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For brief samples that show you how planet energy lines can affect us in specific locations, please see the Aquarian Airlines blog posts about locational astrology. Basic Astrology Readings, of your birth chart and planet transits, concentrate mainly on  timing by tracking planet movements in real time as they form relationships with planet positions in your birth chart. A couple from a city with a famous cathedral moves one step closer to their dream retirement plan.
A man with his own unique style meets someone that is ultra-conservative, and it’s a match made in heaven. The summer holidays here in Australia, are when thoughts turn to the beach, the cricket and…DIY. It takes a couple of hours (depending on how heavy your transit year is) and gives you a pictorial representation of what’s going on. I divide the month into 3rds- for no reason other than I can’t be faffed dividing it further. I’ve found that most of the “action” (if you can call it that) tends to occur at the degree or 1 either side- although Saturn transits, in my experience, can have long tails. I take note also of the “terms” that the progressed Moon is in, as it adds an additional layer of info. I tend not to worry about all of them- these days I do enough to get an idea of any repetitive themes.
Yes, I pin the chart on the cupboard door, but most of the time, I put it to the back of my mind and simply observe as things happen, or if things happen.
As Saturn is in my first house and rules the 11th, all Saturn transits for me will, in some way, relate to the first and have an outcome in the 11th. As Saturn transits are always about getting real and doing some metaphorical mountain climbing, I’ve challenged myself to climb a real one- in NZ in February.
In the background, Neptune is active, so my capacity to think logically will be more compromised than it usually is.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Need a Reading?I no longer do personal readings, but check out the Links list below- these are all astrologers I love. CommentsI love to hear from you, but sadly I hear from more spambots than real live humans. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
There are 3 more planets which astrologers normally do not depend upon for horoscope analysis, however if taken into consideration, it may help us with accurate analysis.
There are many astrologers who prescribe gemstones as a part of remedial measure to please or propitiate a planet. Ascendant is the rising sign at the time of birth which indicates your physique and the thought process which again is directly related to your brain. Astrology readings are recorded and sent to you as an mp3 file, along with the charts I have used.
To see whether my approach to astrology resonates with you, have a listen to the example reading below. Subscribe for free to recieve my ebook Astrology 101 and new astrology insights in your inbox every weekPlus get special discounts and freebies offered only to subscribers I will never share or sell your email address. Faith’s readings have given me great insights into my personality and helped me better understand my relationships. After having my first astrology reading by Faith I came for second one and I wish I can come more and more, especially when facing some big decisions. You truly have a fine gift at this Ms Faith - though don't hold back when you interpret some of the rougher chart navigation. Learn to read your own chart with my free Astrology 101 ebook and get weekly astro updates to boot! An astrocartography reading takes an hour and 15 minutes, and we record about one hour of our session onto an mp3 file that I send you along with your maps folder, birth chart and a Key to the Planets piece that explains planet symbols, zodiac signs and the houses of your chart. While this kind of reading almost always has its predictive side, it mainly emphasizes spiritual questions of the spiritual life mission and soul contracts we have come here to fulfill. I need the same information listed above for an astrocartography reading, except for locations, and you get all the items that are listed for a locational astrology reading, except the maps folder. 18+ We may send you free promo msgs, to optout call Helpline: 0207 111 6210 18+ Entertainment only. I used to worry about individual scary sounding transits, reading all the possible (mostly negative) interpretations. It was a big year- the nature of these transits and the congestion of planets in Pisces meant that it was a busy 3-4 years- and I was exhausted by both the plotting and the worry of what would happen.

I tend to only go as far out as Saturn transits, but include a rough look at Jupiter as well. The concentration of colour on your spread-sheet will give you a good idea of what’s going on and where there are overlaps.
I grab my Moon calendar from the current issue of Wellbeing Astrology (the 2013 one is in the pic below) and mark up any close transits being made by the New or Full Moon.
I eyeball the retrograde dates and station points to see if any are occurring at key parts of my chart. I used to worry- especially that year when I had so many transits- but these days I try more to dwell on what the possible positive outcomes could be, and what I can do to help the transit along. Most of the aspects (this time) are by trine, but that won’t make the year easy- it simply means that things will occur (good or bad) with fewer obstacles. Unless credit is given elsewhere, the copyright on this site is mine, so please give any credit where it is due. They are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are known as Harshal, Varun and Kuber accordingly in Indian astrology. Zodiac signs and the placement of the planets in their corresponding zodiacs at the time of birth of the natal (it involves other factors as well) determines the results of the analysis of a natal’s horoscope. However, before deep diving into it, we need to know the logical reason behind wearing a gemstone. The Lunar sign which is used by most of the Indian astrologers to analyze the current transits of the planet is the zodiac sign in which the moon is placed at the time of birth. There are many such remedies which may or may not involve gems like rudraksh therapy, religious remedies pertaining to every religion etc. Did you know you can subscribe to Insight Astrology for free, get weekly insights in your inbox and receive a free introductory ebook? Follow up questions are welcome and I enjoy the dialogue that emerges after the initial reading is complete. I trust you understand the time and energy involved in doing a reading and will give according to your means. The experience was at once revealing and confirming, and left us both with a sense of wonder and gratitude for Faith’s deep knowledge and precise reading.
You made me feel it was okay to want the things I want and to be who I am, and although since I had my reading I’ve had a rough time with all this change, I’ve been holding on to the things you told me and taking strength from that.
I found the way she explained the more complicated parts of astrology very clear and I love the way she uses analogies to make concepts come alive. Their cup is filled to the brim, and more is coming all the time – there’s no end to it!
I was in the middle of a series of Pluto squares, Uranus conjunctions and Saturn oppositions, and boy was it multi-coloured! Quite often you see a pattern forming, and very often it reflects the areas that you are most concerned about. I take note of any falling in date ranges that have heaps of colour…these will act as trigger points.
However, we notice that many astrologers go wrong in their predictions , consequently people lose faith in this subject. The reason they may not be considered is due to their distant relativity with our planet mother Earth, which means that their influence is considerably feeble when compared to other planets. We wear a gemstone or combination of gemstones to strengthen a particular planet or planets which suit our physical and mental faculties and requirements. It indicates mental faculties which correspondingly deciphers the natal’s negative or positive psyche. Click here for full info.Having gained so much through my own journey with astrology, I love helping others tap its empowering depths. As this is a personalised astrology reading it takes time to analyse your charts, however your reading will always be completed within two weeks of payment.
At checkout please share any specific areas you’d like me to focus on and any issues that are causing difficulty. We both highly recommend a session, with or without your partner, and whatever stage in life you are at! My reading not only helped bring new things to light, but also brought about a better awareness and understanding of other things I had recognized and acknowledged in my life.
They are so interested in and so knowledgeable about so many things, and trying constantly to improve things and their own lives, that there really is only one way to go: onward and upward!
On the opposite end of the scale, many of the automated transit readings give an orb of influence that is out of the range of most peoples experience.
It’s more about me attempting to work with the transits and maximise my good day ratio.

