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Your 2015 horoscope may be filled with everything you ever wished for (and we sincerely hope that’s true!) We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know what will be on the racks for Spring 2015 and can’t wait to share! Cancers tend to walk on the more timid, cautious, yet always very protective and sympathetic side. Always very diplomatic and peaceful, yet simultaneously easy going and sociable, Libras tend to go for romantic and enchanting trends. A Sagittarius is optimistic, jovial and honest; always freedom loving and looking for a way to manifest this in fashion choices. A Capricorn’s tendencies towards sophisticated and polished attire is a direct manifestation of their practical, ambitious and prudent personality. Pisces are sensitive, compassionate and selfless, and love echoing romance in their style choices.
A Taurus fashionista can be seen turning towards more laid-back and comfortable styles; something practical yet stylish, always in the name of good taste – try the new tailored spring trench! Cancers tend to love and look great invery “pretty” romantic clothes, also attaching much sentimental value to their belongings. Leo’s embrace this regal label, going for luxurious and dramatic clothing to keep the attention on them.

They pay a lot of attention to detail, both in life and in fashion choices, and constantly strive for perfection. Scorpios look exceptional in dark colors such as blacks or burgundy – always dressing in such a way as to show their strength and their sensual side. The dynamic Sagittarius is always on the move, that’s why she loves comfort clothes during day, meshed with style, usually tending towards a laid-back look, but tends towards low cut for the night.
Never anything too flashy, Capricorn’s adore accessories and especially handbags – the new snake “it bag” will be their favorite. As you know, each sign has very distinguished character traits, which often reflect into your fashion sense…even unknowingly! Aries draw attention to themselves through their bold fashion choices and eye- catching styles.
Taurus love for the fine things in life and her determined personality will draw her toward high quality items. Be sure to look out for an array of vintage pieces in a Cancer wardrobe, as well as a white lace skirt. A lot of gold can be found, especially in terms of jewelry, and a Leo fashionista never goes unnoticed, and looks killer in color and dramatic mixes, such as the new Bohemian Maxi’s.

Virgo fashionistas can be seen wearing classic items, such as beautiful knits and soft body draping silks, which always leave them looking non-pareil. Capricorn is a very career oriented sign, that’s why she is the queen of the “wear to work,” always standing out in the professional world. Friendly, humanitarian and independent – leaving their personal style to differ from the rest of the zodiac. Knowing what can enhance your personality and style might just help you make the right choices on your next shopping spree, and feeling good in your clothes will make you feel like a million bucks even though you don’t need to spend anything near that at Madonna & Co! An Aquarius’ independent nature leads them to break free of ordinary fashion conventions and wear what they feel looks best and feels best.

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