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Based on how Eric does this kind of detailed astrology, we recommend that you check out the reading for your rising sign and your Moon sign in addition to your Sun sign. Eric’s annual editions (a sixteen-year tradition!) have become some of the best-loved astrology readings we offer, and they happen to be my personal favorite. Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty.
Gentle, transitional: Yes, as a master recently reminded me Tai Ji can take decades to free a practitioner.
Pisces-health-emotions- yes I did figure this out, mostly by instruction from Asian health practitioners. You will learn what is the specific spiritual lesson that you are attracting to you over and over again.
You will learn where you need to focus your energies on in order to activate the evolutionary path that is unique to you.
You will also learn where you are vulnerable to the conditioning of others – where you unconsciously leave your centre. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is a Hybrid north node eclipse (some parts annular and some parts total)  that point to a destiny or evolution pushing forward.  The key with eclipses is with the nodal axis and the closer the eclipse to the nodal axis, the more prominent the eclipse will be with lasting effects, here you can expect this eclipse to carry through the next 6 months to a year.
Scorpio, ruled by Pluto has built in power with a sense of entitlement as well as empowerment. Pluto rules over fears and Saturn control giving an opportunity to let go of fear and trusting what you can’t control.   The story of the Scorpion and the Frog speak the Scorpio story in that we can’t change our stripes and we rarely change our character or nature despite outward appearances. The buck stops at Pluto, who rules the day with the last words as Pluto dominates the room being the slowest moving planet pushing the overall agenda.  Pluto, the ruler of the Scorpio eclipse, in hard aspect with Uranus just reached another exact square pushing  Uranus Pluto agenda into a climax with more elevated and intense, obsessive activity, Uranus protests around fracking, the LA airport shooting, another earthquake in Japan near the Fukushima site, exposed government (Saturn) scandal with tax payers money (Scorpio), bullying and more sexual abuse and harassment cases. Scorpio naturally rules over therapy and hypnotic trance that penetrates to the depths unraveling anything festering and remembering anything forgotten, opening Pandora’s box. With Mercury in Scorpio as part of the stellium, we have an open channel for telepathy and communication through thought forms as an xray type of communication that can pick up thoughts without the need to speak them.  Telepathy is said to be the next wave of communication in our future where we already feel the hidden subliminal messages influence of mind control through suggestive programming reaching masses through media-think herd mentality and Hitler.
Mercury Scorpio in retrograde points to a significant stall and poor timing launching Obamacare’s website during the retrograde cycle shadow period as starting any major endeavor during Mercury retrograde proves to be daunting.  During a Solar Eclipse the wheels are in motion and plans in place to get started on a major new road however making that official first step shouldn’t happen until Mercury leaves its shadow end of November. Mercury makes many beneficial movements during this cycle that prove very healing and detoxifying whether physically, emotionally or mentally.
For those who fail to heed Saturn’s call, misery loves company with Saturn grounding  a heavy weight forcing a gravitational pull to keep your feet on the ground with a sense of reality and limits that cast a gloomy shadow and a coldness, deep sorrow and bitterness under a heavy dark cloud sucking the joy out of any effervescence carrying the burden of regret and living with the consequences of your actions. Saturn reminds us of life’s limits and in Scorpio life and death matters become more top of mind with many looking at their bucket list more seriously whether to take that trip, hike that mountain or paint that picture or to simply be doing those things that won’t leave you with regrets, finally doing some of those things put off due to “life” and taking the time to really do what is true to your soul. A YOD pattern of the eclipse to Mars and Uranus presents a readjustment and realignment with Mars in Virgo in a purification process muddling through, sorting, adjusting misaligned energy patterns.
Uranus is out of the loop and out on a limb in this YOD pattern without a supporting structure making it a more unpredictable influence setting the tone for rebellion and adrenaline junkies galore.
As we leave the Scorpio Taurus eclipse season, the fall out of the eclipses is on the Taurus south node  showing the pull to the past and repercussions to Taurus issues such as the neck, throat, thyroid, greed, stagnation, stubbornness, comfort, jealousy, laziness, self worth and self esteem.   Health issues that have focus and attention during the eclipse are the reproductive, elimination organs (Pluto –Scorpio), teeth, skin, bones (Saturn) and all things to do with the heart being a Solar Eclipse, the heart ruled by the Sun.
