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You can always call a Gemini friend for a good time.Gemini people perform any task they take up responsibly and skilfully, especially when it relates to acting, sales and languages. Geminis and FriendshipIf someone is looking for a person to talk to, you’re the one they should come to. Setting Your PrioritiesBecause of your love of excitement and ability to focus on more than one thing at a time you sometimes find it difficult to complete projects before going onto new ones.
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Stability might not be at the top of your usual New Year’s resolution list, Gemini, but this year, you could surprise yourself. It’s also an excellent time to build your nest egg, seek new income sources or change career paths. July 5, 2013 by Nadia Gilchrist 2 Comments Advertisement: Live Astrology readings – Compatibility horoscopes and reports available NOW!External purpose matches internal needs in this relationship.
Get your customized astrological compatibility report for insight into how the planets play out in your relationships. About Nadia GilchristNadia Gilchrist offers 15 years of experience in Evolutionary and Traditional astrology.
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Such people are very attractive and highly intelligent and can provide a very interesting and insightful solution for any complex situation.
You also tend to have a hard time making decisions especially when it comes to relationships.
Gemini Monthly HoroscopeLike all people of the Zodiac, the Gemini Horoscope is driven from the location of the Geminiconstellation of superstars with respect to the world, moon, sun and other constellations at atime, the studies for which are gathered into a common horoscope for the yr. Instead of longing for windswept adventures and unexpected twists, you might actually start to crave the mundane. Since Jupiter rules long-distance travel, you might even relocate for work or find yourself telecommuting a couple days a week. On January 1, the new moon aligns with intense Pluto, ruler of the unconscious, in your eighth house of permanent bonding and soulful emotions. Stern Saturn is visiting Scorpio, your well-being and fitness house, from October 2012-September 2015, taking a brief exit from December 23 until next June. A healthy expression of Moon in Virgo’s energy will manifest as practical help for her partner, with whom she builds a relationship that continually evolves.
If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account. The planetary picture in February 2016 horoscope urges you to go slow, learn from your past mistakes and not get restless.The planets indicate February is a good time to trust your intuition and take better care of yourself. As tomorrow’s Gemini horoscope will show, you have a lively, exciting character that thrives on new experiences and freedom. While in strong relationship, they can simply drop it if something interesting comes their way.
You love to give people advice if they're in trouble or depressed, but you don't do well if people burden you with their problems too much as you can get quickly depressed and feel that your freedom is being impeded upon.
Getting a horoscope for today or tomorrow can help you know which projects to stick with and which people to hang on or commit to for greater prosperity and a healthier, more stable social life.Another thing astrology readings can help you watch out for is your tendency to misinterpret people as you may find that you tend to judge people by how they treat you rather than taking stock of their real qualities. Gemini is thenext constellation in the horoscope and is considered a masculine, positive and extrovertsign but most notably its a sign that represents versatility.
That’s because expansive Jupiter is halfway through a yearlong journey through Cancer, your second house of work, money, security and routines. Teaching, writing and publishing could become profitable paths, since they all fall under Jupiter’s domain. Your desires for love in 2014 could be stone cold serious—perhaps even culminating in a proposal as the calendar turns, or plans to move in together, get pregnant, or make some sort of life-entwining gesture. This tough-talking planet, which only visits this zone of your chart every 28 years, pushes you to get in the best shape of your lifetime. While his partner may appreciate his dedication to getting everything just right, it would be helpful if she had a more relaxed perspective than her highly-strung lover. The Shadow side of this Moon will emerge as relentless nagging (of her lover) or punishment (of herself). Moon in Virgo will feel she’s finally met someone who understands her fetish for lists and categories. This flightiness remains their biggest problem in maintaining any meaningful relation throughout their lives.They exhibit the tendency to withdraw rather than fight in a crisis. Coupled with your tendency to become moody and discouraged, this superficiality can cause problems in your relationships. The third house dominates theastrology between May 22 nd and June 20 th, the summer solstice.

Since Jupiter entered this zone of your chart on June 25, 2012, you’ve been discovering pleasure in the simpler side of life, or savoring the little things. While Jupiter is retrograde (backward) until March 7, focus on finishing work and projects you started last year.
