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Oph ‘Scopes are a one-size-fits-all interpretation of the strongest celestial energies for the day.
The readings are based on selected alignments of planets and asteroids moving through the constellations, not the zodiac signs. Whether you’re an aspiring Astrologer or Astronomologer or you just want to know what the stars have in store for you on the day, there will be something real and relevant written here every day that you can use. As with anything offered on Startistics or Astronomologer or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter, take what you can use and just leave the rest. Jupiter continues his leisurely transit of the Zodiac’s fatter constellations, Taurus, who weighs in at 37°.
Among the most famous real-sky Gemini natives is the United States of America and former President George W. Visit the Institute of HeartMath and sign up for their FREE Newsletter — join their Facebook Community. The first response of Women awakening to their intrinsic natal Power of Love will most likely be so emotional that there will be a wash of tears both happy and sad. However, once Venus brings the Power of the Goddess of Love into Constellation Leo, the contrast between True Love (Venus) and Fear (the abuse of the frequencies of Alpha Leo, Regulus, the HEART of the Lion) there will be hell to pay.
On September 16th the New Moon occurs at 02:11 UTC, approximately 12 hours before the Sun crosses over into Constellation Virgo. Asteroid Asclepius enters Leo on September 19 and aligns with Alpha Leo (Regulus, the Heart of the Lion) on September 30. If you could use some Heart Healing yourself, raise your hand and hope to meet up with the Divine Physician in your Dreams.
We have arranged a treat for City folk like me who don’t have a group to honor Earth Mother with on Equinox and who would like to join in.
The Sun will enter Constellation Virgo on the same date as the September 16th New Moon but some 12 or so hours afterwards. What I do want to point out, however, is that Saturn has finally moved clear of the Arcturian Time Corridor — the natural alignment of Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Bootes (Arcturus). So you can see how our complaints that projections of our progress were not matching up with the concrete realities being demonstrated on the Earth planes. September 4 appears to be a day worth watching as a number of planets are either entering new signs or changing direction. The canopy of stars spanning these Zodiac sectors is largely the same as last month with only a few minor changes. If you have planets in any of these signs you are probably undergoing some amount of Ascension pressure in sympathy with the Transpersonal Planetary Intelligences, the Archangels and Higher Guides who oversee the evolution of Humanity. The selected Asteroids included in the bullet list above is provided to give insight into how the Ophiuchus team is interacting with our Higher Angels to bring about the results we are working to co-create. For assistance with gauging how you are being affected, request help on the Find Your Sign page if you need it. This is where we answer the cosmic question, “Why has Jupiter in Taurus NOT opened up the Abundance & Prosperity coffers?
Part 1 of the answer as we saw had to do with Saturn blocking the Arcturian Time Corridor (time projections not working out).
In Pisces, the best the Libertarian Uranus can do is break limitation molds and get a mass of people arrested. We have been witnessing a number of news releases about the retirement, firing, charging and incarceration of people who have mismanaged the monetary and trade wealth we use on this planet to keep people working and get them fed. In the meantime, Uranus begins September in retrograde, crossing back over the Cetus-Pisces boundary early this month to trick some tyrants into getting caught with a monster-sized fish hook and it looks like they may not be put behind bars right away, but that will certainly be looming ahead in their future. The Date is calculated using the Greenwich Mean Meridian so make your local recalculations accordingly. The same might be said of Equinoxes and Solstices, which occur at 90° intervals that constitute the seasonal turning points in the Earth’s orbit of the Solar Star. It is worth emphasizing the numbers provided in the bullet list above that show at the exact time of the Full Moon, several planets will be in near-precise alignment with noteworthy fixed stars. Check your Astronomology Profile against the coordinates given to see how many planets and asteroids you have in alignment so you can gauge how much hot or cold water you’re in today. Normally when the Moon is transiting Pisces under The Great Square of Pegasus we’re given to purposeful flights of fantasy and find we are able to raise our vibrations rather easily into states of religious ecstasy.
These may sound like silly questions, but where I come from there is no such thing as a stupid question.
Today as the Moon waxes (Full phase is tomorrow), our subconscious minds are wide open and the neurons are excited as the Moon’s magnetic field meets up with the stress and tension vibes of Uranus Rx in Pisces (Faith) square to Pluto in Sagittarius (Spirituality).
This planetary aspect will awaken a new wave of humanity to the latest facts about religion (dogma) versus spirituality (a wide open field), seeding in their subconscious minds an inkling about future experiences they will have.
Before we go any further we probably all need to take out the Trash that’s been piling up over previous millennia. Today as the Moon finishes up its transit of Constellation Aquarius and meets up with the westernmost fish of the Pisces Fishes our conscious minds are moved at the subconscious level by an ancient program that stimulates and manipulates consciousness.