The Full Moon in Virgo comes annually at the time when cabin fever begins to release to sightings of life as the days get longer and brighter where we start scraping ourselves off the couch and get moving, organizing, sorting, preparing lists and shedding our winter fat.  The Virgo Full Moon pulls the stops on Pisces going out on limb, sussing out any addictions, fraud, secrets and escapism. Virgo’s discrimination, details and discernment helps to set things straight and compartmentalize the fragments and confusion of Pisces methods of madness.  A Virgo virtue to get down and dirty to the nitty gritty scrubbing all those neglected places left unattended and time for a major needed cleaning overhaul in all the nasty unseen corners of  our stored, accumulated messes to give clear, concise clarity-the keyword being improvement. The Full Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron and creates a tight tsquare with Jupiter as Jupiter continues to be a thorn in our side where Jupiter in Gemini, in its detriment, takes us to Jupiter places that aren’t so Jupiter filled with the goodies we wished for.  With Jupiter in stress in detriment we see more of the obnoxious side of Jupiter Gemini appear with overdoing, pushing limits, loud, boisterous excess, gaining weight and overreaction as well as issues with hips, arms, lungs, siblings persisting. The Full Moon further builds into a diamond formation with Jupiter at the apex so more over the top stepping over the edge.
The State of the Union came strong during the talent triangle with Mercury Mars Pisces, Saturn Scorpio and Pluto Capricorn. Pisces focus of activity around water, oceans, boats, the sea, fish, drowning, piracy, drugs, spills, suicide and mental illness has been very apparent the last week. We saw several repercussions following the New Moon (Moon Wobble) with all the crisis as predicted with the storms, shocks, unusual surprises, aggressions as Mars Mercury stressed Jupiter and the New Moon stressed the nodal axis and Uranus with the violent tornadoes, snow storms, man hunt, the tragic murder investigation surrounding the Olympic sprinter, the sudden resignation of the Pope, the meteor hit with the fly by asteroid and the suicide of Mindy McCready. The man hunt of Christopher Dorner and the Police whistle blowing (Jupiter) gone very wrong shows in  Christopher Dorner’s chart with significant stress around Mars (aggression) and Pluto (betrayal and rage).
There are also lots of oppositions with his Sun Mercury oppose Neptune and Mars oppose Uranus which are touchy aspects both being stressed by transits from Saturn and Jupiter. Ironically Christopher was born during a Moon Wobble (Sun square Nodes) exact as was the Moon Wobble with recent New Moon. This is a very significant Full Moon (Supermoon) in Capricorn also called the Honeymoon gracing the start of the summer heightened by closely following the Summer Solstice.
The grand trine in water has a subtle flow, slowing the pace getting us in touch with an inner prompting and voice that can only be heard if we have it quiet and still enough to hear the faint soft messages whispered in the silence.
The Capricorn Moon forms a kite to the growing grand trine in this lunation cycle giving us a springboard to help set us off into flight to dive into the deep pool to find the hidden treasures. The Capricorn Moon fills the Uranus Pluto square adding to the depth and intensity and the emotional openness and readiness for innovation and something different. Lilith also joins this Full Moon which has been traveling close to Jupiter the last few weeks.

The Sun just moving past the conjoin to Jupiter leaves us riding the tail of Jupiter’s last run through Gemini with information leaks, legal issues and cases regarding freedom of expression and confounding legal processes. Amanda Knox case is being addressed once again.  Amanda is a Cancer with a challenging Cancer stellium oppose Neptune. Secrets were revealed upon the Gemini New Moon.  Information leaks as well as other leaks (water trine) (secrets-Neptune).
Suitably, the movie “This is the End” is the film of the times and gives a new twist on any who take life too seriously and can appreciate going out with a bang.
The element Air is lacking in the next while which features the attention of Aquarius that is open minded and respects differences and diversity allowing a live and let live attitude to chill out with some relief from being lost in a vat of feelings.
Mercury Cancer turned direct on July 20th.  In its station and turn around it has a bit of a twirl in the turnstyle so communications may still get into some blunders with some emotional (Cancer) knee jerk reactions with knickers in a knot making mountains out of molehills. With Mars just moved to join Jupiter, anger (Mars) is growing (Jupiter) with a callout against a glowing injustice in a legal system seen as broken and biased.
George Zimmerman has a talent triangle including Saturn (1st Saturn return) triggered by the current grand trine (Jupiter Saturn Neptune) where he can count his lucky stars he was released from the murder charge or as some will say, he got away with murder.
