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Each year, when the Sun floats through Pisces (February 18 – March 19), we experience the ability to tap into the compassionate, artistic, and emotional qualities that this sign represents.
Turning to wellness astrology, and keeping in mind the unique strengths and vulnerabilities associated with Pisces, we can find stellar ways to foster vitality, reduce stress, and fine-tune our well-being. In wellness astrology, aspects of our anatomy and physiology accord with the twelve zodiac signs. During this dreamy time of the year, we may find our heads in the clouds rather than feet firmly planted on the ground. Not getting adequate sleep not only leaves us tired, crabby, and less than productive but can also have long-term health consequences such as the development of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Pisces season is often a time of tuning out, as we daydream through many of life’s activities, including eating. With the fish totem as the Pisces symbol, turn to the ocean’s bounty for nourishment. Finding yourself readily identifying with the suffering of others, not able to easily draw a line between your feelings and theirs?
At times when we feel like we’re drowning in a sea of emotions, we may have the tendency to turn to substances (like tobacco and alcohol) or tuning-out activities (think Netflix binging) to try to blunt our sensitive hearts and temporarily flee harsher realities. During this season where we’re putting our soles first, treat yourself to a reflexology, a form of bodywork that centers on the feet. Meditation brings serenity, engendering a sense of mindfulness that can orient us in a clearer direction.
Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider. As an astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing weaves together stellar insights, flower essence therapy, dreamwork, and compassion-based coaching. May 2016 Monthly Overview Love Money Health Reel 'em in, Pisces. This chart is based on Sun Signs and their love compatibility in percentage based on their astrological characteristics.
We’re excited to bring you our monthly “healthstrology” column that focuses on feeling your best during every solar cycle. And while this may help us to infuse our lives with more spirituality, romanticism, and poetry, this time—like all others—may also offer us certain challenges. Those that are associated with Pisces include the feet, immune and lymphatic systems, and the pineal gland which synthesizes melatonin and, in some spiritual traditions, is associated with psychic abilities. And with our less-than-attentive navigating, we could wind up with our fair share of stubbed toes and foot bruises—especially if we’re daydreaming instead of paying attention to our environment. So taking sleep seriously is good medicine for well-being, and since Neptune—Pisces’ modern-day planetary ruler—governs sleep, it seems smart to zero in on our ZZZs during this time. Watch the proclivity to quickly down meals without even tasting or remembering what you consumed. For some this can be overwhelming, triggering an inclination for escapism, even using substances like alcohol to cope. Seafood and shellfish are protein-rich foods, many also being rich sources of immune-enhancing selenium and zinc. Derived from evaporated seawater instead of land-based halite deposits, sea salt is thought to be more mineral rich. Nicotiana flower essence is a wonderful elixir for helping to curb our escapist tendencies; it fortifies the heart so that we are able to feel subtle connections and emotions without having them take us out to sea, so to speak. The feet are thought to be a mirror of the whole body and different parts of the foot accord with distinct organs. Therefore, hypnotherapy, which facilitates access to this part of our mind, may be an especially effective modality to investigate. Not only can it be calming and help us feel soulfully connected, but the practice of meditation has been found to have well-documented health benefits, for example: reducing stress-related illnesses, combating insomnia, and improving heart health. Swimming is a great form of exercise, a low-impact way to strengthen muscles, tone the heart, and enhance mobility of the joints. Author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness and her new Stellar LookBook series, Stephanie counsels clients, teaches workshops, writes about holistic well-being, and crafts custom-designed flower essence elixirs. Until May 20, the Sun is in Taurus, heating up your synergistic and communicative third house. We’ve tapped our friend Stephanie Gailing, MS—an astrologer and wellness alchemist—to share her wisdom as a guest contributor.
Avoid tablets, computers, phones and other blue-light emitting devices right before bedtime as they can mess with the production of melatonin and our sleep cycles.
Focus on meal mindfulness: savor your food, chewing well, paying attention to tastes, textures, and aromas.
Yet, as we all know, drinking only offers a temporary (at best) reprieve for emotional woes, not an everlasting cure. Plus, unlike many table salts, most sea salt is made without the use of anti-caking and other chemical additives. It helps to fortify fluid personal boundaries, so that you can gain objectivity while still maintaining a wealth of empathy. When a reflexology practitioner wants to bring healing to your digestive organs, for example, they will work on the arch of your foot.
It’s particularly good for dealing with insomnia, counteracting anxiety, reducing chronic pain, and alleviating stress-related illnesses.
Based in Seattle, she frequently travels to New York City, and works with clients all over the world.
For the next three weeks, you'll feel more intellectually alive—brainstorming, pitching, writing, conversing—and eager to connect with others. Stilettos may look stylish but if your feet are aching, you’re not going to have fun at that fete regardless of how great you look. Consciously eating will have you not only feel more satiated but is also better for digestion. Plus, drowning your melancholy in a multitude of Martinis compromises the liver, leading to reduced energy and immunity as well as disrupted sleep. While you can readily get sea salt at your local food market, specialty stores also offer an array of unique ones from around the world: French fleur-de-sel, pink-colored Hawaiian, and pyramid-shaped Balinese are just a few examples. And with that, you can stand in your heart, experiencing the loving awareness of another, while also honoring your separateness, curbing a tendency for unproductive merging. The treatment opens up energy channels in the feet, sparking a greater sense of vitality in the whole body.