Most of my life I’ve kept what I know about myself to myself thinking nobody would believe it if I told them.
You can do anything you set your Mind to today as the Moon transits the Zodiac Constellations that lie in that sector of the Celestial Sphere over which the winged white horse Pegasus flies. It was the magical Pegasus who carried the Hero Perseus to Princess Andromeda’s rescue. To learn the lessons of the past we first must understand the past as it was, not as it has been portrayed to us by beings prosecuting an agenda adverse to the best interests of a Free Will humanity.
Most importantly, David shares with us an outline of the fundamental problem we face and the simple truth of What we can do about it. Getting a feel for the energy of fast-moving objects moving along the Ecliptic Plane (yellow line) is difficult.
That’s a lot of social-political (Aquarius-Capricorn) interaction to have to integrate without a well enough developed Higher Mind Consciousness (Sagittarius) to manifest Altruistic results. I’m sure there are planes and levels of thought and being where those whose Free Will it is to prey and be preyed upon can go for that sort of experience. The scary neighborhood has been created — just go there when you want that kind of experience. As people wake up, their consciousness is going to fill with new information and they will learn how to exercise their Free Will properly.
The story being told by the combinations of keywords associated with the various celestial and planetary alignments today is quite clear if you know the symbolic language.
The main aspect to watch is probably Pluto in Sagittarius square to Uranus in Pisces (currently retrograde). As each and every one of us plays some part in this process, we can expect this aspect to affect us profoundly on personal as well as professional levels.

Uranus aligned with Alpha Phoenix is giving us a sign that a firey rebirth is in process; however since Uranus is currently retrograde, and the alignment is from Pisces (a water sign) it seems unlikely that the time for the Firebird to ignite will be anytime real soon.
The news we’re sharing today is for effect only and demonstrates the kind of activity that typifies the aspects just described.
With Venus in Constellation Leo and Mars at Beta Libra (Zubeneschamali), romantic relationships are going well for those who have learned the value of CHANGE.
If you’re not there yet with your relationships, Venus in Leo helps us burn through our misconceptions about Love while the Sun and Mercury in Virgo bring vital healing consciously at fundamental levels. All of the work we are doing on ourselves at the personal level is FUNDAMENTAL to how people in positions of responsibility carry out their jobs. Today, people in politics are being forced by circumstances and intense planetary alignments to take a closer look in the mirror.
Many eyes in the skies are upon us and supportive of our efforts to evolve and advance spiritually.
Lower Mind is our Intellect and the biological processes whereby the electrical and magnetic impulses are manufactured (outputs) according to inputs received. In the Spirit of what I and others are beginning to call The Age of Ophiuchus because of the surprising and prominent role of this new age figure, today we offer a full length movie about the most fundamental and perplexing problem we have on this planet: Health.
Today we will all make use of the transpersonal energy of Pluto in Constellation Sagittarius Square to Uranus Rx in Constellation Pisces to help de-construct the conscienceless and brutal web of criminal activity that is keeping Humanity from enjoying Health and Happiness which is its Spiritual Right. Let us today, together, use our Higher Minds as channels for the transformational power of Pluto in Sagittarius Square Uranus Rx to flow through and get this job done. In spite of the success of his therapy, he has faced the prosecution of big pharma and the FDA which has tried to stop his therapy from spreading in the United States. Regular readers of Astronomologer and Startistics benefit because I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.
In the Equinox article I did not mention the fact that the Moon spends most of the day today in Constellation Ophiuchus, preparing for Equinox later in the day. Why would I feel compelled to include in today’s Oph ‘Scope a seriously significant Occult detail about Equinox that maybe belongs more in the Astronomologer article? Those of you who do Light Work with this information — those of you who are at the level of your Workings where you are supporting the constructive deconstruction of the current world government and the most harmless revolution and restoration of the United States of America possible, this is for you. The Masons are very familiar with astrology, astronomy and astrotheology. They align all important commemorations, dedications, declarations, ground-breakings, grand-openings, and other events to coincide with astrological phenomena. And finally, put all of your Love and Support of this reality in Cosmic Nature into Constellation Ophiuchus today, realizing its role as Guardian, Protector, Healer and Savior of Planet Earth and Humanity is pivotal — and this is still a Free Will Environment. Leading up to tomorrow’s September Equinox 2012 the Moon transits Constellations Scorpius and Ophiuchus.
Those of you who have been following Startistics and Astronomologer for a while know what the constellations are all about by now. One of our beautiful new Ophiuchus Souls Cathy Rubini sends news about a Peace Meditation for today and asks us to join in. Please take out a few minutes on September 21st, International Day of Peace and join your voice in a worldwide meditation for Peace.
