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If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. As promised, here is the United States Sibly Chart — the most commonly used chart for July 4, 1776. There are about a dozen USA charts, most of which center around July 4, 1776 and which vary by the time of the chart. This chart was popularized by my old Centaurish friend, the late David Solte, astrologer and historian. Due to factors in the background of the Sibly Chart, mainly what seemed to be an uncertainty factor about the time, I was noncommittal about the document — that is, until the events of Sept. Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service.
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Lilith is way more popular in Europe, I think having Priapus conjunct the US Moon makes her even more taboo for American women.
Also Jamie did some interesting work on this too and came to the same conclussion for Sibley.Which mundane chart for the USA? The Mayflower Compact was the first government founded on a site that would later become America. Looking at the Sibley chart with its Sagittarian ascendant, and there is so much in the audio that rings true and informs, what else apart from Saturn currently on the 10th cusp resonates? The grand trine brings Mars Uranus across 7th cusp…….the Saturn Juno 10th applying 11th cusp…….
There is also a grand square in the cardinal signs, Eris ,Chiron and Saturn giving some real attention to that 8th house of luscious intent!! There was never a more fierce or trusted and committed warrior…or truer friend to those in need!!
At home, as with all global leaders whose foreign policy is seen to be immaculate, it went progressively from bad to worse.

Today I had an interview with Caroline Wise King, she asked my opinion of the astrological outlook for the USA today and economy and teachings. Over the years astrologers have come up with, and continue to come up with, various times for the birth of the American nation. From the time Ben could first write, he was drawing maps of the sky when the planets and stars were visible and he quickly realized that when Jupiter (the brightest planet in the sky) and the Sun made a Planetary Eclipse, the planets were giving us folks on Earth a sign that something remarkably good was happening.  This is called a Sun-Jupiter Planetary Eclipse. There was a Sun-Jupiter Planetary Eclipse when America’s Founders signed the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), and also when the US Constitution became effective (June 21, 1788) on the day New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the US Constitution.
Franklin played a leading role in early American history as an inventor, diplomat, and political scientist. The essence of the Bald Eagle is strength and courage. In ancient Sumer, Rome, and other warrior cultures, the eagle was the imperial symbol of command and control, and represented the ability to soar above all enemies. This link gives you the chart in another format; and this gives you the background on the chart, that is, how it came into being.
There is also a 1777 chart called Scorpionic America, which is my favorite, cast for the signing of the Articles of Confederation. As I am sure anyone who knew David or loved his writing agrees, we would benefit from his mind on these charts right now.
It was the first government of any kind that derived its powers from the consent of the governed. At a moments notice they responded to world events bringing a longer term wisdom and creative truth! The identity and self esteem became less secure as the lessons of successive genocides were never really learned!!
At the moment of genesis, which this time surely is, be sure to indulge in just a little of that Sagittarius monthly!! The basic fact is that the planets are still in the same degree and signs on July 4, 1776 and that’s where the “rectification” (using knowledge & the intuitive process to analyze the energies of that sign) of the Rising sign occurs. Thank you for listening and what a wonderful way to renew our enthusiasm for being AMERICAN! If they refer to anything, it can only be to the fact that, with the Declaration of Independence, the people of the Colonies proclaimed to the world — the international environment — that they had achieved the consciousness of unity, a definite individuality.

As an elder statesman, he lent moral authority to Thomas Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence. It’s keen vision, powerful talons, and majestic appearance are further indications of moral superiority, of a divine or sacred mission. Those are basically predicted in the chart due the position of the ascendant — 12+ Sagittarius. It is an interest chart if you look at the lesser known bodies like Black Moon Lilith and Priapus (Anti-Lilith) is tightly conjunct the Moon too. The horoscope being presented to Washington (see detail below) shows an old-fashioned square chart graphic. We are so blessed and may the gratitude of our GROUP DREAM continue with peace, love and justice for all! Franklin proposed the innovative government framework of a federation, which he learned about by observing a group of cooperative Indian nations. The eagle flies higher than any other bird, and thereby symbolizes the highest spiritual values. The States would be equal partners in the federal government, with no individual state holding supreme power. 11 false flag attacks happened, and Saturn was in Gemini close to the descendant; the operative fact is that on Aug. Perhaps Franklin saw in the Wild Turkey the qualities of fierce independence, and when strutting about in its mating ritual, a picture of pride, confidence, and regal beauty.
Perhaps he was reminded of the federated colonies when he saw the splayed tail feathers, which when fanned out in its iridescent colors presented an image of collective purpose and harmony.

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