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The Hyack Teen Read Award is a joint program between NWSS Library and NWPL designed to increase voluntary reading among New Westminster teens.
There is substantial research that proves that youth who read often, voluntarily, and have access to books, have  higher literacy and academic outcomes. We hope that by showcasing local and international books shortlisted by their community, our youth will receive even more encouragement to read.
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AGR Las Vegas is proud to offer the  Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine for fundraising, team building, trade shows, corporate entertainment, conferences, black tie dinners, birthday parties, wedding receptions and exhibitions. AGR Las Vegas is proud to offer the Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine for fundraising, team building, trade shows, corporate entertainment, conferences, black tie dinners, wedding receptions and exhibitions. Fortune Teller Machine Rentals are also a great addition to a variety of events ranging from, corporate events, holiday parties, birthday parties, bar & bat mitzvahs and carnival themed events. The Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine is over 6ft tall, with the fortune teller inside decked out with mustache, beard, head wrap and gold shirt. The Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine is setup for Free Play and and can add to the ambiance in any setting. This premium attraction will provide much wisdom for customers at corporate events, weddings and parties. Go ahead and add our optional attendants to assist your guests and be there during your event to get every person into the fun and help explain how to play! Our staff is experienced and there to not only set your Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine rentals up, but we also have staff that can act as attendants to entertain you and your guests to ensure they have an unforgettable and enjoyable experience at your event, using your Zoltar Fortune Teller rental.

Do you want to hear the Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine tell you a fortune in a language other than English? The Zoltar machine rental can be customized in a variety of ways including the fortune teller cards, the front or side panels of the Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine cabinet can be branded with your Corporate logo or custom graphics.
With over two decades of experience, we can create the perfect promotional game for your next show, conference, event or party. Everything from simply placing your logo on a game up to and including a fully personalized game project.
We can always customize pool tables or casino games with your favorite photos or logos on the felts.
Contact AGR Las Vegas today and let the games begin and remember you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook!
He will provide entertainment for those operators who follow the wise one and install him at their next event.
Not only can we customize the exterior of the fortune teller machine, we can customize Zoltar himself.
NWSS Library has hosted three of this year’s authors- Ranj Dhaliwal (Daaku), Ashley Little (Anatomy of a Girl Gang) and Elizabeth Stewart (Blue Gold), all who engaged their audiences in fascinating discussions and read-alouds.
As a partnership between the NWPL and NWSS Library, the Hyack Teen Read program promotes reading for pleasure by recommending 10 books every year and encouraging New West teens to rate their favourite.
While visiting a carnival Hanks stumbles upon the now famous Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine and his wish is granted.

You can have customized graphics installed on the front wooden panels that are around the bottom of Zoltar.
With our knowledge and creative edge, we can help you reach more people while your company profits. Change your destiny by renting the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine available now at AGR Las Vegas. He’ll read the ball and offer 16 different spoken fortunes and 23 different printed fortunes. We have translators who speak and write German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, Hebrew, Korean, Arabic, Farsi and any probably any other language you can think of.
Additionally, the glass panels on all sides of the fortune teller machine can be customized.
It is recommended that the customization on the glass panels be either on the very bottom of the glass panel or the very top so Zoltar itself is not obstructed from view.

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