And if you’re looking for additional support for working through an addictive behavior—whether it be overeating, smoking, gambling, or something else—hynotherapy may be a great adjunctive treatment. If you don’t have access to a pool—or lake, ocean, or pond—check out any local water spas you may have in your area. Our Knowledgeable Astrologers developed this chart based on their analysis, knowledge and research. And if different worries are keeping you awake, flower essences such as White Chestnut, Mimulus, Vervain and others may help your sleep to blossom.
Also, consider blessing your food: meditate upon it for a moment, expressing gratitude for all those who played a role in bringing it from the farm to your table as this will have you feel more peaceful, connected, and nourished. If delicious teas or refreshing sparkling water won’t do as a substitute, try crafting some fun mocktails. Loaded with minerals—including hard to find iodine—nori, dulse, and kombu make a nutrient-rich addition to soups, salads, and, of course, sushi.
The crystals of sea salt are also uniquely beautiful, with the different varieties featuring distinct colors, textures, and taste.
Or, take more baths: soaking in a tub can do wonders to release tension on a physical or emotional level. Yet all will connect you to the sea, and that melusine-like feeling, a divine experience during Pisces season.
Natural health stores sell pocket-sized reflexology maps or you can find ones like this one the Internet. Check out these short guided meditations or the Pisces season meditation here on Astrostyle. Light some candles, play your favorite music, sprinkle in some aromatherapy bath salts, and get whisked away to a state of buoyant joy.
Your wit and charm is amplified now, so get to know your neighbors a little better, especially if you've been reclusive lately.
The page-turning lunation is also a supermoon and forms a favorable trine to buoyant Jupiter in Virgo, your partnership house. Stimulating conversations could lead to rock-solid and inspiring new alliances, so schedule an exploratory lunch date. Since talkative Mercury is also in your communication house, you could feel the effects of this retrograde more so than other signs. With this cosmic double-whammy, you might want to keep a low profile, since what you say could be misconstrued easily. Look no further than this cautionary tale about a woman whose "joke" Tweet ended up blowing up her whole life.
Your most important relationships receive a much-needed boost under this starmap and a stalled alliance could rocket ahead.
From May 9-September 9, Jupiter will be direct (forward) in Virgo, and many Pisces will evolve in their closest partnerships in a big way.
You could get engaged or alternatively, decide to amicably part, so that you can make room to let the right person in.
Because your sign's symbol is two fish moving in different directions but forever conjoined, you're no stranger to wishy-washiness on the commitment front.
But with Jupiter here and nudging you out of your comfort zone, you could surprise yourself with how ready you feel to really go for it. Jupiter only visits this part of your chart every 12 years, so make the most of it. Martyr alert! You could make unnecessary sacrifices on Mother's Day, due to a Grand Mutable Cross (four-way planetary battle) between the moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune (your ruler). On this day, it seems that just about everyone—relatives, colleagues, your partner—is vying for your attention, compassion and caretaking. If you've pushed your own needs to the backburner, stop trying to please everyone and set some clear boundaries, especially with an important male figure in your life (possibly your dad).
On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini and your homey fourth house, an ideal time to nurture your inner domestic doyenne.
An ambitious goal you've been striving toward since the December 11 Sagittarius new moon could come together now…at least partially. This full moon does fire a warning shot though, because it travels in tandem with stressful Mars retrograde.
You may need to compete for the top spot, face down a rival or deal with an unpleasant confrontation before claiming your ultimate triumph. Although your professional dreams may still come to fruition in the form of a raise, promotion, award or a new job, drama could still flare now. Are you really up for this crowning moment of achievement, Pisces? Of course you are—but you might need to be honest with yourself about the anxieties that surface and where they could be coming from.
To help reframe the conversation, you might check out this article on why "imposter syndrome", or the fear of not being up to the task, is actually a good thing sometimes.
Luckily, you get a do-over next month on June 20, when a rare second full moon in Sagittarius gives you another chance to really shine—and actually enjoy it. Until May 24, love planet Venus is gliding through Taurus and your social third house, making your IRL flirtations and online dating all the more sizzling.
You might approach a potential love interest with more confidence and witty banter under this cosmic influence, or sparks could fly with a friend (is it time to add a "benefits package" to your bond?). However, with clever Mercury retrograde mucking up communication through May 22, things may not always be what they seem. Are you and your buddy really THAT into each other, or did you just get caught up in the heat of the moment?
Don't give TOO much of yourself away Pisces, and save yourself some frustration by vetting the other person in advance.
A potential mate may not turn out to be ready for something serious even though you are—or vice-versa. Things could suddenly advance with someone special whom you've been oh-so patient with for a while.
Couples may want to renew vows, or feel a fresh sense of appreciation and love for their partners. Big-picture Jupiter's will help you see clearly whether or not it's time to set sail or weigh anchor. Castaway!
