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Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, and is considered the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. Knowing I am banned by ALL major networking medias to post my predictions, please join me here to read all future articles!
Religious traditions will not be trusted or followed and on its way out due to many more sexual and financial disgraceful exposures right from the clergy top. 18.The Dragon’s Head in Scorpio, (corporations), will offer tremendous opportunities to the rich getting richer while secret terrorist groups gain more power aiming for nuclear technology.
ALL corporations that drain countries and people’s resources will be forced to a total financial RESTRUCTURE and a deadly WAR may be the only way to bring sense and stop the abuse inflicted by a wealthy privileged select groups of politicians serving special interest financial groups.
The option to finally hear and see God, as he really is and at work upstairs in the stars, a God they never really knew, a God that was stolen from them and where his real identity will be offered to the world. That”s what this 2012 Golden door is about and everyone walking the planet will be *forced to enter to grow.
Turi’s Website is VERY Very Real And NOT for Entertainment Purposes Only! Serious Critical Thinking Required Because There is a Big Difference Between Education and Intelligence! Many foreign financial institutions will be forced to “merge”, as to bring more security and peace to their neighboring countries.
Many foreign Governments will “merge” with their secret services as to battle terrorism and piracy. A new internal secret financial police will “merge” internationally to better control its citizens business credit cards activities. Many large established religious Corporations will be audited and forced to secretively “merge” to avoid bankruptcy. Many large financial Corporations will be forced to reevaluate their deceptive maneuvers and methodology.
Many large financial established foreign financial Corporations will be forced to expose their accumulated wealth and will be audited.
The government and the public at large will be forced to acknowledge many secrets including the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Many large financial banking Corporations, including the IRS itself, will be forced to implode and suffer their own restructure.

Anything and everything dealing with death, secrets, decomposition, reincarnation, sex, metaphysics  the police and re-birthing the spirit will be the focus of humanity’s attention. I also see an explosion of new security services using advanced technology to stop any forms of terrorism. The Dragon’s Tail, (tough) in Taurus (general security), will keep bringing internal unrest in France, Italy, Russia, Japan, the UK, China and the US. The Dragon’s Tail, (negative) in Taurus (banking industry), will bring about dramatic results to countries suffering unrest and wars where starvation and death will vex caring societies.
The Tail of the Dragon in Taurus will force many people to lose all their possessions and bring serious insecurity to the poor.
Russia is Scorpio country, expect a full and painful restructure of Russia”s government.
On a positive side, governmental waste and its special interest group of lobbyists and political abuses will seriously decrease watched by a new created internal financial police. On a positive side, wealthy abusive financial corporation manipulating the laws will be asked to participate in redistribution of wealth. On a positive side, America”s image and security will return when the “Freedom Tower” will become operational in 2014. The imbalance *gap, between the human physical achievements and its spiritual Cosmic awareness is coming to an end and with it the Age of Pisces and its endless religious wars and difference.
Expect a full restructure of the police force and a serious increase in civil servant deaths or suicides.
More sexual covered secrets will come to light in time and the responsible will be punished. Sex will become more preeminent on television where more dysfunctional programs will offer fame to criminals. A financial war will precede a war where Iranian people and Leaders will be killed at home. Serious possibility of restituting the draft due to foreign power nuclear threats will become a high probability. Nothing will be kept a secret for long and all will be exposed to the public. Death, fires, murders, secrets to the light and chaos will reign upon the younger generation aiming for freedom and a better way of life.
On a negative note I see Mexico, Central America becoming a war zone because a total pollution of police power where drug Lords will order more police death.

Many space programs will involve the world community where Japan, France, China and US will lead the way.
Yes we are on for a fantastic time where the focus will be outside one”s view, value, religion, race, color and where the Age of Aquarius *brotherhood will begin its two thousands peaceful years reign. The fact is with thousands of sexual abuse cases not one bishop, archbishop or cardinal has been fired or disciplined. New banks, new names, new opportunities and new credit cards technology will flourish after the collapse.
All  Scorpius countries including Russia and India will be forced to “die” and experience a rebirth as to fit with an ever changing world and its new generation.
Unable to survive many Aesthetic Industries involving top names will declare bankruptcy.  Switzerland and its secrets banks devious maneuvers will be exposed and forced into a full restructure. Then diplomacy will stop the carnage and finally bring the badly needed justice to the world at large. The year 2012 can and will only bring an option for mankind to realize his spiritual limitation fueled by a new urge for mystical cosmic exploration. A god that allow everyone on the planet to finally realize his own Divinity and use the Heavenly Celestial power wisely to build a better, wiser, safer humanity.
A new ID system and secret technology produced and sold to unaware consumers will make privacy totally impossible.
More and more concerned groups will expose the danger of promiscuous sex and the abuse of drugs.
A new thirst for mystery, death, drama, the occult will plague humanity while many famous people will fall into sexual lure, disgrace and suicide.

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