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There are constant negotiations concerning the Earth situation between Light and Dark forces. 90 degree angles, 180 degree angles, 60 degree angles, these ancient symbols were geometric codes embedded into ancient artifacts, preserving a blueprint for an understanding of astrology. The geometric angles made between planets in the sky at your time of birth, in your birth chart, define the inherent characteristics of your soul. Looking at your birth chart, an astrologer can tell you your deepest inherent characteristics with 100% certainty. Astrology is the clock upon which all events occur, the measure of why every individual behaves in their unique inherent way, and the one sure way to understand the future and the past. Your soul is connected to every planet in the solar system; the planets are physical pieces of the code of your soul, each one of them being a physical component of your being. For example, Uranus governs intuition and the flow of thoughts, ideas, creativity, and revolution.
When we are looking for sexual compatibility, it is Mars and Pluto that will reveal the secrets!
Lynn Hayes has been a consulting astrologer since the mid-1980s, working with clients to achieve greater self-understanding and empowerment.
Lynn's astrology consultations first delve into the birthchart to discover the power and beauty that lay within, and then discover where conflicts and difficulties may lie.

The Zodiac signs, planets, houses, aspects, and basic-intermediate chart interpretation techniques will be covered. If paying for the full series to take advantage of the series discount, your full series payment is due at time of registration.
Subscribe to the Life By Soul™ mailing list to receive the latest blog posts, the monthly e-zine, news of upcoming events & products, and special offers. And she did remember, but it was knowledge without words, a deep wisdom she remembered in her bones. The points on the stars are the geometric angles made between planets in the sky; the points on the stars represent planets, and the astrological angles between them.
Along with the constellations the planets are in, this is how astrology works- it’s a mix of geometric angles made between planets, and the constellations the planets are in (the 12 constellations of the zodiac, as all planets except the dwarf planets are on the Ecliptic Plane). Without ever having met a person, an astrologer can take your birthchart and tell you who you are, down to the most private and hidden aspects of your soul. This info may even change your perception of a soul, of events occurring to individuals, events occurring to nations, and your perception of energy as a whole. Every planet in the solar system governs a set of archetypical traits that compose your core being, your inherent self, and your soul. In 2013, Egypt saw the largest protests in the history of the world, drawing over 20 million people.

In this era, the next wave of revolutionaries were born including Huey P Newton of the Black Panthers (Who founded the Black Panthers with Bobby Seale of the 1933 Uranus square Pluto generation). What made all of those people decide they wanted to protest, try psychedelics, form a new culture, and transform like that? Once these are discovered, the journey begins in a co-creative effort to manifest a life of conscious intention rather than subconscious reaction. The Seal of Solomon represents Sextiles and Trines, and the star of Inanna represents Oppositions and Squares.
If you go deeper, the individual stars that align with your planets also define you, and every degree of every sign is different. If you look close, there is a common characteristic between these generations who share the same outerplanetary angles.
Americans certainly didn’t inherit those ideas from their parents or peers, so where did the waves of culture come from?
Tarot readings are focused more on specific issues where guidance and clarity may be needed.

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