Take a cue from the big name marquees at Flemington and transform your party with a glamorous theme that filters through your decor and even your playlist for the event. Pre-making large batches of cocktails will give you the opportunity to actually speak to your guests, rather than hide in the kitchen. If you have access to an outdoor area, serve your cocktails outside as there’s nothing better than a refreshing beverage on a warm spring evening.7. Sweeps are a mainstay at any Melbourne Cup BBQ, but why not mix it up with some creative categories such as, which celebrity will be wearing the most over-the-top racing outfit?
But more than that, they are teaching tools so you can learn how and why Ophiuchus works and pick up the rhythm for yourself. Learning to think with the Heart would seem the virtuous solution to having to make a tough decision by weighing the pros and cons of left-brain (facts and figures) and right-brain (artistic) thinking.
Unrequited lovers, leaders and royalty may enjoy a short window of illusion while they attempt to convince themselves there are no consequences for their actions which were less than loving this Summer.
For those kings of the planet who are ruling by fear, this one-week window between the Sun leaving Leo and Venus entering will be just enough to lull these abusive leaders and royalty into complacency. She is also called The Light Bringer and Satan (in some circles) but we think probably the connection to Satan was a man-thing invented as part of the plan to stuff Mrs. Let us hope and pray that the Hearts of abusive lovers, leaders and those who have declared themselves as royalty reigning over us receive medical attention from the Divine Physician. We will be providing some preparatory photos and suggestions from our beautiful Judi J a few days before Equinox so we can join her and her beautiful Earth tribe in Spirit. Hence this union of Solar and Lunar energies in Leo will be co-creating a special Love Light blessing to bring with them into the constellation that is custodian of the September Equinox (Virgo). As many of you are aware, the Mayan civilization and calendar system is said by the scholars to have emanated from the Arcturians. There is one more component to this Saturn-Spica-Arcturus blockage of Jupiter-Taurus abundance. Will the warrior side of Mars still be dissing, manipulating, violating and using women and the Earth Mother to accomplish their agenda? If his frequencies have not been altered enough (because people have not demonstrated that what they want is Love instead of Fear) then all of our relationships are going to be going through literal hell since Mars is antithetical in Libra (ruled by Venus).
And Uranus will get back into Pisces early this month and then turn Direct and go back to trolling for another load of monsters in deep dark water who deserve to get caught long before Jupiter has gotten to the most powerful point of its Taurus transit. I think we’re giving them all the rope they need to hang themselves — or all the time they need to change sides or at least get out of the way!
Otherwise the 5th Dimensional Powers That Be (You) will not count you among those who are working to Liberate Humanity.
Read prior Oph ‘Scopes to refresh your memory as to what that may mean to us as individuals and as an evolving species being shepherded through a tricky and difficult turning point. In a single moment these future experiences will show them a greater reality and lead to their breaking out of an old mold (Uranus) that will not sustain them in the New Age (Uranus as Planetary Voice for Aquarius). It’s simply one of many scripted agendas being advanced by people who claim to know what the Ultimate Reality is. We simply can’t continue to carry all of this baggage around with us and expect to get where we all want to go in Life.
It seems all my life my Andromeda Zenith has been calling Heroes to my rescue — so today let telling the Truth be my white winged horse.
The video we are sharing with you today puts my crazy thoughts and my seemingly self-destructive confession into full perspective as you listen to David Icke identify himself and explain the role the Archons play in our modern civilization. All over the Globe major systems of science, religion and institutions of all kinds including government are being questioned, tested, disassembled, formed, and reformed. The content in the video below is for your Discernment. Astronomologer has no opinion on it.

But now September Equinox is behind us and as the waxing Moon enters Constellation Capricornus authority figures old and new are jockeying in earnest for a position of responsibility in the New World. Perhaps the most significant virtue to focus on is the CVN staff’s attempt to present a fully integrated review and view of issues being worked out all over the globe combining third dimension results with the influences of the Spiritual Planes. But we should all be celebrating and supporting this exquisite attempt to co-create and present a fair and balanced news reporting model that is full-spectrum — combining mundane and spiritual plane perspectives.
The Moon in Capricornus inserts this impulse in their minds at the Subconscious level — a level from which escape is virtually impossible without a Lobotomy.
These eyes belong to Galactic and Universal agents who are protecting us and making sure our process gets to complete itself. Higher Mind is where we manufacture by dreaming and co-creating with Spirit the Ideal World we want to live in. Believe there is nothing more powerful than the Power of Thought and that this is why there has been such a prevalent campaign to control our thinking so that we all gave our Power of Thought to what others wanted us to think for selfish and heinous reasons of their own. Burzynski’s revolutionary cancer cure treatment based on his discovery on the mechanics of cancer, which lead him to the creation of the Antineoplaston Therapy. But you can tell  by perusing the constellation and star names that the benefits of using the whole sky are many and we strongly encourage all aspiring practitioners of the celestial arts and those who are still using the very limited Astrology toolbox to get out of that box and see the bigger picture. You would think that I would have mentioned that significant detail but for some reason I was not guided to add that to the article. Could it be that only a few are being called to use their Magickal Minds in a certain way on Equinox?
