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Tsuzaki" October 2, 2011 at 23:32I would realy lik to know from other ppl how a pisces grl and a capircorn guy go along. Giulio" CHRIS Posted on not sure if my comment went thru.this ceacnr ceacnr video is the only one you dont give a 1-5 compatibility rating. Aquarius Dogs make wonderful friends, who are always there for you whenever you need them, and I mean whenever. As they are so blind to their faults and unwilling to change and become more able to mix with the rest of the World they can end up becoming rather reclusive and solitary which makes it even harder than it already is to mingle with other people. There is a lot written about the cusp online and in books but much of it is written in such a complicated manner its as though you need some kind of astro degree to understand it.
Many people write to me to tell me that they don’t think their characteristics match that of their given Sun sign and ask why this is.
Being born on the cusp just means that you came into the world on the day the given sign changes or is about to change. I will be writing more posts soon, the first to be on the Cusp as this is an area I find particularly interesting.
I know it’s only September but every year I get in undated with Birth Charts to make for people for Christmas and it becomes very difficult to complete them all on time as I have my own family Christmas to arrange. If you are stuck for ideas for Christmas presents this year Birth Charts do make lovely unique gifts for friends and family. Compatibility Charts are also lovely if you have a couple you wish to buy a gift for but don’t know quite what to get for them. I have done compatibility charts for Sisters and Brothers, friends and co workers, so it’s not just about being a couple, any relationship in your life which you would like to take a closer look at. I have the pleasure of knowing two Pisces Rats both of which are female and both of which are lovely and extraordinary. Pisces Rats do like to make the most of their appearance and really enjoy shopping for clothes. Tree - Poplar ~ Food - Fish ~ Flower - Rose ~ Fragrance- Shalimar ~ Birthstone- Sapphire ~ Number- 4 ~ Animal- Squirrel ~ Spice- Pepper ~ Herb- Tarragon ~ Drink- Bordeaux ~ Metal- Bronze ~ Colour- Grey. A Rabbit person’s cupboard will be full of vitamins and minerals, anything that may help to improve their health.
Rabbit women do tend to suffer with gynecological problems and should go for regular check up’s with her doctor to make sure her hormones are in good order so as to keep away any metabolic, digestive and weight problems. Chinese compatibility is a free online love calculator that finds the level of understanding between the Chinese horoscopes of two individuals. You will find twelve zodiac signs in the Chinese lunar calendar and individuals born under each of these animal signs have different qualities and personas.
Chinese zodiac compatibility might help us understand and get the missing powers that everyone has in their lives. Like other kinds of astrology like Western, Celtic and Vedic, the issue of compatibility also prevails in Chinese astrology. Probably the most interesting purpose of Chinese astrology is studying the compatibility of astrology signs.
Beginning from a person's own sign as the first, the 5th sign counted either in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction would share the best compatibility. The signs that are directly opposed to one another or differ by 6 years have zero compatibility with one another.
Beginning from a person's own sign as first, the 4th signs counted in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions are certainly going to function as the incompatible signs or in other words those that are separated by 3 years.
Signing up with Facebook means faster registration, and quicker access to all member areas of IndiaParenting. The twelve zodiac signs, usually referred to as 'sun signs', are the most common tools that we use to understand our personalities and those of others. I am a 22 year old Gemini born May 26th and he was a younger Capricorn male born 4th January. So that means that I am a true full-blown Aries at heart, or I am an Aries, & I just have tendencies of either Pisces or Taurus. I share most of the common traits of Sag; growing up, I was a lively and highly extroverted child.