A conversation might lead to more on May 10, when flirty Venus forms a helpful trine to adventurous Jupiter in your relationship house.
You could spark up a connection with someone from another culture or perhaps meet an intriguing person while traveling.

Then on May 13, the love planet offers more proverbial gold, sending a powerful beam to transformational Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships.
Mark these cosmic dates and prepare for serious talks about exploring romance with a friend, or heart-opening conversations for couples.
Leave no stone unturned, Pisces, and reveal feelings you may have kept hidden or minimized. Feisty Mars is retrograde from April 17-June 29—and it's in Sagittarius, your tenth house of long-term plans, until May 27.
Because this zodiac sector governs men and father figures, you could be struggling with "daddy issues." Or, you and your honey could be arguing over what you really want for the future—are you in alignment on the big stuff, or is your chemistry pretty much the only thing keeping you together?
You could feel added pressure to make things concrete and official, when no Pisces typically wants to burst the fantasy bubble too quickly. With tough Saturn also retrograde in this part of your chart until August 13, you may find yourself at odds with old fears of being trapped in a commitment that's too structured or confining. A workplace romance could go awry, as could an affair that started while one (or both!) of you was otherwise committed.
During this period, don't be too bold with your other half or with someone who's caught your eye.
You and your partner might spend more nights in over take-out, Netflix and good old-fashioned chillaxing. You may get defensive because a lover is trampling on your sensitive emotions and pushing you to move too quickly into a decision or final commitment…or at least that's how it feels. On May 26, you could realize that you and your honey aren't moving in the same direction—at least not now.
The epiphany arrives courtesy of a tense Jupiter-Saturn square, forcing you to face reality, however harsh it may be. Maybe your professional life isn't in alignment with your sweetheart's, or perhaps you're both so fixated on what's happening in the future, that you're not able to enjoy being together in the now.
Here's the catch, though: The only way you'll make it to the long haul is by staying present, even as you plan. Until May 20, the Sun is electrifying Taurus and your third house of ideas and communication, making it a stellar time to explore synergistic connections.
The genius moments are definitely rolling in, especially when you combine your brainpower with someone who vibes as high as you do.
Just proceed with caution, doing all necessary research beforehand, since clever Mercury is retrograde until May 22, making key details more prone to obscurity. With mental Mercury retrograde in your communication house, there could be rampant misunderstandings and technology breakdowns, so consider yourself warned! Issues with your commute could flare up, too—pack a spare tire and flares if you drive, leave early for the train, and, in general, just add extra travel time to your schedule. Stressful Mars and structured Saturn are both retrograde in Sagittarius and your tenth house of professional achievement this month. Restrictive Saturn will backspin through this sector of your chart until August 13, and go-getter Mars until May 27, demanding that you finish what you've started, no matter how hard you have to hustle.
Issues of accountability could create breakdowns—everyone seems to be pointing the finger at everyone else for what's gone awry—and you could clash with a boss or authority figure. You may need to do everything in your power to meet a deadline or scramble to make good on a promise. When in doubt, take responsibility for what's yours—no more than that, and certainly no less. Profitable partnership? Until this fall, you've got the cosmic green light to start a new venture, maybe even a relationship or arrangement that includes world travel. Mais oui! You could find yourself in the winner's circle on May 21, thanks to the Sagittarius full moon amplifying your tenth house of achievement. Since this full moon is traveling in tandem with ambitious Mars, you could feel especially keen on claiming your prize (even if winning comes with its own set of stressors). This is first of two consecutive full moons in your career house (a cosmic rarity), electrifying your biggest long-term goals. Caveat: Since energetic Mars is still retrograde, you may have to hold off on popping the Veuve until the second Sagittarius full moon puts you in the spotlight again on June 20. By then, you could see a complete resolution or manifestation of your diligent efforts. Under pressure? You might feel like you're getting the squeeze from a colleague…or the momentum of your dynamic duo is barreling ahead at an astronomical rate. Your reasons for being involved might be different than theirs, but there should still be a core agreement on what you're aiming for.
This is not the time to gamble or leap without looking—there's no guarantee that a net will be there to catch you. Mars will remain here until August 2, so you'll have plenty of time to soar all summer long.  Let's go, Team Pisces!
During Taurus season, you're extra primed for working out with companions, as your chatty third house of kindred spirits is amplified. Be extra vigilant of what you say and steer clear of negative or toxic conversation—your words create your reality, Pisces. To help set yourself on a healthy mind-body track, you may want to check out self-care guru Louise Hay's latest book, Mirror Work.Go with the flow this month, too. With combative Mars retrograde in your structured tenth house until May 27, you may feel like you're waging an inner war to stay disciplined and follow a regimen, especially since tough Saturn is also retrograde here until mid-August. Home is where the heart (and action) is later this month, when the Sun enters Gemini and your domestic fourth house on May 20.
Affectinoate Venus cozies up into this part of your chart on May 24, adding her a few touches of homespun sensuality to your humble abode until June 17.
If you can, break from your round-the-clock Snapchat updates and go Internet-free for a day. Ultimately, you have a choice to address—and the events of this day could make that crystal clear.

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