And then go back and read the material we referred to in Ophiuchus & September Equinox 2012 at Stonehenge about the Occult role of Ophiuchus and how its coming to light in all its faultless virtue blocks the use of ritual for continuing dark purposes. Rather than my playing the fortune teller role on this occasion, I’m going to cut you loose and leave you to sample the energies, sense them for yourself, and feel free to have your own experience of them.
For example, set the scene for your guests with past racing tickets to highlight the details of your event. A cocktail shaker can be useful and add a bit of theater, or you can even combine your ingredients in a jug and stir briskly.
You may wish to make entry a gold coin donation and winner takes all at the end of the day. If you have a comment or query you would like LifeStyle to respond to, please use our feedback form. Intuitively we recognize the cosmic influence of Venus in Gemini has to do with Love and learning to Think and Communicate from the Heart.
But she will be there long enough to bring a Wave of Love cresting over the planet from the Cosmic Mother Goddess. They have convinced themselves that things will always be as they are because their magic is strong enough to hold back the Evolutionary forces of the entire Universe. The Arcturians are called Masters of Time and the Fourth Dimension by Mayan expert Jose Arguelles (recently deceased).
Or has Love finally taken some hold on this Planet so that the new frequencies of Mars — the natural ally to Ophiuchus — can be freed to provide healing and protection from natural viruses, dis-eases and predators? That would be its triple conjunction with Venus and Mercury in alignment with the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt and the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt in the Spring of 2013. They will assume you haven’t learned your lesson yet that complacency and omitting to take action is a vote in favor of somebody who wants to use your Power more than you do. We are all supposed to be going through profound changes with the objective of increasing our vibrations so we can open up and function beyond the Visible Light Spectrum. Or maybe your Ship is coming in and the turbulence you’re feeling is the Mother Ship blowing its horn to let you know you can stop flailing around and get ready for the shuttle craft to pick you up!
As Humanity awakens en masse it is finding that what we were taught and what we Believed (Pisces) is not the Truth, and that Evolving means a return of lost Information and hidden Knowledge (Aquarius) that we once had. It is most definitely a mind control device whether benign, malevolent, or a mixture of both (which would technically at that point cease to be benign at all).
And yet I resolved to soldier on with my given project of researching and bringing Ophiuchus vividly to life and advancing Astrology into the Aquarian Age on the premise that one of three things would happen.
Maybe my confession will inspire you to perform an Act of Truth so you can join me in beginning to live in your True Authentic Self. Today it skips off of the edge of Capricornus and gets as far as the Water Carrier’s head in Aquarius again.
In other words, you can’t bash Wall Street if you still have your 401k playing the Market. If this were not so, things would be looking worse, not better, because our eyes would not have been opened to the way things have been and things that need to be changed. Just watch, listen, learn, and let your own Awake & Aware Power of Thought break through the old Matrix. So today readers of the Oph ‘Scopes are going to pick up on some vital details about Equinox that the more casual readers of the Equinox article on Astronomologer are going to miss out on.
With the introduction of the Flemington Fling, the first ever signature drink of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, Schweppes gives you some top tips to ensure your soiree is the highlight of the season.1. Also use a jigger or a measuring cup to keep track of the quantities in each batch, otherwise some very potent cocktails can result! Try mixing up a batch of Flemington Fling, a delicious and refreshing cocktail your guests will love!
For more fashion and beauty tips to help you look a million bucks at your Spring Racing Carnival party, check out our style section .
Everyone needs to learn how to do this — but especially the Gemini natives because the negative manifestation of the dual nature of the sign includes a tendency to be two-faced and schizophrenic. This wave of love will gently awaken women worldwide who were not aware of the fact that there is a Mrs.
So whether our Aquarian Liberation efforts (Uranus) are being helped or hurt is just plain up for grabs. It’s quiet where I am with an air of tension layered somewhere in the middle of it, perhaps as a product of the heavier energies of Pluto in Constellation Sagittarius. Burzynski’s Therapy has successfully cured thousands of terminal cancer patients for the last 30 years and has demonstrated to be 3 to 5 times more effective than the conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The skirt and legs of the Agrarian Goddess overhang the stars of Libra along this part of the Ecliptic Plane. The first people through these vibrational portals, doors and gateways will be helping those behind them. Who am I to say it’s wrong just because that stuff bothers my delicate sensibilities?

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