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Every now and then, some astronomer creates a flap by claiming that astrology is all wrong because the signs don't line up with the constellations. It is true that the zodiacal signs and constellations are not in the same place in our time - or in any other epoch, due to the unequal length of each constellation versus the equal length of each sign.
It is possible for the starting points of a given sign and constellation to line up, even though the rest of the sidereal and tropical zodiac won't match up due to the unequal boundaries of the various constellations.
Astronomers and others from Voltaire on who have assailed astrology over the discrepancy between signs and constellations have committed a fundamental error.
So there you have it, straight from the historical figure who is universally acknowledged as the Father of modern Western astrology: it's the signs, as defined by the equinoctial and tropical points (and specifically the vernal equinox), that count - not the constellations.
There's a delicious irony in astronomers criticizing astrologers for ignoring the constellations.
As far as the signs versus constellations controversy goes, the long and the short of it is that the signs as defined by modern astrology are correct as they are - regardless of where they may appear to be with respect to the constellations.
Having laid to rest the tired old signs versus constellations argument, what about all this Age of Aquarius stuff? NOTE: My April 16, 2008 update fixes broken links caused mostly by pages or sites moving over the years. A member of the International Association of Coaches, he holds a Level IV Certification in Astrological Counseling from the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Exactly how far apart they are depends on which definition of constellations you use, and there are plenty of those to choose from. Over 2000 years ago, in an epoch when sidereal Aries and tropical Aries were roughly in the same segment of the heavens, astrologers in the Western world recognized that the signs were slipping backward with respect to the constellations at a rate of about one degree every 72 years. You might think that anyone who'd criticize astrology on account of the discrepancy between signs and constellations would bother to get acquainted with some basic history before going on the warpath. It's that the astronomers base their entire system of celestial coordinates on the very same point Ptolemy declared as the beginning of the zodiac of signs - the northern vernal equinox, the point in the heavens (as seen from Earth) where the Sun appears to be at the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. What we have here - courtesy of RedShift 2 again - is an image of the celestial sphere viewed from the outside, so you can see as much of the whole thing as possible all at once. Which means that those sun sign columns in the newspapers and magazines do have the correct starting and ending dates. Until the 20th, the sun is waving spirit fingers in Capricorn and your 11th house of teamwork. In January, you’re happy to let someone else (your Virgo friend, actually) be the life of the party and entertainment director. Your sentimental side is at the wheel in January as the sun nestles into your cozy, intimate fourth house. Fortunately there's only one definition of signs to consider, because astrologers have been very consistent on that point for a couple thousand years now. Each is divided into twelve sectors named (in order) as follows: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
In other words, if the beginning of the sign Aries (the zero degree point) was perfectly aligned with the beginning of the constellation Aries on a given date, then some 72 years later the 0 degree point of the sign Aries would fall in the last degree of the preceding constellation (Pisces).
Anyone who took the time to study astrology would certainly be aware that modern astrological tradition in the Western world descends directly from the Greek astrologer Claudius Ptolemy.
But then you'd be making the mistake of assuming that a propagandist has any interest in the truth in the first place. From that point on they're all wrong of course, simply because sun signs are a nonsensical parody of real astrology. You’re one of the shiny people, Capricorn — and with white-hot Mars moving into your popularity zone from the 3rd to March 5, you’re basically magnetic. First off, the Capricorn sun is making your career zone damn near radioactive until the 20th. Getting those career and fitness resolutions in motion should be your first priority as the sun tours your systematic sixth house until the 20th.
Until the 20th, you’ll prefer the company of your innermost circle — relatives and BFFs who you don’t have to be “on” for. Not optimal for signing contracts or making firm committments because you could change your mind once Mercury moves direct. But to illustrate - see below - let's use the constellations as recognized by modern astronomy.
Recognizing this slippage, astrologers also recognized that their system was tied to the signs - not to the constellations.
In his Tetrabiblos, written in the 2nd Century CE - that's 2nd Century AD, for you non-ecumenical types - Ptolemy clearly laid the signs versus constellations question to rest. And that's just what anyone who attempts to debunk astrology on the grounds of the signs-versus-constellations argument is: a propagandist, one who aims to sway the minds and hearts of people without regard for the facts.
