, were mystery schools in which women were initiated in the Esoteric and Spiritual practices of Re-Generation, Sex and Creation, as well as Fertility. A difficulty is simply a situation with uncertain outcome and all it is trying to do is to make you come face to face with your courage, latent potential and creativity. Adam representing the Sun, and Eve representing the Moon, in the Garden of Eden (The Heavens), and Hydra, representing the Serpent. All the key players, symbols, and signs are present right now, which was written thousands of years ago.
The Science and Alchemy of Sex was very much a tool to reach Spiritual Enlightenment and Perfection!
With all that has been given in this article, may I have been of Service to you in helping to investigate and observe a more Esoteric meaning of the Virgo-Mercurial energy.
Instead focus on digging out your personal treasure troves that this peculiar time manifests, to help uncover. These events that are taking place in the physical and the present time, are due to the methodical spin orientation of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars in the Heavens creating cycles. It took Priests and Star-Gazers alike, to be Highly analytical and very detailed about their observations, and use discriminating facts and evidence to interpret the language of the Stars.
I hope I have given you all a Fresh, Brand New perspective of the Virgo, Divine Woman energy of the Virgo New Moon and her symbolic relationship to the Priestess, the Qadosh–Isha!
These Critical–Scientists then took their findings and put them into written (Mercurial energy) and mythological texts as a Service to the evolutionary cycles of Humanity. This, what has just been explained IS the Virgo-Mercurial energy of Analysis, operating at its Highest Vibration!

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