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This brief article is to pass along what astrologer Lynn Hayes reported on Astrological Musings. Lynn's article goes on to tell of her husband's experience when he signed up for one of these just to see what they were all about.
I find the number of scams particular disturbing considering the fact that so many astrologers have worked so long and hard for astrologers to be recognized and respected as professionals. This code of ethics applies to the activities of astrologers in their professional work, as well as in their representations and use of astrology at large.
If you live in Atlanta you can locate an ethical and respected professional astrologer by visiting Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society website and sending an email query. For a brief history of how Atlanta Astrologers became fully accredited professionals click here. To follow the Atlanta Astrology Examiner as she examines life on this small planet scroll to the top of this article, and click on SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for sharing and "ignore Tim", the more people that come forward and inform the general public the better. Your Specifically Prepared TRANSIT PERIOD GUIDE TO LUCK AND HAPPINESS delivered to you by secure email once I receive your formal request (Within 48 hours of your confirmation on this page) so that you can follow its guidance and the specific information you need to navigate your future. Hi, If you all would read the whole website, it says at the bottom in their "Disclaimer" that it's for entertainment purposes only. I've been using Astrology Answers for a long time and find Katherine to be way different than anyone else I have worked with. Astrology Answers looks at various factors surrounding your life including your Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth and Star Sign.
I guarantee you will be satisfied with our free content and encourage you to join our Facebook fans once you tried it for yourself. Friend, I can testify more of my Living Lord JESUS CHRIST but I believe that is more than enough that I am not interested in other people's knowledge about myself. Anyone can transition any time!, everyone has some type of right brain blocking fog from childhood!, and however optomistic things may look did you ever consider thats what you need?
I dont agree with absolutely everything she does, but I believe her main purpose is awakening people. Patricia LantzAtlanta Astrology ExaminerPat Lantz is a counseling astrologer who uses astrology to help clients connect to their inner wisdom and gain fresh perspectives on their lives and the choices they've made.
The Ram, is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Aries.
While there are differences of temperament between the tall and short Aries natives, all are subject to the same mental influences and many characteristics are common to both types. To view today's horoscope and receive further FREE daily horoscopes by e-mail, please sign up by entering your details below. This is our basic love match chart for a quick & easy way to check the compatibility of two zodiac signs. To use the chart, all you need to do is match the female sign on the left with the male sign on the top.
Each element type has different personality traits, so by matching different elements together you can see get a better understanding of which signs blend well with each other and which do not mix well at all. Don't forget to sign up free today and receive your daily horoscope straight to your inbox! In fact each of the major astrological associations has a very strict code of ethics similar to the one I have copied from below. Atlanta has many many astrologers who fully and willingly ascribes to the above code of ethics.

Please know that if for any reason you are unhappy or unsure of your reading we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
I've been following their blog for a couple weeks now and they've had some pretty good information.
Leah, I have just received a mini-reading from Katherine, accessed firstly through my smartphone and then through my computer. I am just confirming that Katrerine is a fake.Everything mentioned above by others, is as as reported. At first it is a little generalized and not very personalized, but once she really gets to know you, she will respond to you personally even every day on her blog for free if you need her to.
While it is not economically feasible to personalize every free sample reading that is requested, I assure you that every purchased reading is 100% personalized and no two are alike. I would like to know that my trust and faith in my Living God has never changed since he has put His Spirit within me. There are Astrology Answers reviews there for example that say that they've been using the service for years, and the company hasn't even been there that long. She believes astrology, at its best, will give a sense of personal meaning and purpose to your life, guide you to live the life you were born to live, and help you understand and then navigate times of personal crisis and conflict. In western astrology, this sign is no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.
Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in Aries roughly from March 21 to April 19, by definition beginning at vernal equinox. You are both fun-loving and quite oblivious to the faults that might drive most people crazy. You can spend it as fast as the hard working Goat can make it that drives the frugal Capricorn insane.
You are both inquisitive, however at times you may find it difficult to contemplate what the Water-bearer will do next. The first type is tall (or at least above average in height) with a strong, well-proportioned body, and elongated face. Don't worry if your combination doesn't match highly on the chart, sometimes opposites attract!
For any further clarification please do not hesitate to personally contact me back anytime. Used the same "confidential frevelations" link to access the reading, and it gave completely different readings for numerology character, luck, dreams and happiness, 4 vs 7, 4 vs 6, 6 vs 1, 11 vs 13 respectively. She has reunited me with my twin flame, and my career has really taken off since I started using her practical steps and methods.
They must all work off the same computer generated template and only change the 'Astrologer's' name and background etc. Yes shes repetative, yes she gives everyone the same old song, yes she uses persuesive tactics to get your money and I dont really approve myself.
A lot of the complaints about Astrology Answers reviews contain info that isn't even factually accurate so I wouldnt believe them anyway. Just after reading my insight (if it was) it seemed like that was what I'm going through now. Both you and Gemini are so spontaneous and full of life that there is no time for either of you to become bored.
Although the frame of such an Aries subject is powerful, being muscular, sinewy and large-boned in appearance, some Aries natives of this type are inclined to be more slender in build. The eyes (often grey to greenish-brown in color) will be clear, steady and penetrating, indicating a sharpness of sight.