If we astrologers use the vernal equinox as a starting point, it's wrong - but if you astronomers use it, it's right?? But here’s the rub: While it’s great to feel all that love, how many people actually know the REAL you? Slap on the Fitbit, download some life-hacking apps, and get your space organized — both IRL and virtually, since a cluttered inbox can be as stressful as a messy desk. With Mercury retrograde from January 5 to 25, you might just reunite with one of your girls from high school or get some quality bonding time in with your mom. These were defined in their present form by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1930. The zodiac of signs - known as the tropical zodiac - has twelve equal sectors, each thirty degrees in length. If that's the case it's a cause for celebration, because it proves that at least some of us can have our cake and eat it too!
Envision a great crystal sphere with the Earth at its center and everything else out in space lying on (or projected through) the surface of that sphere, and you've pretty well got the picture. It's called a natal horoscope, and it plots the position of the Sun, Moon and planets - not just the sign occupied by the Sun. A colleague from your past could hold the key to your success when Mercury turns retrograde from January 5 to 25.
A plot of the heavens for the beginning of the 21st Century - that's January 1, 2001 at midnight Universal Time - shows the Sun in the IAU constellation Sagittarius. The twelve sectors of the zodiac of constellations - known as the sidereal zodiac - are in most cases of unequal length. And far from being an original writer, all he did was summarize and organize the astrology of that era - an astrology that was by then already centuries old. The celestial sphere of astronomy projects Earth's poles and equator out into space to lay out its prime coordinates.
For example, here's a natal horoscope plotted by Matrix's WinStar Plus6 for the moment of the 2001 vernal equinox (UT 1:31 PM March 20, 2001) at the location of the Great Pyramid. With Mercury retrograde from January 5 to 25 — and retreating through Capricorn from the 8th on — having unconditionally loving friends isn’t just a wish…it’s a need. With Mercury retrograde from January 5 to 25, reuniting with old friends and colleagues could bring a hit sequel. Despite the fact that their arguments are based on an irrefutable natural phenomenon (the 'precession of the equinoxes'), they have it all so turned around that they don't know what they're talking about.
The exact length and starting point of each of these twelve constellations depends on whose definition is used. From this it is evident that astrologers before and during Ptolemy's time were working with a zodiac of signs - not a zodiac of constellations.
Distance north or south of the celestial equator is measured in what's called declination (degrees, minutes and seconds), while distance along the equator is measured in what's called right ascension (degrees, minutes and seconds, subdivided into hours).
In it, you'll see not only the by now familiar symbol representing the Sun (the circle with a dot in the middle), but the symbols representing the Moon and planets, the signs, etc. Your can-do spirit could be mistaken for competition and you don’t want to threaten people who could be allies. Use this three-week cycle to bow out of activities that aren’t bringing really rewarding returns.
The only trouble is Mercury — if you MUST sign a lease before January 23, inspect every inch of the place and make sure the neighborhood feels good to you after dark. And there are many to choose from, because unlike the tropical zodiac (of which there has been only one since its inception a couple thousand years ago), there are quite a few different sidereal zodiacs. This system is the spherical grid shown in the image, resembling the circles of latitude and longitude you'd see on a globe of the Earth. Power down the laptop at six (okay, seven) so you can enjoy dinner dates and evening activities with your personal DopeSquad. For example, with the 'Johnny-come-lately' IAU sidereal zodiac, the length of each constellation varies from a minimum of 18 degrees (Libra) to a maximum of 46 degrees (Virgo).
The red circle cocked at an angle to the celestial equator in the figure is known as the ecliptic.

