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After several small roles in the early 1990s, Jim Caviezel wowed audiences and critics as the contemplative (and AWOL) Private Witt in 1998's The Thin Red Line (starring Nick Nolte and Sean Penn). Extra credit: Caviezel was struck by lightning during the filming of The Passion of the Christ, but was reportedly unharmed. Discover the main astrological trends in your life over the next year (transits and progressions).
Learn about the daily astrological weather triggering your daily life events and states of mind. Understand the astrological potential of moving to different geographical places for personal or business success. After his 1987 success in the wacky Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, Keanu Reeves was pegged by most as a surfer dude.
Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) is the newly elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Born in Marktl am Inn , in Bavaria, Germany, Ratzinger entered a preparatory seminary in 1939. Ratzinger was a professor at the University of Bonn from 1959 until 1963, when he moved to the University of Muenster. At the Second Vatican Council (1962 – 1965), Ratzinger served as a peritus or chief theological expert, to Cardinal Joseph Frings of Cologne, Germany. In 1972, he founded the theological journal Communio with Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac and others.

On November 25, 1981 Pope John Paul II named Ratzinger prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Holy Office or the Inquisition. On September 30, 2003, Ratzinger's statement, "We should pray for the pope", was published by the German weekly Bunte , and subsequently, the quote made headlines worldwide, raising questions about the pope's health. Keywords for the engines scripts - university of houston, Keywords for the engines of our ingenuity if you use netscape or microsoft internet explorer, pull down the edit menu and use the find function to search this file.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. An earnest actor famous for his "soulful" eyes, Caviezel went on to earn leading roles in films such as Frequency (2000, co-starring Dennis Quaid), Angel Eyes (2001, with Jennifer Lopez) and The Count of Monte Cristo (2002, based on the classic by Alexandre Dumas). He managed to fight his way into mainstream roles, breaking through as a leading man in the blockbuster Speed (1994, with Sandra Bullock).
In 1981 Cardinal Ratzinger was appointed prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by Pope John Paul II, made a Cardinal Bishop of the see of Velletri-Segni in 1993, and was elected Dean of the College of Cardinals in 2002, becoming titular bishop of Ostia. In 1943, at the age of 16 he was, along with the rest of his class, drafted into the Flak or anti-aircraft corps.
In 1966, he took a chair in dogmatic theology at the University of Tubingen, where he was a colleague of Hans Kung. Communio, now published in German, English, and Spanish editions, has become one of the most important journals of Catholic thought. He resigned the Munich archdiocese in early 1982, became cardinal-bishop of Velletri-Segni in 1993, vice-dean of the College of Cardinals in 1998, and was elected Dean in 2002.

The most lightweight of them are Baby Ace (sized at 16,148) and VB EDITOR (sized at 359,121), while the largest one is inFlow Inventory with 1,253,823,906 bytes. He fortified his reputation as a hunky hero in movies like The Matrix series (1999-2003, with Laurence Fishburne) and The Replacements (2000).
In March 1977 Ratzinger was named archbishop of Munich and Freising and in the consistory that June was named a Cardinal by Pope Paul VI. In office, Ratzinger usually takes very conservative views on topics like birth control, inter-religious dialog , and ecumenism.
Critics love to harsh on his acting ability, pointing to such films as Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula (1992) and Chain Reaction (1996, with Morgan Freeman), but he remains a big draw at the box office.
His other films include Johnny Mnemonic (1995, from a story by William Gibson), Devil's Advocate (1997, opposite Al Pacino and The Gift (2000, starring Cate Blanchett).
His dissertation (1953) was on Saint Augustine, his Habilitationsschrift (second dissertation) on Saint Bonaventure.

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