The NCGR Code of Ethics preamble states ~ "Astrologers are dedicated to the development and enhancement of the human condition through an understanding of celestial phenomena as applied to human concerns. On clicking their add to cart button I was surprised to see the amount that was charged and sent ythem an email asking for a refund; that as eight days ago. I've been using Astrology Answers for about 3 months now, if you go in realistically, it can be an enjoyable experience, so far very very accurate in my reports and never had a customer service problem there. It is also considered a fire sign, and is one of four cardinal signs.Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. There is a bogus 30-Day money back guarantee, if you can get hold of anyone, so far no one that I've encountered has managed to get their money back.
Since them we have exchanged many emails and all they have done is made silly excuses, even asking for the details.
I did the free ebooks thing, then when I got on page three I was like 'what the, 3 payments of $29, hell naww' and my hopes sort of went down the drain.
Guided by the objective application of astrological technique as well as a commitment to the improvement of the human condition, astrologers seek to increase understanding and compassion world-wide. Like I said it's a little general at first, but once you keep the faith Katherine really rewards.
People believe bad news too quickly not realizing scam review pages are all SEO games so the author can get their pennies per click. Those who fall under the influence of Aries tend to have pointed but regular features with a short forehead. They remain acutely aware of the need to understand themselves in order to understand and help others. Patricia is also the Astrology Editor for All Things Healing, an online community for spiritual and healing practices.
I talk to her every day now through the blog, she is really the sweetest most giving psychic I ever met and worth every penny when I get a reading, but sometimes I don't even need to because she is so sweet and gives advice on all of her columns and Facebook status without even charging. THe authors are the ones posting those fake reviews, and to say or suggest that Astrology Answers is being investigated by the FBI is just a flat out lie, or a very uneducated author. The second type of Aries native is shorter, usually with dark hair (tending toward redness) with a flawless and healthy complexion. Astrologers are aware of the immense contribution astrology can make to human knowledge and wisdom, and accordingly encourage inquiry and an open exchange of ideas both outside and within their profession.
Such individuals possess an excellent business ability and are prolific money-makers, particularly successful in all commercial areas. And above all, astrologers respect the potential power they hold to affect the lives of others, and accordingly strive for the highest levels of competence and diligence." Read the NCGR Code of Ethics in its entirety.
Kind of sounds like slander to me and if it was me as the author I would be very careful about that.
Somewhat headstrong, these Aries subjects are impatient of restraint or criticism and utterly heedless of advice. Females possess flawless skin, the defined jaw line and accentuated cheekbones suggestive of the classical facial lines of a model. Many males possess an Adam's apple which protrudes more than what would be considered normal. The hair of both males and females is usually healthy with plenty of shine and thick in texture, tending toward waviness.

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