You share your sun sign with about a half-billion other people on planet Earth at the moment. With Mercury retro bringing back people from the past, this opportunity could come via an old colleague. The Occult look forward to the destruction of true Christianity and the coming of the Satanic Age. Here's the tale of the tape: Aries (24o), Taurus (36o), Gemini (28o), Cancer (21o), Leo (35o), Virgo (46o), Libra (18o), Scorpio (31o), Sagittarius (30o), Capricorn (28o), Aquarius (25o), and Pisces (38o).2 By the simple fact that the 30o-wide sign Aries can't fit into the 24o-wide constellation of the same name, you can see that it's plainly impossible for the signs and constellations to be in exactly the same place! Warning: people are likely to misread your signals while Mercury’s retreating through your sign. Expansive Jupiter will be retrograde in your work house from January 7 until May 9, insisting that you streamline. The very notion that sun signs could offer any meaningful personal information is ridiculous on the face of it! Until the 25th, spell things out to the letter; even put them in an email to avoid confusion. Be wary of buying anything online before the 25th — make sure the seller is verified and verifiable. The ecliptic circle is inclined to the equator because Earth's poles are tilted in relation to the path our home planet follows in its orbit around the Sun. While this will bring exciting developments at work, it can give you an itchy double-tapping finger. If you take all 4 cardinal points, spring, summer, fall, winter, and divide them equally, then you have the 12 signs of the tropical horoscope.A  A The Sidereal zodiac is based upon the position of the stars and the alignment with the constellations.
In the illustration, the point where the ecliptic circle and the celestial equator meet is the apparent location of the Sun at the moment of the northern vernal equinox - the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, in other words. It could even turn into a moneymaker when the sun heads into Aquarius for a month on the 20th. From January 3 to March 5, motivator Mars is cruising through Scorpio and your worldly, adventurous ninth house. You’ll also need to make more time for self-care: No skimping on the stress-busting workouts now! Since Mars brings career momentum, you could even start a kitchen-table business or set up a home office. No matter what constellation this point may fall in, it marks the beginning of the great reference circles of astronomy and astrology. With jumpy Jupiter also turning retrograde for five months on the 7th, you might just want to downsize or adopt a more minimalist scheme.
Since there are 30 degrees in a sign, unless you are born during the last days of your sign, your sun is in the previous sign!A  Both zodiacs work.A  Each tell a slightly different story and can reveal different tendencies that may be prominent. And with ardent Venus making her annual visit to Capricorn from January 23 to February 16, Valentine’s Day could start early. Mingle multiculturally, too, as passionate Mars could set off sparks with someone from a different background than your own.
Clear your space, clear your mind.    Romantically, everything starts to heat up on the 20th, when the sun bursts into fellow air sign Aquarius and sets your romantic fifth house ablaze. I use both zodiacs when I study a chart in order to have a more thorough understanding of my client.
Measured along the ecliptic circle, this same point is the beginning (0 degrees) of the sign Aries. There’s a full moon in your erotic eighth house on the 23rd, too, which could turn some bubbling chemistry into an exothermic reaction.
One hitch: Jupiter also turns retrograde, retreating through your relationship house from January 7 to May 9. Supersizer Jupiter turns retrograde in your finance house from the 7th until May 9 insisting that you respect. A love affair could hit a speed bump; you might even live in different cities for a while or find that your schedules are at odds. Astrology-haters (and there are lots) trumpeted ignorantly that this proved there was nothing to astrology, and Sun-sign fans wondered if perhaps they were right. An old flame — like that cutie you met at Coachella last year — could pop up on your radar again.
On January 3, your ruling planet, white-hot Mars, shimmies into Scorpio and your erotic eighth house for two whole months. Book the salon appointments for right after Mercury’s course correction on the 23rd and treat yourself to a little something from Sephora. Tropical astrologers hunkered down defensively, while siderealists and Vedic astrologers took it as a backhanded confirmation of their own system, albeit by those who would inclusively debunk them, too.
But jet-setting Jupiter will be retrograde from January 7 to May 9, so keep the itinerary stress-free, or better yet, return to a place that holds sentimental value.
As a cultural phenomenon, it demonstrated a) that astrology is more popular than ever, as practically everybody knows their tropical Sun-sign and identifies with it enough to care if it might be wrong, and b) that very few (including many woefully uniformed journalists) really know much more than that. End of story.But it does highlight the differences, mainly between India and the West, between astrologers who use the tropical Zodiac (based on 30-degree divisions of the Earth's orbit starting with the vernal equinox) vs.
