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This somewhat unemotional approach to things and people often has its roots in patterns learned as a child. Stephen and Lynda Kane are awareness empowerment mentors for kitai practitioners all over the world. The July 31st Blue Moon will be a road opener, helping to forge a new path ahead that allows you to move out of your comfort zone and into new territory.
Each month the Moon moves through a cycle of endings, signified by a Full Moon and beginnings, which is signified by a New Moon. However once in a while, the Moon moves through one and half cycles- a full Moon to a new Moon and then back to a full Moon again, all within the same month.
This second full Moon is known as a Blue Moon and we won’t experience another one until 2018.
This Blue Moon falls on July 31st in the sign of Aquarius and will follow the cycle that was started earlier in the month on the July 1st Capricorn Full Moon. Remember, Full Moon’s represent completion or endings, so this month we will all be given two opportunities to bring things to a close or resolution. This is important, as clearly the Universe has been providing all of us with a lot of energy that needs to be cleared and released. Know that although this may feel heavy at times, this Full Moon is definitely positive and will be helping us all to set a new course in motion – change is coming!
With two key planets moving retrograde this month- Venus and Uranus and Saturn continuing his retrograde through Scorpio, there is a lot of backwards energy that needs to be cleared in order for all of us to be able to move forward.
This means that the Universe is really going to be asking us to dig up and revisit the past in order to clear out old, outdated beliefs so we can start fresh. Venus will be asking us to do this in matters pertaining to love and money and Uranus will be helping us to change our self-limiting beliefs and boundaries to provide us with a new sense of freedom. Uranus is all about change and as he moves retrograde we are all going to be encouraged to really sort through the things in our lives that are holding us back and preventing us from living up to our truest potential. Saturn on the other hand will be ensuring that we make all of our new decisions and changes with responsibility and respect to what we have all learnt from our past experiences. In fact, this Blue moon will really be acting as a road opener and will allow us to start reviewing and assessing where we need to change course in our lives.

Within four days either side of the Blue moon, it is likely that you will see new opportunities present themselves, or perhaps you may be challenged to do something different. While it is good to be comfortable, sometimes our comfort zone can become debilitating and can hold us back from really moving forward and discovering who we truly are. This Blue Moon is all about moving out of the ‘comfort zone’ and into new territory so we can get a fresh perspective on our lives and where we are heading. Be open to the opportunities that surround this Blue Moon as they are sure to present clues as to what new territories are opening up for you.
Follow your heart and trust that a change of course may be exactly what the Universe has ordered for you. Remember, this Blue Moon will only open the pathway, it is up to you to walk down it if it feels like the right choice for you. I thought it was in Leo too, but I am not a professional astrologer so assumed the article was correct.
Imagine that no doors or windows are available to close, so you can remain on your path, always leaving the way open. If you’re preparing for a spiritual journey, stay attuned to nature during the process. I have chosen Blue chalcedony, Labradorite, Amethyst, and Turquoise as symbols representing what it is I would like to bring in at this time from the energy field. One of the attriubutes of Turquoise is to assist in prohibiting the negative thought patterns we develop from time to time.
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Moon in Capricorn people are often precocious children, and they may always feel older than their years.
They also offer the Energy Solutions service for people suffering from chronic problems that haven't responded to conventional or alternative interventions.To contact Stephen and Lynda, please click here. In order to really explore new territory we have to trust the Universe and go with the flow.

The moon will definitely be in Aquarius ?? It will enter Aquarius at 1 degree and then move to about 8 degrees Aquarius by the end of the day.
We’re sensitive to color, and the energy that comes from colors, and so if you find yourself unconsciously attuning to one color or stone, listen to your instincts.
Look at the sector of your chart where they each transit, because this combination is a good time to trust any inner perceptions you may be having, and put some of those far-out thoughts into fruition if you are considering connecting with a spiritual source.
The emotional life is governed (a very Capricornian word!) by rationality, practicality, hardness and self-containment.
The outside influence looms heavily over Moon in Capricorn people – societal expectations, demands, rules and regulations. You might find that, with enough research, the reason you’re resonating with this color or stone becomes crystal clear! I'm looking forward to writing about the finer details of composite and synastry astrology. The personal pronoun will be the gender neutral they – except when gender is a factor.
That could be a good thing if there is a lot of softness in the chart, for this combination almost guarantees an efficient and constructive approach to mundane problems.
And with their healthy portion of self-irony and that rational, objective take on life, they can get as far as they want to.
If you don’t know your birth chart by now, I would kindly suggest that you order one.
And it is a good idea to have a basic astrological knowledge – you can easily get that from any astrological book or site. The articles in this site will however have reference points to the basics, such as what Moon means in general terms, what Sun square Mars means etc.

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