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To gain an astrological understanding of the Arizona shootings of Rep Gabrielle Griffords, a US judge, and others in Tucson Arizona on January 8 2011, students of astrology need look no further than the 2010 ingress horoscope for the USA and the January 4 partial solar eclipse set for America’s capital Washington DC.
The solar eclipse at 13 degrees of Capricorn directly opposed the Sun in the USA Sibley horoscope and squared Saturn in this horoscope.
During a solar eclipse light of the Sun, which represents reason, is eclipsed, allowing repressed and irrational lunar energies to manifest. In the 2010 ingress horoscope for the USA the Moon makes an exact square to Neptune which is in the 8th house of death.
This connection between Venus in the solar eclipse horoscope for the USA and the Moon-Neptune square in the ingress horoscope for the USA is significant. Students of astrology who have followed my articles on antiscia will notice that the eclipse point at 13.39 Capricorn is exactly conjunct by antiscia the Midheaven of the Arizona Shooting horoscope. An ingress is a horoscope drawn up for a country’s capital at the moment the Sun reaches the vernal equinox, and represents the fortunes for that country over the following year.
In the ingress horoscope for the USA the Moon is the Ascendant ruler, which is normally considered to be a most significant planet by astrologers.
The eleventh house is the 2nd house from the 10th house, the house of government,  and therefore represents the government’s assets and support.
The horoscope for the Arizona Shooting has the Moon, which is always symbolic of the action, conjunct the Ascendant at 7 ? Pisces. The Moon also represents the common people, and its position on the Ascendant shows the emotional response of the American people to this disaster. Ingress horoscopes are one of the primary tools employed by mundane astrologers to evaluate the fortunes of a nation for the year ahead. In this brief article planets and points in the event horoscope for the Arizona Shooting have been correlated with the ingress and solar eclipse horoscopes for the USA. Just as a nation such as the USA has a horoscope, which is set you for the moment of its beginning, so every person has a natal birth horoscope. When eclipses make significant connections to the birth horoscope they show how energy is focused and manifested in life events. When no exact birth time is available an astrologer would use the ancient technique of ‘horary astrology’ to forecast future events in addition to transits and progressions to planets in the birth horoscope. There are some astrologers who claim that they achieve the best results in horary when they also consult the natal chart. In my experience it is very common to find that these same astrologers are using the outer planets (Uranus Neptune and Pluto) as rulers of the zodiac signs.
The use of the modern rulers shows that the fundamentals of astrology are not fully understood.
The horary chart is a stand alone chart and we do not need to refer to the natal chart to find answers to questions. Note that I am not referring to bodies such as the Moon which are sometimes referred to as a co-ruler of the querent. It’s a modern nonsense invented by well meaning people to accommodate their sense of democratic fairness. A PDF of the Astrology and Money lecture slides will be made available free of charge to attendees. Alison will look at the April “grand Cross’ as well as the transits for the coming month and see how similar transits have affected financial markets in the past.
The Moon is in Aries today, gradually applying to conjoin with Mars in Aries by later today. Adam Elenbaas is a professional astrologer and the director of the Nightlight Astrology School. The Moon is in Gemini today, applying to a square of Neptune in Pisces and then an opposition of Saturn in Sagittarius.What does it mean to be of two minds about something? The Moon is waxing and exalted in Taurus, applying to a trine of Jupiter in Virgo and then the Sun.With the Moon in a good sign and making a few good aspects in a row today, we should see some generally positive symbolic results. The Moon is exalted in Taurus this morning, applying to an opposition of Mars by early this afternoon.
The Moon is in Aries today, moving toward a trine of Saturn by later this afternoon into early evening.I'm always fascinated by the way Moon trine Saturn days play out symbolically.
The Moon is in Pisces this morning, about to sextile the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn and then oppose Jupiter.
The waxing crescent Moon is in Pisces today, moving toward a square of Saturn in Sagittarius and then Venus.Watch for the increase of emotional tension this afternoon as the Moon and Saturn interact.
The Moon is in late Aquarius this morning, void of course until entering Pisces this evening. The Moon is in Aquarius this morning approaching a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius and then Venus in Sagittarius. The Sun represents the country’s rulers and Gabrielle Griffords is an elected representative. Saturn is the 8th house ruler placed in a powerful position conjunct the base of the horoscope (called the ‘IC’).
Antiscia have an association with hidden energies and the Midheaven is associated with public events. Planets which make aspects to significant points in this horoscope usually represent significant events. When these horoscopes are combined with eclipse horoscopes, especially when an eclipse horoscope makes significant aspects to the horoscope of the nation, planetary connections can describe events accurately. This shooting event represents a release of repressed energies represented in the natal ingress and eclipse horoscopes.

In the case of an individual a solar return chart horoscope is used instead of an ingress horoscope. Without this knowledge they are unable to explain why the ancient rulers need replacing; and do not appreciate why it is even important to answer the question! However a ruler is akin to a king or queen. In real life few kings or queens would consent to sharing their power with another.
