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Ancient astrology preached that heavenly bodies andthe stars have an impact on happenings on earth at both gross and subtle levels.
Sir Isaac Newton also was of the opinion that every particle in the Universe affects every other particle.
So your horoscope is a powerful information system,which can be used to find out the possibilities in this life. The horoscope will limit you to a great extent, but knowledge about it combined with some extra efforts will allow you to overcome the hurdles finally. According to the Christian belief, there is eternal damnation in hell if you have committed some sin in one life in which case youhave no chance to come out of it. Moreover, according to Christian belief this life of yours is the first and last, and based on this short life of say 120years you are judged and you will have to be in heaven or hell for eternity(endlessly) on what is achieved in this one life.

But according to vedic thoughts, each time your soul leaves the body, it is judged within 48 days and then goes on to take another birth.
This will lead you to salvation, which is the end of the repeated cycles of life and death. In the Bible Lord Jesus says, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God! Similarly, we can find explanations about laws of karma and their effects in holy books of other religions like Islam, Buddhism etc. Astrology is a means by which all thismay be understood properly and lead man to salvation by understanding the otherwise non-verifiable law of karma. This cycle will continue, until you get tired of running after possessions and material success.

Find out why her forecast is used by so many 'round the world and see how it will help you in your own personal life.
There's always a reason why things are happening and the planets are always behind all of it.

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