His Sun in Libra is under the attack from transit Uranus Pluto showing the crisis around his life at this time.  Transit Pluto square Sun showed his stalking behavior that became obsessive and Uranus oppose his Sun his rebellious need to act alone (Aries). Mercury in Virgo is square natal Neptune showing the confounding confusion around the incident and his lack of voice during the trial. With Mars moving into the dreaded tsquare with Uranus Pluto the next couple of weeks,  it’s time to pick your battles (Mars) wisely (Saturn). I took advantage and started some major fixing up and some muscle action (Mars) polishing my copper collection (metal-Mars). The weather is usually very unpredictable during Eclipse season though sure to show storms with difficult challenging aspects as seen in the inclement weather (for many no spring) and the critical incidents last week during the Quarter Moon with the stressful Mars aspects. Mars Saturn in fixed signs is a frustrating, stubborn, seething build up of pressure as Saturn puts up walls and stops any forward motion of Mars. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is a partial (penumbral) eclipse preceding a total Solar Eclipse in Taurus in May. The bombs in Boston and the explosion in Waco occurred as the Sun and Mars Aries were building to (Cazimi), the conjunction semisquare Chiron and Jupiter adding to the wounding and the extremely challenging circumstances.  Fertilizer is earth, the issue indicative of the south node in Taurus (earth)-the south node being the fallout point in eclipses. This Sun Mars cycle is a true Mars return in its own sign and with the Sun exalted in Aries, this conjunction will have lasting effects. The US chart is telling as natal Mercury in Cancer is in a tsquare  with Pluto  at 27 degrees Capricorn and Chiron Aries which the Sun Mars conjunction activated, a very sensitive trigger point. Most companies outsource to cut costs but the banks (Canadian) recently announced record breaking profits (billions) so there you see the ugly side of greed which is indicative of the south node in Taurus-the lowest common denominator that Taurus in its dark corner will resort to in the name of security and Scorpio, the manipulative measures to keep power and dominance and some type of competitive edge. The recent passing of Margaret Thatcher brought up much emotional contagion surfacing discord around a time of upheaval that created much havoc during her leadership.
Her long life is attributed to her chart ruler, Pluto in the 8th house in good aspect to Saturn over her ASC.
Our own Canadian song star, Rita MacNeil and her notorious famous voice passed suddenly.  Her Mercury in Taurus was very stressed natally and will be under the eclipses the next few months. If you don’t currently receive our twice-weekly email service, you may sign up for a free one-month trial membership here. In every second we are literally bombarded by neutrinos which are subatomic particles or cosmic messengers that originate mostly from the Sun. This occurs so that you can transcend it and bring it into higher frequency – to claim the gift and eventually its mastery. Uranus in Aries sits out of this pattern where Aries traits of selfishness, independence, detachment and going it alone don’t wash with this strongly Scorpion intimate focus which further perpetuates a Uranus anxiety pressure cooker bursting forth, breaking and busting loose. Venus is exalted in Pisces in its purest form imbuing Venus with grace, charm and gentle compassion. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. This is a strong conviction aspect with purpose (Saturn) and force (Mars) stressing responsibility (Saturn) and being a bit late in Mercury Pisces going retrograde style but perhaps well timed missing the VOC Moon from the last legs of Pisces to the Moon in Aries (it is always thought best to avoid starting anything during a VOC Moon). We already saw lots of Pisces issues with the stellium of Pisces growing with a cruise line stranded at sea, fisherman lost at sea, a body found in a water tank and a small rowboat making an excursion across the Atlantic (gives new meaning to row row row your boat). No matter whether this is murder or a horrific fated accident, you can see the burst of how this manifested. For some the water trine can feel like a wet blanket and for others a time to surrender to an emotional purging and needed water works. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, which is part of the grand trine, respects boundaries and knows when to say no. The Cancer emphasis is on the imagination, the maternal (Moon) care giving and nurturing and paternal (Capricorn-Saturn) instinct, protection, safety and home. Lilith moved into Cancer as will Jupiter and will enhance the grand trine with Jupiter’s righteousness and Lilith’s fierce cries for seeing through any injustice. Talk isn’t cheap with Mercury in Cancer as its intentions are deep and soulful with reflection on meaningful core issues. With the new hope of the grand water trine as Jupiter moves into Cancer and trines Saturn and Neptune mid July 2013, legal process ( Jupiter) and judgements, push for justice.

The current transits and recent eclipses are pointing to her Jupiter and her 12th house (hidden information and secret enemies).  Transit Jupiter (legal) has been traveling through her 1st house oppose her 7th house stellium and the next few weeks will be challenging with a fight on her hands as transit Mars (war, conflict) moves to also oppose her 7th house stellium, the house of open enemies.
Mercury retrograde will be sitting over Turkey’s Pluto during its motion which highlights Turkey’s pressing need to be heard.