I am referring specifically to the term as it is applied to planetary rulership of the zodiac signs. Hard to condemn such a fair minded attitude but it does betray a lack of understanding about the foundations of astrology. Meanwhile, today Mars enters its rulership in the sign of Aries (with Venus to follow by tomorrow and conjoin by tomorrow night).How about this idea of integration?
Adam holds an MA and MFA in English and Creative Writing and is one of the founding writers at RealitySandwich. Are you one of those people who adjusts your take on anything and everything depending on who you're with or how the situation might benefit yourself or others? Meanwhile Mercury is cazimi today--at the heart of the Sun, and both planets are exactly trine to Jupiter. Specifically the issues of duties and responsibilities and how they override or interact with other our expectations of each other.
Meanwhile the Sun is moving toward a trine with Jupiter and Mercury is also applying to a trine of Jupiter through his retrograde.
Meanwhile the Sun is moving into a trine with Jupiter and Mercury is also retrograding back to meet them.The word "friend" means to be attached to another by personal regard and preference. By later this afternoon she'll move into Aquarius and apply to a square of Mars.Yesterday while cleaning and purging the attic I found more than I went looking for, and the overall experience cleaned something that had been hanging over me. The powerful symbolism combining the solar eclipse with the Midheaven is a reminder of the power and energy contained within eclipses. Algol is regarded as a very malefic star associated with disaster and ‘losing one’s head’ in a literal or symbolic manner. This connection is exact revealing a strong connection between the the shooting and the solar eclipse 4 days previous to the shooting.
The solar eclipse horoscope shows a specific focus or release for some of the energies contained within ingress horoscope. A solar return horoscope is set for the moment when the Sun returns to the exact zodiacal position it occupied at birth. Watch as these things play out over the next few weeks, heading toward our full moon lunar eclipse, but also as the solar light builds toward the solar year's climax at Summer Solstice in June!A few things to remember about the Arian season (and check out my video blog from last night about the sign of Aries--it's on my page prior to this post):* The Arian god is asking for sacrifice right now.
Meanwhile Jupiter and the north node are conjunct and Venus is moving into a square with Jupiter.Just after I was so flooded with love and affection for my wife yesterday that I posted an online profession of my love for her I smiled because I remembered that Venus is moving closer to her square of Jupiter. Whatta sweet looking day!I sometimes wish I could insert live action images into my writing. Conflicts today can easily blow out into full scale debates about values or moral codes of conduct. Additionally, Mars is applying to a trine of Neptune.With Venus separating from Saturn and Mars applying to Neptune it's a good day to consider the idea of sacrifice. During the all day cleaning I sang Kundalini chants and the headphones I wore saved me from seriously knocking my head at least a dozen times on the low hanging beams. The event horoscope for the Arizona Shooting is one manifestation of this energetic release. This generally means that courage, fear, risk, lack of control, competition, hostility, challenge, aggression, willfulness, and newness are required of us.
For example, right now I would be wearing a cone shaped paper birthday hat, and I would open one of those small popper bottles of confetti. The Moon in Pisces can also emphasize a non verbal or instinctive level of action or way of handling something that Saturn takes issue with on principles, without looking carefully at the wisdom of the heart.Encounters between feminine and masculine or rigid and soft ways of looking at something might also appear today. Interestingly enough the word "fiend" was often used in old english as a play on the word "friend" because it meant the opposite: an enemy. These qualities so often get marginalized when we stay focused on "love, light, happiness, peace," etc.
The basic process that the idea refers to works like this: we start with a more or less stable set of ideas about who we are, a more or less stable ego identity. Particularly when we stand to gain or lose something depending on how we stand or commit to something philosophically, intellectually, etc.
And whereas the spirit loves to direct itself, by moral compass or spiritual quest, the soul revels in the multivalence of imagination and images, with less concern for the discrimination among images that spirit insists upon. Consider for example the prevalence of blood sacrifices, of all kinds, prior to the performance of religious or divinatory rituals long ago. One we disregard, do not love, or do not share preferences with.The Aquarian Moon often brings up issues surrounding our friendships and affiliations with others based on our preferences or values.
Because since we moved in she wasn't able to climb the ladder, and since we've had the baby she hasn't gone up either. How much flexibility is enough and how much ends up being sneakery and opportunism?Similarly, we might not realize the extent to which someone is just entertaining us or pretending to be passionate or excited about the same things. With a whole sign square to Mars, highlighted by degree yesterday, we might currently find ourselves looking for new friendships, or better common ground, after coming to terms with various changes in our values or preferences.
How do we analyze or discriminate between real friends or allies and those who simply want something from us for their own selfish, perhaps somewhat hidden, agenda?In the background of all of this, or perhaps in the foreground, stands the stirrings of a larger philosophical problem that is starting to raise up again. The most intense passion occurs when the spirit seizes the soul, lights it on fire, and guides it through the maze of images toward a singular destination, an ethic, a justice, or a far shore or high place.