I’ll schedule my non fiction creative bursts for outside the times when Neptune is at natal Mercury, and instead work on fiction projects during that period.
This can be only ascertained by a very close analysis of a natal’s horoscope, not just by the zodiac sign into which natal(person whom the horoscope belongs to) is born be it ascendant,solar or lunar sign.
The Solar sign is the sign where the sun is placed at the time of birth which indicates the natal’s moral tenets. The colors of these gemstones are directly related to the aura in our body which consists of various required(benefic) & unrequired(malefic) colors. Combining psychological and evolutionary approaches, I place a big emphasis on personal growth and mindfulness in all my astrology readings, with lots of practical tips on how to work with difficult aspect patterns and transits. Then comes the choice of metals which suit the gem as well as the individual to whom the solution is prescribed to. You also need to include your date, time and place of birth, as well as your current place of residence if your reading includes a solar return analysis.
Many astrologers put the logic at the back burner and start predicting on natal’s horoscope using the theoretical knowledge from texts related to astrology.
These planets are all in Mutable signs, which represent the times of year when the seasons become unstable. I don’t doubt the intentions of the astrologers who prescribe gemstones pertaining to malefic planets to please or propitiate them thinking that it would benefit the natal.
Expect legislation and bureaucratic measures to be put into place in an effort to manage this. What does this mean for you personally? It can bring disillusionment, disenchantment with material goals, cynicism, disintegration, stress and a difficult daily grind.
Mars retrogrades April 16th-June 30th, but its influence extends from mid-February well into August.
The eclipses also fall in Mutable Signs Virgo and Pisces this year, to speed everything along!
While not a blood moon, this is the last eclipse in that series which started in autumn 2013, closing a major chapter in your life. While neither eclipse is total, both activate the Mutable T-Cross between Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter-Mars and Chiron and the challenges that this brings. They highlight a need to move with the times, manage disappointments and adjust to a rapidly changing world.
This eclipse is a gradual introduction to new ideas and it's the first in a series that will take you all the way into 2019, beyond the current period of transition. If you feel yourself drifting then discipline, discrimination and strategy can help you to purify your life of useless clutter. This aspect signifies big money and huge energy poured into technology, health, productivity, government and administration. Personally, it can give you the determination, energy and stamina to get a big project off the ground! January and June see Jupiter conjunct North Node too, a highly auspicious aspect.
This will urge you to reconsider your attitudes to money, resources, your body and other substantial and mundane aspects of your life throughout 2016. Your Mercury retrograde months are January 5-25 (Aquarius-Capricorn), April 28-May 22 (Taurus), August 30-September 22 (Virgo) and December 19-January 8 2017 (Capricorn).
This is a welcome breather for Librans (who have had a bit of a rough deal of late), as well as Geminis and Aquarians. This indicates frustrations with implementing visionary changes and establishing innovative structures over the course of the year, even if those seemed promising as the year began. To discuss things with one of our world class astrologers just call 0207 111 6384! Aries2016 is a highly instructive year, forcing you out of your comfort zone and into new territory! It's not only your partner but also your career, home and family all in the melting pot!
Expect a career breakthrough by year’s end! Leo2016 is a crash course on love and happiness, when you have no choice but to follow your heart!
Your happiness quota increases exponentially towards year's end! Virgo2016 is a seminal year for you! You are singled out for amazing luck amid equal challenges stemming from your home and family. Sort out any paperwork in the first 8 months and save your energies for autumn when you can finally begin a new and exciting life chapter! Scorpio2016 finds you developing new talents and fleshing out the brand new identity you’ve been building over the past couple of years! By year’s end, the way clears for your dreams to take off! Pisces2016 finds you ready to take on great responsibilities!

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