Maybe you’ll do a live re-enactment of Fifty Shades Of Grey…the one Dakota and Jamie SHOULD have pulled off.
Relationships DO get more exciting again after the 20th, when the sun heads into Aquarius and your commitment zone for a month. The Leo full moon on the 23rd could bring a surprise candidate via the introduction of mutual friends or a propitious right swipe.
Outside of the universal justification of a€?it worksa€? (which anything seems to if you properly manipulate it), what are the real reasons for choosing one system over another, and what are the physical implications of each?All agree that the forces involved in astrology come from the sky, in the form of the planets themselves (whether the nature of that force be gravitational, electromagnetic, or spiritual) and that those forces can be additive (as with the conjunction), supportive (as with trines and sextiles), or conflicting (as with squares and the opposition). And with the annual full moon in Leo lighting up the skies on the 23rd, you won’t be shy about asking for what you want and need! All also agree that where the planets fall by house is strictly a local matter here on earth, arising from your point of view on the ground from this planet. Shameless self-promotion is sanctioned under this full moon, so prep for your big reveal, editing carefully to ensure Mercury retrograde won’t cause a single snafu.
Socializing as a couple will reinvigorate your bond near the month’s end — especially if dressing up is involved. Another epic day for amour is the 23rd, when the full moon in Leo electrifies your romance house.
The disagreement arises when you have to decide where the qualitative filter of the signs comes from.
Is it the variable background behind the planets, the multi-directional, shifting backdrop of the universe, or is it an in-between artifact of the Eartha€™s own precise motion around the Sun, measured from the direction of our own tilt, and which also determines our seasons? Basically, does it come down from up there, and behind the planets, or up from down here, in front of them?
With the sun beaming through your liberated, outspoken ninth house until the 20th, you are playing by your own rules. Like fellow Taurus Lena Dunham, your game-changing moves could rocket you to new heights of popularity.
Representing the universe at large, of a much longer-lasting nature than anything in the life of this much-briefer solar system, they should totally trump the planets in their importance.
Just one thing to bear in mind: From January 5 to 25, communication planet Mercury plunges into a signal-scrambling retrograde. But, in actual application, we know they dona€™t, but rather the planets are where the primary strength, meaning, and action is. With all the truth serum flowing this January, you could fall into the TMI trap…or maybe even (Taurus) Teresa Giudice table-flipping terrain.
Further, although the sky background is eternal, the constellations themselves are temporary a€“ including those that lie along the ecliptic.
Despite Mercury’s backspin, this IS a good month for traveling, especially if you return to a sentimental destination or even your family’s ancestral homeland. Over the millennia, constellations change their shape, width, and height, and depth, so that the ones we recognize today dona€™t much resemble what was in that patch of the sky only 50-100,000 years ago, nor will they be what they are now only 50-100,000 years hence. The widely-divergent a€?proper motiona€? of individual stars that make up the constellations cause their apparent shapes to become virtually unrecognizable over a relatively short period, even when compared to how long life has been here on Earth.
Constellations actually change vastly more in a few hundred thousand years than do the still-settling orbits of our local planetary system.Constellations are relatively short-lived, morphing out of shape through their stars' diverging proper motion in a few hundred thousand years, whereas tropical signs are forever. To see an illustrative animated example click here!Another problem with constellations is that they vary in size, from fairly large to quite small, meaning the Sun takes much longer to pass through some than others, and in some cases it may actually leave and then reenter the boundaries of the same constellation within a few days, because the ecliptic doesna€™t pass through the middle of all the Zodiac constellations but only grazes some.
With the sun in your career zone after the 20th you might also be traveling for business.    Romantically, Cupid is on overdrive! Not a very precise set of affairs, and one that morphs considerably over a couple of hundred thousand years, positively fickle compared to the planets themselves. If they represent a truly overarching cosmic background, then where that background begins and ends, or is demarcated throughout, is very uncertain and not as footsure as the motions of our local planets themselves.A third problem with a constellation-driven Zodiac is that the shapes and meanings of the constellations are determined by a fertile imagination projecting images onto sets of points determined by stars which generally arena€™t in the least related to each other in real space.
