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After understanding the differences between different astrological products on the internet market, I can tell you that the best way to understand this, is to see for yourself by studying several natal charts and by learning to discover others through astrological aspects in this way.
You can calculate natal charts using different applications online, but any experienced astrologer will preffer to use a program that he can configure as he or she likes, to be able to study the same data using different settings, and to be able to quickly change anything in the appearance of the chart. For example, If I want to establish more accurately the birth hour of a person, or study the transits, I need to change the data quickly and see the changes in real-time, and I can’t do that with any online application. Also, if I'm study a relationship, I usually open four charts, his, hers, the sinastry and the composite chart, that’s also very inconvenient to do online, especially if you want to quickly change orb settings for different aspects and so on. To get a glimpse at the complexity of a natal chart, I want to share with you the basic method of calculating it, with a small application called Astrolog32. Please also read the installation instructions, I will skip this part and just show you how to complete the natal chart data.
The Full Moon is the astrological moment when the opposition between the Sun and the Moon is at its maximum.
We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. Judging the character, features, and other qualities of a person by evaluating the physical appearance of the various external organs of that person is called Samuthrika Sasthiram. Sages who lived in our country before hundreds of years were aware of this art and they had taught this art only to the people whom they believed most. Presents a fun-filled and fascinating hour-long introduction to the art and practice of Astrology. This introduction to Astrology by world class Intuitive Astrologer, Psychic Channel, and Soul Coach Sandy Anastasi is not to be missed.

Special Notice.… Sandy will be teaching her very first, online Astrology webinar class beginning this September! You will be learning the basic meanings of the planets, signs and houses from a psychological and family perspective while beginning to learn the art of astrological interpretation! Do you ever wish that you could really understand why sometimes you just don’t click with someone, or why there are people that no matter how hard you try, you can never really communicate with? In my recently updated and republished book, Astrology: Art and Science, I put the tools to do what I do with my clients into your hands. Astrology: Art and Science was originally written as a support tool for my beginning level astrology course. In this online course, offered for the very first time in a web-based format that will allow people like you from all over the world to participate, I am taking my book and my teaching a step further.
8 weeks of wonderfully fun and easy instruction by one of the world’s most gifted intuitive astrologers. Sandy has many psychic gifts, but she believes her greatest to be the ability to identify and emulate the gifts of others. And so this art was not known to the public and it was limited to a certain peoples and got vanished . Males are divided into Rabbits, horses and buffalos And females are divided into Deer, Pettai and elephant. If you want to find out why Taurean Bulls are stubborn, why moon-faced Cancerians are horders, or why Scorpio’s are powerful manipulators don’t miss this webinar! With one class per week, working with one chapter of her new Astrology book per class for an amazing introduction to Astrology!

How many times have you wished you could have had the relationship with your mother or father that your other siblings seemed to have, and wondered why you didn’t? For years, I have utilized my knowledge and skill as an Astrologer and Soul Coach to help my clients and students answer these questions, and more, for themselves. True understanding is the cure for all differences between people, and puts you on the road to self acceptance and self love. According to many world acclaimed astrologers and psychics it is still the best textbook for students of astrology. How many jobs have you tried, looking for that one that you have a talent for, that makes you feel good about yourself?
When you study online with me you will receive a copy of my book in eBook format as MY gift to you! My greatest joy is to see my students and clients moving upward, growing, maturing, and evolving in every way. Do you have physical or emotional issues that seem to separate you from other people that you want to eliminate from your life? Are you carrying scars from your childhood, wondering why you were born into your particular family and life situation? Are you trying to find the qualities within yourself that will make your life better in every way?

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