Of course, romantic Venus will be retrograde (backward) in Capricorn until January 31, so you may also be ruminating about a past dalliance or processing the deeper feelings you never confronted from a former relationship. Lucky Jupiter spends the first half of 2014 in Cancer, your second house of work and money, where it multiplies your manifesting mojo until July 16.
Saturn is the astrological taskmaster, so wherever you’ve been slacking, you’ll feel it this year, especially while Saturn is retrograde from March 2-July 20. Sun in Virgo can forget about the big picture (and that includes making future plans) because he gets caught up in what’s wrong with the details. But if these partners don’t have other planets in more laid-back or detached signs, this relationship can quickly degenerate into a knot of worry and mutual recrimination. You typically think faster than a lot of people and tend to go in so many directions that a lot of people find it difficult to keep up with you. The process of rooting in and discovering what you value has been an interesting inner journey. A scintillatingly sexy ex or flame could resurface, since retrogrades can draw in people from the past. Aches, pains, bloating, whatever your gripe, Saturn helps you address it at the root cause. Decan 1 Gemini 2014 HoroscopeThe major influence this year is a difficult one, Neptune square your decan.
An understanding partner (with a broader viewpoint) would be ideal to pull him out of his anxiety-induced paralysis. Virgo will pick at Virgo, as only this sign knows how to do (with precision bordering on cruelty). However, because of your bright, friendly personality and intellectualism you make a wonderful friend.
You're highly adaptable but you have a tendency to be uptight when dealing with either extreme of boredom or over stimulation from having too many new experiences at the same time.
Jupiter is here until July 16, 2014, making the first half of your year a continued meditation on this very Zen-like “chop wood, carry water” theme.
The second house rules self-esteem, so this lovely transit grounds you in a strong sense of your values and worth. This cycle only comes around once every 12 years, so you’ll certainly want to make the most of it, applying for promotions or new jobs, increasing your skills to boost your earning power, charging what you’re truly worth.
However there is an extremely fortunate influence later in 2014 which you can use to successfully address any confusion caused by Neptune.
But with some contrasting energy to balance out the Virgo focus, these two will be each other’s strongest supporters.
Singles are also advised to slow down a bit and not get carried away in emotions or excitement. Jupiter has been in Cancer since June 25, 2013, so you could already be feeling solid effects from it. This challenging Neptune transit can be hard to come to terms with initially, because it slowly starts to feel like you are losing your way, or at least starting to question what it really is that you want out of life.This dissolving of the structures in your life, and your sense of self, is best handled by calling on your faith and sticking to basic truths and morals.
However, married folks may not get many tender moments.If you are a business- person, take advantage of the 3rd week’s stars to strike a big deal.
Your financial state will bestable also however for the love connection, you need to realize that when she is the trulypartner, she or he will not proceed from you.You need to say no sometimes, but Saturn in Gemini horoscope 2013 makes you thinkbefore you do, as restricting yourself at just the wrong moment can the one thing that maygetyou into trouble. The January 15 Cancer full moon could bring the big payout you’ve been working toward since last summer. It requires some sacrifice, such as toning down your ego or placing less importance on material or financial crutches.
Career professionals may also be able to come across a new job opportunity, if they have been looking. Criticism in general must be kept at a minimum, even (particularly) if youbelieve nobody may come back to haunt you. Jupiter makes you a bit of a gambler, so while you might be earning more, you could also have to spend more.
Businessmen and professionals may need to increase contacts with worthy customers and keep communication channels open to optimize opportunities. Just because you get a plum raise or a big-fish client, doesn’t mean you have to go on a champagne-and-caviar rampage and burn through your cashflow.
Holding on to anything artificial, or that is not the real you, may cause painful situations.You can seek support and grow as an individual by travelling the spiritual path.
Loki, the Norse mythological trickster figure, is additionally often associated withGemini. You’ll have to focus your attention on money matters (legacies, trusts, loans or fund-raising).
Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini Horoscope is known to provide theattributes of the Roman God Mercury which are intelligence, cleverness, awakening andlarge education.

This is because under this Neptune influence, you are prone to over-idealization of others.