While you’re an irreformable flirt, most Taureans are also traditional, preferring to settle down with one special soul.

And, those projected images vary from culture to culture, along with their implied meanings.
You could find your “winter warmer” quickly in 2016 — or see an existing relationship take off at a galloping pace. For instance, nobody thought the constellation Gemini looked like twins before the Gemini myth arose, and that goes for all constellations named after relatively-recent Greco-Roman myths.
Others, named after animals, are often interpreted as being different animals by different cultures. Also, make sure you don’t sink into “old married couple” mode (ring or no ring) because on the 7th, supersizer Jupiter takes his annual retrograde until May 9. The largest, which are off the ecliptic (as most are) vary from zoological to anthropomorphic, to physical objects a€“ that big, Northern hooked constellation with two stars that point toward the current pole star is alternately called the Great Bear, the Big Dipper, the Seven Sages, the Plough, Helike (the Turning), Otava (salmon weir), Pucwan (crustacean), and more, depending on culture and time period.
This year, it’s taking place in your romantic fifth house, which could make you favor cozy nights in over decadent nights on the town.
But just because you CAN wear the (same) ratty fleece pajamas around your bae doesn’t mean you should.
For example, the Hyades star cluster, named for a weeping sisterhood of nymphs, was associated by the ancient Greeks with rain, as their heliacal setting presaged the rainy season. Try a little harder: You could seal your bond by taking classes together or planning a big vacation together. Changing weather patterns and the precession of the equinoxes make that no longer the case, but they were a reliable source of rain prediction for astrologers for hundreds of years, and those starcasters cannot be faulted for noticing and using the fact.
Indeed, the way Indian (Vedic, sidereal) astrology is used owes much to local traditions such as this, used with much success over generations of practitioners. It speaks not to any enduring qualities these constellations might have, but to briefly-consistent, though passing, event series that move on and change, albeit gradually within the context of a single humana€™s lifetime. If there is any one reason Indian astrology works so well, it may be because it is so closely rooted in tightly-held and monitored local and cultural tradition, rather than in more general astronomical principles.
This makes it a mix of planetary, seasonal, cultural, and historical lore that is stronger in transient specifics than it is in enduring generalities, quite the opposite of the Western astrological tradition. You bet it does, not for broad structural reasons, but by reasons of intense local and situational observations and traditions. Beginning at the vernal point, where the Sun is at the beginning of spring, they are twelve exactly equal thirty degree demarcations of the ecliptic circle (the Earth's orbit).
With the sun in your financially savvy second house until the 20th, the midnight oil you burn will show results rapidly — as long as you don’t blow through your cash the minute you earn it. They are, by definition, invariable, since well before the year had 365 days in it and well after -- they last, unchanged, as long as the Earth remains in the solar system. Having a solid budget is a must, since Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th to the 25th, dangling decadent lures at every turn.
They are a simple extension of the Earth-Sun axis, oriented by where the tilt of the Earth points.
They are single-dimensional, segments along a line, not pictures taking up space in the sky. Knowing that you’re saving up for something big, like a trip to Peru, grad school, or a hybrid SUV can keep your retail therapy impulses in check. Although they are named after the constellations they roughly coincided with when written historical astrology began in early Classical times, their meanings dona€™t always quite fit the names they have, still retained by tradition but increasingly inconvenient. Do make a “treat yo’self” budget for January, too — a Sagittarius cannot survive on ramen and Netflix alone. What has a virgin (Virgo) to do with the full ripeness of late summer and an obsession with detailed experience? And are horrid, scuttling scorpions noted for their deep sexuality, simmering passion, and ability to construct and lay plots, with an elephanta€™s memory for past wrongs? After a year of spreading yourself WAY too thin, you can streamline your goalsheet and pick a few key projects that deserve your energy.