I had two older astrologers (people I would consider elders in my field) who are long time students of James Hillman's work contact me to say "good work" on my Hillman article in TMA. So like it or not, if we want to embody what we're being called to in life, it will usually take a certain degree of perilous conquest, risk taking, assertiveness, and difficulty. Eventually life throws some kind of curve ball, or we simply come to the end of our rope with the status quo, and then we enter into a disintegration process. These feel like fantastic new connections, and both connections were made via very warm emails yesterday during the Cazimi. On the other hand, we may find that our friendships and alliances are clarified a little more positively today after a rough patch yesterday. Then she left and for another hour I finished cleaning and polishing the floors (the attic is also a bedroom and it opens into a storage room at the back) because my sister and mom will be using the room when they visit this week to see the baby.As I was cleaning I heard a voice reminding me, "The best work we do is never recognized by the world because its rewards are in heaven, built up in the spirit and the soul.
Can we learn to love it?* In return, Mars gives us a simpler and more primal level of trust. If we're not at a loss for words, not finding ourselves doubling back into uncertainty, or not questioning our most basic assumptions, we're likely to experience these transits in a more devastating way. Sometimes the simplest way to find positive allegiances is to go straight to the heart of what we believe to be most true. With Mars applying to Neptune, the sacrifice is deep and profound, and it requires a certain amount of suffering, denial, and defensiveness perhaps coming to light.We also have to ask ourselves, what is is that we want, and is the goal rooted in the desire to have a happier, simpler, and more direct connection to the divine? Causes, religions, beliefs, and higher philosophies that feature a transcendent commitment of some kind might help us to hurdle some blocks thrown up in various friendships or groups where preferences are more personal, subjective, and changeable.What do I believe and how do I practice it?
The greatest prayers we pray aren't petitions or demonstrations but actions performed lovingly in sacred silence. That nothing we can do either makes the soul "better" or "worse," but only deeper, more complex, fuller, richer, and more diverse. We see through the illusion of our ego’s supremacy, and Humpty Dumpty falls out of the tower. On the other hand, if our desire is for something superficial, then are we cheapening the meaning of sacrifice? The question leads us straight to our lovers and our friends.Meanwhile with the Sun and Mercury both moving to a trine of Jupiter we have an interesting scenario unfolding.
Invest your heart here, blessed, and take the same private joy hidden in all nature, the heavens and the earth."Last night I was holding my daughter and I realized that I have no memory whatsoever of the enormous amount of love that was poured into my body, heart, and soul as a small child, and even less as a fetus in the womb.
Mars gives us the gift of understanding the radical freedom of the soul, even when we are bound to the wheel of time and the difficulties of incarnation. Then the work becomes to gather an understanding, or to gather insights, regarding all the various parts, the various shadows, etc, and reintegrate them (consciously work them) back into a state of wholeness. While the superior trine from Jupiter is very positive, Jupiter is in his detriment and retrograde, and Mercury is retrograde and combust.
I have no memory of some of the most intense and in depth attention and nurturing I ever received. However there is some reception between Mercury and Jupiter because Jupiter is in Mercury's sign.
How to read this?It's possible that something naturally good willed is temporarily misunderstood, blocked or hindered because of the selfish or defensive motivations of someone in power or authority. We are being cleaned and created constantly and yet the hands who do the work seek no praise. We have to ask ourselves, which god is most likely to see the deconstruction of the one into the many as a process that is ultimately geared back toward the deepening or broadening of the one?
Misunderstandings that end up highlighting the brilliance of something as of yet not seen or understood by the people in charge.
Once during an ayahuasca ceremony I watched as some of my most cohesive ideas about myself, my past, my future, about reality, got completely broken apart.
Afterward I was explaining my experience to a friend, talking to him about how I could feel the personality and independent kingdoms of all the different parts of my life, my body, psyche, and even cosmos. I didn’t lose respect for the idea of wholeness or the process of integration, either.
But I also was seeing through it…seeing, really seeing, the Centaur and the Lion, the bow and arrow and the red iron spear. The insanity Jung went through as inevitably part of the greater wholeness he was compelled to systematize…mandalas, integration, higher self, etc. Mythic rather than metaphysic.So what does all of this mean considering our astrology over the next few days?Practical man, practical!!First of all, Mars and Venus, together, bring the desire for a cohesive, unified vision.
Where are we being asked to get our shit together, to pull the parts together into the whole, or to create the wise mandala out of the moving pieces?
This drive will only increase within us over the next week as the Moon’s light gains power and we are ascending ever more rapidly toward the spring equinox, where the Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries (actions toward wholeness, synthesis, etc). The important thing is to ask which characters or elements of our lives or psyches are calling for what kinds of unification?
Simply put, it would mean that doing whatever you’re doing, following whatever different element of your psyche is calling for your attention, at the moment, will likely lead to a greater feeling of understanding within that unique part of yourself. Particularity served by the passing of an integration weather system through the various landscapes of your different kingdoms.

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