Types ofGemini horoscopes can be lined out working with specific areas of life which contains thelove horoscope, the personality horoscope, the career horoscope, compatibility readings, acommon annual horoscope and also a daily horoscope.
According to the Vedic Astrology indications, Malefic Ketu may lead to some discontent in the family. This month, if you can bring yourself to turn a little of your nurturing nature inwards and take care of you.
From mid July to the end of August 2014, you can get on top of any insecurities or treacherous individual thanks to one of the most fortunate astrological influences. With regards to health, February 2016 horoscope for Cancer cautions that those with respiratory concerns should get themselves treated promptly to save complications.
If there is something important you wish to achieve this year, then plan to do it in this six-week period. The conditions in your life are rapidly changing, new people, new opportunities, new discoveries. At work you may be offered a new position which leads to a jump up the ladder, or at least a welcome change. Health and vitality should be high, enabling you to take full advantage of this very lucky transit. During this growth phase, Jupiter is trine Uranus, to ensure the lucky breaks come thick and fast, including financial windfalls. Air travel, spiritual insights, and chance encounters are all real possibilities.The October 8 lunar eclipse makes the fruitful sextile aspect to your decan, and will remain in effect till April 2015.
The first two eclipses are lunar eclipses, which will have a positive influence on your intimate relationships, and your home and family life. The trine from this solar eclipse will boost your self-confidence and bring out your leadership qualities.
You will make a good impression on superiors and can expect support from them, and men in general, because of your positive attitude and initiative.Things get even better from late October 2014 to mid January 2015. The combination of this lucky transit with the solar eclipse phase is an excellent omen for success with your goals. This is a good time to clean out clutter at home, move, or spend time with family.In fact, May 6th sees a new moon in this same closure sector, possibly heralding the end of a chapter of your life. This moon will conjunct Mercury (your ruler) and Venus, trine Jupiter and the True Node in your home sector, as well as Pluto in your shared finances zone, and sextile Neptune in your career house!
In fact May 7, May 8, May 9, May 10th, May 12th, May 13, and May 15th all see the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your closure zone making various happy aspects to Neptune, Pluto, and the True Node, as well as each other, making for a wonderful first few weeks of May, with nary a negative major aspect in sight!
What a nice change, right?One day to keep a special eye on is May 9th– when the Sun conjuncts your ruler, Mercury, in your closure sector and the pair reach out happily to the True Node in your home zone. The same day sees Venus in the same closure sector blow a kiss to Neptune in your career house.
This is because there is a second full moon in Sagittarius on this day, making the May 21st moon a blue moon! The two moons occur at very different degrees- The May 21st moon will be at 1 degree Sagittarius, while the June 20th moon will be at 29 degrees Sagittarius.
With surprising Uranus conjunct the new moon, it seems this could come out of nowhere, and with stable Saturn supportive in your partnership sector, you may decide to embark on this project with a spouse or business partner.Look to earlier in the week, April 5th, for news, when the Sun in your goals sector smooches Saturn in your partnership zone. Another good day is April 9th, when the Sun exactly conjuncts Uranus.Unfortunately, Pluto will square the moon from your shared finances house, suggesting that whatever comes up could prove expensive or interfere with existing plans. This will likely occur on April 6th, when the Sun exactly angers Pluto.A great day to address long-term projects or throw a party is on April 12th, when Venus in your friendship and goals sector smiles happily at Mars in your partnership zone. It’s possible you make strides on a housing or renovation project today, or hear good news about a family member.
Since Mercury is your ruler, I especially love this day for you!Mercury in your closure sector goes on to make a positive connection to Pluto in your shared finances zone on April 17th. It seems you or a family member could come into some extra money today.Interestingly, April 17th also sees two heavy hitting planets, Mars and Pluto, go retrograde in your partnership and finance sectors, respectively. Information could arise at this time that makes you reconsider a personal relationship, investment or loan. Mars will go direct on June 29th, and Pluto will go direct on September 26th.April 18th and 19th could bring mixed news, as Venus pings Saturn in your partnership zone but angers Pluto in your financial sector.
If you’ve been applying for a new job or promotion, you may hear good news at this time! Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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