Amorous Venus hangs in Sagittarius until the 23rd, upping your irresistibility and your courage. The tropical signs, ultimately, might be more easily understood without their doubtful mythological and zoological imagery and better labelled as what they actually are, with only classifications for names: early, middle, and late (cardinal, fixed, and mutable) divisions of spring, summer, fall, or winter, based on the northern hemisphere view.
If signs are considered a filter of planetary energy, the tropical Zodiac fits the bill, as it is the outward projection from the Earth to the planets, so their energies pass through it on their way down to inhabiting the houses.
And there is nothing ambiguous about it, tropical signs being precisely measured and equal. On the 3rd, Venus’ co-pilot, Mars, dips into Scorpio and your shadowy 12th house for two months.
They are totally a structural projection, however, so their local effects can and do vary across time and cultures, to which often-contradictory passages in Classical, medieval, and modern astrology texts attest. Seeing people’s true colors won’t be easy, but romanticizing won’t make the red flags disappear. The contemporary experience of the practitioner and the culture still profoundly affect the specifics of both interpretation and prediction.
Also of note, tropical signs are so Earth-centered that they have no meaning once you leave this planet. Don’t kid yourself: the highs will be accompanied by crashing lows and even someone with your swagger could get caught in the obsessive net.
In fact, every planet has its own tropical Zodiac, none convergent with ours, depending on the direction of its tilt.
Attached Archers will need to deal with buried resentment and issues you’ve swept under the rug. But, in theory, thata€™s as it should be, if signs are qualitative filters for the energy of other planets from the view of just one. Also, in theory, a planet with no tilt, whose axis was perpendicular to its orbit, would have no tropical Zodiac at all. With the sun blazing through your partnership zones all month, you’ve got your mind on your mates — for love, business and creative collaborations. They both have something to offer, but they're not either interchangeable or mutually exclusive. Planetary positions in relation to the cosmic background tell you one thing, and in relation to the Earth's seasonal structure quite another. They are apples and oranges -- like the cultures that favor each, one yearns toward eternal, fated destiny, and the other is about the colors of now. So how about casting an attractive opposite; someone whose skills complement yours instead of competing with them? The fact that we are fighting for control over names based on outdated cultural images of mythological figures and animals is simply clouding the issue. The new moon on the 9th illuminates promising candidates — or can help you seal the deal with an existing prospect. The fusion of the best of both systems, background and foreground, has already been underway in international astrology, as the cosmic background message has increasingly been given over to the individual fixed stars (whose attributes tend to be more similar cross-culturally and pan-historically) while the definitions of signs themselves have been increasingly coopted by the foreground tropical Zodiac system. From January 5 to 25, Mercury will be retrograde, which could bring some old figures back onto the main stage — wanted or not.
This is not the time to invite drama back into your life, especially if it could rip open a wound that has FINALLY started healing.
Passionate Mars will tour Scorpio and your fifth house of romance, self-expression, and fame from January 3 to March 5. A lover who wines and dines you could swoop in before spring — all the more reason to keep your dance card open. Beginning at the vernal point, where the Sun is at the beginning of spring, they are twelve exactly equal thirty degree demarcations of the ecliptic circle (the Earth's orbit). They both have something to offer, but they're not either interchangeable or mutually exclusive.
Planetary positions in relation to the cosmic background tell you one thing, and in relation to the Earth's seasonal structure quite another. This disruptive energy of Uranus and Pluto stays in place through the end of March where breakthroughs are possible. Simultaneously, Chiron is on the South Node encouraging us to heal ancestral trauma and old painful emotions. The 2 additional squares between Saturn and Neptune in 2016, June 17th & September 10th, test our faith and also provide an opportunity to ground our dreams and visions so that we can permanently incorporate them into our lives.
At least we can get a glimpse of how we align with our own inner truth before Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 14th for a brief 3 month sojurn until September 17th when it reenters Sagitarius.A  We can use this 3 month period to finally clear out any negative residues that are holding us back from manifesting those dreams and visions that align with our soul journey or blueprint.

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