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Compatibility for marriage is checked considering the birth stars as well as the horoscope of the couple.
Rasi, Rashyadipathi, Dina , Yoni, Vashya, Ganam, Mahendram, Sthree deerga are the important  poruthams.
Male horoscope is matched against the female horoscope which is taken as the base reference. Even though shashtashtama, if the lords of both signs are the same planet then the dosha is minimised.
Besides, if the female sign is Oja sign (Mesha, Midhuna, Simha, Tula, Dhanu and Kumbha), then male born on 6th and 8th signs is not entirely bad. If the man and woman are born in the different stars of the same sign then marriage is possible. Marital relationship between girl and boy having the same stars of Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvathira, Pooyam, Ayilyam, Makam, Atham, Thrikketta, Moolam, Pooradam, Avittam, Chathayam is considered disadvantageous. 30-year Cycle SATURN does his rounds of the twelve Rashi’s of the Zodiac once in about 30 years.
LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software generates personalized horoscope report relevant to your age and sex, based on the date, time and place of birth. LifeSign Mini free astrology software generates report in English as well as in Indian languages viz.
The free tamil astrology software LifeSign Mini lets you choose the preferred chart style (North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Kerala) before generating the horoscope report. Bhava predictions based on the influence of planets on your life and character are included in LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software. Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini free tamil horoscope software gives a detailed report on Dasha and Bhukti (Apahara) periods, stating the beginning and end of each Bhukti within the Dashas. Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software can give a short summary of Vimshottari Dasha periods. Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini calculates your birth star and points out its associated features. Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software gives a detailed analysis of planetary disposition which includes the following. This free tamil horoscope software includes horoscope Matching facility to determine the marital compatibility between the prospects. But let me tell you, Astrology is not just a vague collection of tricks or tips, it’s a science. Many foreign universities in US and other countries have carried out research on this and have published various thesis proving astrology. Some universities have taken a step further and also offer professional courses on astrology. We Indians have this habit of disregarding our own culture and knowledge but give high importance to western one’s.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that I found homeopathy to be the best medicine technique ever. So, this article is not just for people who believe in astrology, but for also who don’t believe in it. They have been constantly adopting the latest technologies in IT to make their software and services world-class. Today, Astro-Vision is a name easily recognized and held in great esteem in the world of astrology services. They also provide astrology services to mobile subscribers of major telecom operators and subscribers of many leading web portals in India.
In this article I want to share their free astrology software called Astro-Vision Lifesign Mini. Is a wonderful astrology software that empowers you by providing all the required information about your future and well-being. Using the charts provided by the software, you can also prepare for difficulties that will come your way. You can make right judgments and take necessary steps to overcome problems that may occur due to various factors. It is available in many languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada.
The software provides you with various chart formats, like, South Indian, North Indian, Bengali and Kerala.
Various ayanamsa settings are included in this Free Indian Astrology Software, such as Chitra Paksha ayanamsa or Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa and Thirukanitham ayanamsa. Astro-Vision Lifesign Mini free indian astrology software includes Panchanga predictions based on the weekday, predictions based on the birth star, predictions based on the thithi, i.e lunar day, predictions based on the karana and predictions based on the NithyaYoga. This Free astrology software gives detailed Bhava predictions based on the influence of planets on your character and life. Predictions in this free Astrology Software covers analysis of the first house, for predictions on personality, physical structure, status. LifeSign Mini free horoscope software gives a brief prediction based on the effect of the current Dasa and Apahara.
LifeSign Free Astrology Software calculates the birth star and also provides the entire list of associated star qualities.
Details of the Dasa and Bhukti ( Apahara) periods are given with details of the arambha and anthya for each Bhukti ( Apahara) within each Dasa period in this Free Astrology Chart Software. An analysis of the planetary disposition including Lords of Houses, the Bhava lord of each house, Planetary conjunction ( yoga) , Planet to planet aspects, Planet to house aspects, Benefic Planets and Malefic planets and their effects, Friendship Charts including Permanent ( Naisargika) Friendship Chart, Temporary ( Tatkalika) Friendship Chart, Five-Fold ( Panchda) Friendship Chart , Kuja Dosha Check, Moudhyam combustion) , Graha Yuddha ( Planetary war) and Grahavastha is presented in this free vedic astrology software. The combinations which resulted in the yoga are also given for easy reference in this free astrology software. Astrology sometimes can give solutions to even unknown problems which science can’t answer.

Sir i am using android os i wanted astrology free softwares to put kundli so if you have created any software inform me or any other sw.
Can anyone report whether software has actually helped or with confirmation of predictions?. I am looking for astrology software forgotten the name, icon is red umbrella, need self and Father’s name and then can predict.
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Though there are 28 types of compatibility, mainly 10 of them are considered.The star compatibility is determined with the star of the girl taken as the reference and checking the various points of matching with the boy's horoscope.
But if the female sign is Yugma (Mesha, Karkataka, Kanya, Vrischika, Makara and Meena), then it is better to avoid man born on the 6th sign from the female sign.
LifeSign Mini free tamil astrology software stores a large database of cities from around the world to avoid manual feeding of latitude, longitude and timezone of your place of birth. It gives an analysis of first house for predictions on physical structure, character and status. We go for an English medicine even for a small disease but of ayurvedic and homeopathy can do better than it.
Should be better to give a 15-day trial period with the possibility to print, like this one can not have an idea about how works the upgrade version (which I wanted to buy, but I’m not sure to do it). Just for your information, Magnificient Astrology Softwares located in Astrology Software category and this post was created on September 5, 2014. Apart from star compatibility (Gun Milan) check, this free astrology software lets you have Kuja (Maglik) Dosha, Papa Samyam and Dasa Sandhi checks. I ready all astrological areas like articles,sites .Keep sharing the information like this. Don't forget to share this picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media! If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. This is done by evaluating House-wise importance of planets for all astrological houses related with particular matter.

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