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Buy gemstone, rudraksh, yantra, astrology software, poster, mala, coin, idol and other religious & astrology items online at best price from AstroSage Astrology Store. Emerald (Panna) the green colored gem is the gem stone of Gemini, the flirtatious and airy sign of the Zodiac. Hanuman Yantra is used to appease Lord Hanuman and to ward off the evil effect of a malefic Mars in ones Horoscope. Rudraksha beads can cure diseases and correct negative planetary effects in one’s horoscope. Rudraksha beads can cure diseases and correct negative planetary effects in one's horoscope.
Rudraksha beads can cure negative planetary effects in a horoscope and create a positive environment for success . Rudraksha Mala or rosary is a solution to all your concerns, personal, professional financial and health.
A kamal Gatta mala is used to appease Goddess Lakshmi , the Hindu deity of Wealth and abundance . Anantmool, also known as Hemidesmus is associated with the planet Mars.The planet Mars or Mangal signifies the Physical strength, independence, determination, ambition and passion of the individual. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. FACT: Birthdays should last at least a month, therefore it makes sense that a birthday gift should be long-lasting as well. Forget that Aries coffee mug with a ram-caricature that will get pushed to the back of the cupboard.

This design features the Astrological symbol of Aries at the top and bottom, and the symbol for Mars in the middle. The pattern and instructions will be emailed to you in PDF format once payment has cleared. Vastu Store is a hub of various products in relation to Astrology, Fengshui, Pyramid, Crystals, Gems, Reiki products, Rudraksh and rare items of Astrology. Today Vastu Store has made it's presence felt in this field in providing consultation regarding remedies of Vastudosh problems. We are serving the customers with genuine products of Vastu as it has developed a big market in this field. This Cancer cross stitch kit includes everything you need to create your own awesome bookmark! Forget that Cancer coffee mug with a crab-caricature that will get pushed to the back of the cupboard.
This design features the Astrological symbol of Cancer at the top and bottom, and the symbol for the Moon in the middle. All packed in a black glossy bag with rope handles - perfect for carrying your work around! The yarn used in all my kits is from the Australian Tapestry Workshop - it is very high quality yarn which is not prone to pilling or fluffing, and is moth proofed as part of the dyeing process.
Please ensure you read my Policies page before ordering, and contact me if you have any questions! Astrological SkullThe Astrological Skull is engraved with star, sun and moon motifs and a diagram with the signs of zodiac, with their decans and ruling planets. AstroSage Astrology Store is the top seller of original quality astrology and religious products.

Rudraksha is a divine bead provided by the Supreme Power “Lord Shiva” created by his tears.
Mercury signifies the power of intelligence, speech, language, expression and quick thinking. Hate to break it to you fence-sitters, but there isn’t such a thing; it all depends on the year you were born! Please note you will require Adobe Reader in order to view and print the file, which is available for free from the Adobe website. Browse through the list of products available in our store and we assure that you will get best quality products at most cost effective price.
Tulsi is said to possess remarkable physical and spiritual healing powers .Tulsi Japa mala is used for worshipping Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and especially Lord Vishnu.
The positive traits of Ketu are - bringing prosperity, health, wealth, protects you from all kinds of toxins like snake bites etc.
If you are unsure which sign suits, please e-mail the birth date and we’ll work it out for you.
Please note that the image given adjacent to each product is just indicative and is not an image of the actual product. Order astrology, religious, spiritual, vastu, and feng-shui product and we assure you easy, secure and hassle-free purchase process.
We have credit card, debit card, net banking, cash card, and bank transfer as payment methods available.

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