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In this workshop you will receive meditative techniques and energetic enhancements to propel your imaginal acts to higher levels of manifestation. Rosey Heart Meditation- Powerful Heart Activation that is not in the ebook and will only be shared in class. Please note that this course will be held on Sunday Nights at 8pm eastern and you must have a pink candle for class time and a rose quartz.
I’ve written about mundane astrology before, on subjects like Bitcoin and Godzilla, and have shown how companies and concepts have birth charts and transits that affect them just as much as human beings. Say what you will about Saturn transits, but sometimes they tear away the structures you no longer need in your life… and sometimes they are a thick slice of karma wrapped around a brick and thrown into your life. CLICK HERE to join the Oh My Stars Facebook Fan Page, and get exclusive content, an additional discount on a reading, more material on blog entries, AND ANOTHER free e-book!
Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts. Saturn square Neptune has been that nagging transit lurking the shadows of your life since last November, and it's going to be a factor until nearly the end of this year, with the next peak hitting in June.
I wrote about Prince yesterday, and like many of you I was saddened and surprised by his death. As a devoted animal print lover and business woman, I've designed my own bag and accessory collection since 2011, whereof animal prints are always to be found in my collection.

You will also receive many current examples through real life stories of how the laws of imagining actually work, and how many people have become champions and successful people using these techniques. Learn the cosmic forces that shape our perception about one of the most misunderstood forces. Regardless of how you feel about anyone’s aspect in this situation, this dramatic happening to an organisation is going to be backed by some astrology. One could make a case for this indicating a combination of romantic drama plus electronically fueled delusion, but it is not my purpose here to comment on the site’s personality. The blog entry itself was pretty light on astrological detail because of that, but if you want to have a look at it, here it is.
In this workshop you will learn the sacred art of visualization and how this is an ancient tool practiced and mastered by a group of wise men called The Sons of the Prophets. You will explore another hidden mystery in the bible where you must learn the cosmic forces before you engage in Love. Furthermore: men (well people, but the vast majority of them were men) could only have their profiles and data completely deleted from the system if they paid an additional charge. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike, and when it does there are always transits to explain it. In the early morning hours of July 12, 2015 when the hack occurred, Venus and Jupiter were both closely conjunct that Saturn, and transiting Saturn was at 28 Scorpio, close to the exact square.

We will take a detailed look at the function of imagining seeing its direct parallel with the art of photography, and learn to apply these principles into your own consciousness. That Saturn transit is still in orb… and as the days go one more revelations surface about the site, some well-known people using it (notable former paragon of virtue Josh Duggar), and of course the threat of lawsuits aplenty loom large ahead. You will learn how to create subjective imagery on the mental film set of your mind, in order to create external events and circumstances that will appear in the objective world. You will learn how to become the Director, Author, Producer, and Actor of your own screenplay using the cinema of the Universal Mind. Once these processes have been mastered there is no limit on what you can produce in your life. From happiness, to strong relationships, health, prosperity, and connection to the Divine Source of creation, this workshop will give you the tools to become your own Guru.

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