It could be the middle of the night but one phone call from a needy friend and they will be there like a shot! This may sound a bit odd as Aquarians and Dogs are separately very giving people but for some reason when brought together unless others will be able to do something for them in return the Aqua dog will not do anything for anyone unless it benefits themselves. It is quite sad really what can happen to these people and I feel the male of the species suffers that much more than their female counterparts. I always endeavour to write in a way that everyone can understand, as astrology affects us all not just those who choose to study it and learn extra long words. For example, if you were born on the 23rd September you may be brought up to believe you are a Libra, but you could also share some of the traits of a Virgo as the sign of Virgo ends on the 22nd - 23rd September, depending on the year.
If you are a Cancer but within your birth chart you find that there is a heavy Water sign influence it will mean that you just might be somewhat less chatty and more creative than a true Gemini. Although I have been keeping track of the comments, which are always so entertaining, interesting and insightful, this is just a quick note to let you all know I am back!
I will also be continuing the combined astrology posts which bring together Western and Chinese astrology which is a real eye opener. So this year I thought I would be organised (As organised as a Gemini can get!) and ask for anyone who wishes their chart to be done for themselves or a family member or friend for Christmas to get in touch ASAP. I write them personally myself with care, effort and thought to each individual and I NEVER write anything detrimental or upsetting, as I don’t believe that is what a Birth Chart is for, rather to discover our inner workings and help to understand why we do the things we do. Pisces rats are either extremely chatty or excruciatingly quiet in fact they can at times fill a room with their silence.
Maybe the Pisces Rats most redeeming personality trait is the way they care for their friends and family.
They have quite a hard edge look to them but with softness that makes them rather charming.
This is a list of symbols that you, as a Rabbit, should surround yourself with as they will help you to become your true self and give you a feeling of happiness and comfort. In-fact some people do tend to assume the Rabbit is rather snooty, they do have a tendency of when first meeting people to sly away into a corner somewhere, usually on a comfy seat. They certainly don’t let illness get the better of them and after some rest they will be back to work as right as rain. Any stress will lead to them living a thoroughly miserable life that could lead to mental health issues.
But do please stay away from Tigers, Roosters, Dragons and Horses, for they will upset your plan for a smoothly run life. Based on Chinese astrology, the animal signs which are separated by 4 years from one another are thought to be most compatible but are incompatible if they're six years apart.
You'll be able to check traits and matching to achieve guidance in your life, for different purposes like love, marriage and relationship.
While Western Astrology relies on the months of the year, Chinese Astrology relies upon a lunar cycle comprising of 12 years. It's the positions from the 12 animals of the zodiac with regards to each other like in the form of the clock, which computes their degree of Chinese compatibility with one another.
This is equivalent to stating that the Chinese animal signs which are 4 years afar from one another are thought to be most compatible. However their relationship could be fine when the elder in the relationship gives in to the partner. Calculate the Chinese zodiac signs for yourself and your lover and understand the pros and cons of this relationship in seconds! In fact, most people who want to know you must have asked you your zodiac sign within the first two meetings.
I’m not overwhelmed by his actions but then it changed since we texted a lot and he visited me once. But life’s problems came in between all of that and I matured earlier than I had expected. Any orders I receive from the 1st of December may not be completed until the Christmas madness is over. For many people this can be a really big realisation as we look deep into the relationship and how it works, which person brings what etc.

Pisces Rats are very clever and very quick and can be experts at anything they choose. Creativity is second nature to them in all forms from fine art to singing and dancing! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how they themselves feel they will always be there for a needy friend or relative even just for a shoulder to cry on. Although there tastes are somewhat chic, they are normally understated in their appearance as they prefer the classical to the flamboyant and don’t like being the center of attention.
Roast dinners on a Sunday, and occasions such as Christmas and birthday’s are big events and should be celebrated correctly. Actually, the zodiac compatibility reading can provide guidance for just about any relationship. Only 12 came: the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Each of the twelve zodiac signs are said to have its own unique set of qualities, talents, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Although I think I rather enjoyed Neptune going direct and finding out what really exists and what doesn’t.
So many people don’t believe or disagree with astrology because they do not fit their sun sign description which half the time they have read in the news paper, when really they are simply reading the wrong sign! Pisces Rats are always willing to help their friends and will always be there if they are needed but don’t ever let it be said that these people are push over’s they can be quite bossy when they want to be! Something I have noticed is that Pisces Rats always offer very wise advice, and this stems from their own experience and suffering. But, although the Rabbit’s clothes may look plain and conservative you can rest assured they are made of the finest and most sumptuous fabric money can buy. These people love their home, it is perhaps the most important place to them and they don’t like leaving it too much, even for holidays.
The also love reading and watching films, but they always make sure they are lovely, romantic and certainly not in anyway connected to the horror genre.
What they need is a nice well run, quiet, loving home life, with a couple of well behaved children and well trained dog’s and perhaps a goldfish. Each sign and individuals born under it, are symbolized by one of twelve animals, and therefore are associated with characteristics of that every particular animal. For going to him, Buddha honored each by utilizing these to represent the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.
Click on the appropriate zodiac sign and read the descriptions to figure out more about you, your friends, family, and children. The problem is that Aquarius dogs are not really on this planet, they are creators of their own World and unfortunately that often means they opt out of the life and society we all know. In fact most Aquarius dogs you will find either single choosing to live alone or separated from their family. One of their problems is that they tend to see the best in everyone and then are always incredibly shocked when things go wrong and people let them down.
If they do go on a holiday you will have to make sure it is somewhere equally homely for this person to be able to relax.
So, I suppose if you are having trouble wooing one of these fearful bunnies you could always take them to see a horror film, that way they may have to jump into your lap and hide, just an idea!! This is something that is often a hard lesson for them which can take a long time to learn as Pisces rats do tend to keep going back to the people who let them down with some belief that things will change. Keeping a Rabbit healthy isn’t too much of an ordeal for although they always seem to have something wrong with them, they are willing to visit the Doctor.
You can scream at one of these creatures as much as you like, but the most common reaction is for the Bunny to hop away into the safety of his burrow, alone. If you are a friend of a Rabbit and you ever get in financial trouble the Rabbit will be sure to be the one to help you out. He will lend you however much you need and probably throw in some wise advice for you as well.

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