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Using the Drik mode (modern physical astronomy based on NASA's JPL data through Sweph of Astrodienst) of Kundalee Software, the centres of maximum solar eclipse, excluding partial, have been programmatically plotted on world map to show the regional distribution of solar eclipses during long periods of history, beginning from onset of 2000 BC to end of 2013 AD are shown in the map below. Following picture is the screenshot of D-1 bhaavachalita and Rasi charts of Kundalee Software (SSS mode) for total solar eclipse on 21rst Aug 1914 at the place of maximum obscuration of solar disc which was slightly north of Minsk(the capital of Belorus), and slightly east of Vilnius(the capital of Lithuania). Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License.
Kemungkinan Video tersebut telah dihapus oleh User atau Pihak Youtube karena Melanggar aturan. Like eclipses in aspect to Mars, the planet associated with the first house, this cycle is a time of marking out important territory for yourself in the world, and trying to defend yourself against perceived attacks on your individuality. As when eclipses aspect Venus, the planet associated with the seventh house, you may find yourself evaluating your self-worth and values in the context of personal relationship.
And because eclipses falling in the first and seventh often square natal planets in the tenth and fourth houses, you may find that changes in your identity and personal relationship status can also have an effect on your career choices, as well as marking a significant change in how you relate to your family of origin. Sign Up!Sign up for my mailing list & get my e-report, "Working with the Moon" - FREE to subscribers! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The most important point is that most of the clipses do not occur uniformly on all latitudes. The path of any particular solar eclipse on the globe is called LOXODROME in higher mathematics and modern astronomy. Each eclipse can be studied in detail, esp with reference to its horoscope drawn at the moment of a local eclipse. In bhaavachalita chart, Sun and Rahu are most malefic planets because the signs (rasis) owned by them do not occupy middle of any bhaava, such planets are bhaavaheena.
Global impact of a solar eclipse should be studied from the horoscope drawn at the place and moment of maximum eclipse on the globe. The August-1914 eclipse had its focus in the war zone and was a total eclipse, and its horoscope was highly malignant too.
Hence, this eclipse appears to have a profound bearing on the war and accompanying epidemics (influenza) which killed many crores of humans.
Jupiter and Venus are neecha (debilitated) while Saturn is 3L sitting in 8H, hence highly malefic. But the Sun was in moola trikona and therefore possessed strong benefic traits too in spite of being bhaavaheena.

Most conservative estimates put the number of killed at 15 millions, excluding those killed by epidemics. Although loxodrome is a modern term, its nearest Sanskrit term is Lakshadruma : which means a vine-like creeper with one lakh eclipses (in 42000 years of one Drik Khandakalpa). Mars seems to be the only planet which is not too bad, although it is also malefic by dint of being 6L and its lord is combust Mercury.
Hence, outcome was titled in favour of allies of UK in spite of the War ending in a treaty.
Its SBC (Sarvato-bhadra chakra) has both Germany and Britaing having vedha from yoga giver Saturn as 9L + sitting in lagna, but Britain is stronger because it has vedha from moola-trikona Sun in 4H which has vedha on its friend USA too.

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