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You don’t actually have to interpret each individual aspect, nor are these considered “negative”. Neptune – You need to explore your dreams, your spirituality, and your creative side. You only consider the “hard” ones because they have the most energy, therefore the most impact. The exchange of ideas is important for you, and you feel better when you have open lines of communication with others.

You can be a fighter and somewhat combative, so you need to channel it productively through work, healthy competition, exercise, or fighting for others. Dreams can inspire you, your spirituality can make you strong, and your creativity can provide an escape. The weaker and more helpless you feel you are, the worse you feel about yourself and your life.
Once you’ve figured that out, you can dedicate yourself to achieving your goal, and feel better about yourself when you do.

Be honest about the person you present yourself to be, and don’t be afraid of being who you are with others. Therefore planets in antiscia can provide insight into the energy of the day, as well as help to enrich your natal and dynamic chart delineations.

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