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Astrology adherents believe we all fall into one of 12 basic character groups depending on the alignment of the stars at the time we made our screaming, messy debuts in this world. There are otherwise high-functioning people out there a€“ regularly voting and using the toilet without incident a€“ who will say that a persona€™s personality has as much to do with the zodiac as it does a family tree tagged by city officials for chopping down due to trunk rot. The personality profiles of the different zodiac signs are often too general or focus too much on the positive and they are open to interpretation. Killer capsule: Keith Hunter Jespersen was a Canadian truck driving serial killer, who murdered at least eight women, though the actual number may be many times higher. We value perseverence in matters such as beer chugging competitions and welfare fraud, but this? Killer Capsule: Not to be confused with laconic stand-up Steven Wright, who frankly, looks scarier.
Shares a birthday with: Supermodel Naomi Campbell, French singer Charles Aznavour, and Eurasian actress Maggie Q.
Killer capsule: Another serial killer who is commonly referred to using his middle name (a bad sign), Charles Ray Hatcher is sure to be top of the list of anyone arguing against early release for convicts imprisoned for serious crimes. Shares a birthday with: Isaac Asimov, Matt LeBlanc (Joey from Friends), and the model Iman.
Shares a Birthday With: Conductor Itzhak Perlman, annoying actor Chris Tucker, and the subject of more gerbil-related jokes than anyone on the planet, Richard Gere. It’s also interesting that Bianchi, a Gemini, was a compulsive liar and faked multiple personality disorder in an attempt at an insanity defense, and was pretty good at it.

There are at divisions and sub-divisions of charts which can help almost pin-point all events. I share a birthday with Charles Manson and have some mental problems should I be concerned? In a bid to get people to cough up more than the cost of their newspapers, astrologers are capable of complicating this basic setup with a cosmic breakdown of exactly where the universe was at when you were born with moons waxing and waning and more stars going into their ascendancy than after a no-tell weekend at a Hollywood producera€™s house. As such books on astrology are up there with STD tests as tools to determine romantic compatibility and the wisdom of the zodiac is sought in other important life matters. He became known as the Happy Face Killer, not due to his smiling disposition while being handed enough life sentences to last until the sun burns out, but because he regularly wrote letters to an Oregonian newspaper, which he signed with a happy face. It’s so unfair for people to assume that truckers who pick up strangers on abandoned roads in the middle of the night are bloodthirsty psychopaths out on the hunt. When it comes to dumb moves to draw attention to yourself and your homicidal tendencies, Kenneth’s police ride-alongs while the Hillside Strangler investigation was at its most intense has to at least make the Top 6. Add that to being kind-hearted (as most Cancerians are) and of course you pick up on others’ feelings and then want to nurture those in need! And if we’re going with the whole Christian view of the afterlife Thing, then we reckon that Mr.
Any village local unfortunate enough to get an eyeful of Anatoly doing his dirty work would also be murdered. A psychopathic guy with a hunting rifle who will burn down an entire village and slaughter its inhabitants if that’s what it takes to leave no witnesses — you call that intimidating?

You should be concerned with how dumb you are if you honestly think that sharing a birthday with someone means you will both have the same personality, motivations, desires and behaviour. They almost found him not guilty until a really good non-defense psychiatrist was like WAIT A MINUTE. But basically there are 12 accepted groups, and the members of each are said to share common personality traits. Sadly, he did not leave a return address and due to the transient nature of his job as a trucker, it took police years to nab him. As they were at the height of their homicidal ways, he tried out for the LAPD (insert your own joke here) and even went on a few ride-alongs with officers investigating the case. Hatcher, busy as he would be shoveling shit in Hades, would not have time to polish anything.
It proves just what I said: All people fall under an astrological sign and all astrological signs have serial killers.
He is also the only killer on this list to have been played by Billy Zane in a made-for-TV movie.

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