Venus on Regulus is further taken down with its negative  expression of revenge and vindictiveness. Copper has a high electrical charge capacity (Uranus) and conductor of heat (Mars).  I found I was literally charged with energy and strength as I can tell when I lack copper in my system. Mom, the feminine nurturing soft side of the masculine Mars.  Mars in Cancer is in its fall which can also be the proverbial sticking your head in the sand as the Cancer crab in Mars moves sideways, not the natural direct motion of Mars. Saturn and Mars are considered malefic so difficult aspects between them heighten the tension. The Scorpio Moon, Saturn  and nodal axis brings up the underbelly of destruction and corruption of power, manipulation and the festering dark side of limits and restrictions and the harsh hand of Scorpio Saturn’s reality that gets played out from the shadows. Sun Mars meeting in Aries happens only a few times every 100 years.   This year it fell on a critical degree of Sun Mars just changing signs moving from Aries to Taurus.
There has been much in the news around smoking out and uncovering information regarding offshore banking and safe havens where billions of dollars go unaccounted for.  Taurus values of Venus beauty, riches and luxury,  creature comforts whether a cushy home, familiar community and fat bank account. Cutting costs and cheaping out-you get what you pay for as this action has spurred a wave of disgruntled bank customers dropping off in droves.  Loyalty is a fixed Scorpio trait and this betrayal has shattered trust.
Her chart has a Saturn Scorpio (her 3rd Saturn return) over her ASC which really epitomizes the “iron lady” persona which depicts a strong interest in a political life.  Moon Neptune Leo over her MC seemed to help her hold her power despite public outcry.
Her Libra Sun Mercury showed a surface effort to attain diplomacy but somehow mired with the square to Pluto (her chart ruler), the Pluto in Cancer generation that fought to keep security but at what costs as many see this time during Reaganomics and Thatcherism as the real beginning to the great divide between the haves and the have nots which showed  the greed and selfishness pursing and sweeping through the survival of the fittest mentality. She had Venus in Taurus (Venus rules the throat and the voice) showing her powerful bellowing voice. Venus Pisces joins Neptune Pisces Feb 28 where idealism, fantasy, secrecy, secret admirers and rose colored glasses comes into play setting up some obscure vision of love where codependency and sacrifice take over and selfishness gets a back seat.
The State of the Union also well timed during the New Moon paving the way to new beginnings in the US. Mindy McCready suicide also showed the Pisces focus with drugs and addiction involved and her repeated suicide attempts and struggle with mental illness.  McCready has a very strong focus on Mercury Neptune in her chart which was activated by Chiron in Pisces showing suffering and wounding around addiction and mental health. Lilith turns to authentic realization and in Cancer we can expect to feel those pangs close to our hearts with any deeply rooted unconscious recognition and acknowledgement that comes to the surface.  Lilith, known as the Dark Moon has the capacity now in Cancer to awaken any latent suppressed emotion that needs expression.
Mind wandering with mood changes, the Moon ruled Mercury  gives the thought processes a heavier and weighted subjective and serious touchy-feely tone.  Thoughts in the mind can come and go but once in the heart and emotions attach, thoughts do become things. Denial and hiding can only work so long and the confrontation may be brought to light with the tsquare to Uranus Pluto in the next weeks-especially the opposition to Pluto.  With Pluto in the mix watch food poisoning ( as seen with the recent tragedy in India with children being poisoned by contaminated food) and IBS, inflammation issues could be flared up (food, stomach- Cancer) Pluto (poison, bowels). While Aries takes action with speed, Taurus attracts and receives tending to take time to smell the flowers and bask in the pleasure principle, relishing taking time off and taking it easy.  Calm the storm, ease tensions, go slow and move at a snails pace. The building Taurus stellium (especially Mars) oppose Saturn in Scorpio is showing the repercussions, somber mood and wreckage of the last week making Saturn Scorpio a focal point of this eclipse. Saturn depicts cold and is showing how winter is persisting for many in North America in its close aspects the last few months. As Uranus and Pluto edge ever closer in aspect again, we see the burst of fury come forth in the collective explosions whether man made or by nature pointing around Scorpio and Taurus themes. The Mars heroes were alive and kicking with the police stepping it up to protect and serve in their successful efforts in hunting down the bombing suspects.  Both captured perpetrators had their Solar Sun degree impacted by the Sun Mars conjunction-Sun Cancer and Sun Libra. The US chart Sun square Saturn is under pressure from the Uranus square Pluto transit the next couple of years (particularly 2014-2015) as eclipses will draw this energy out. The dark side value by superficial means and how much something costs, expensive cars, homes, clothes (designer labels)-the exterior value.  Greed, hoarding and stinginess is the most extreme negative reaction of Taurus operating from a place of insecurity. Her stage presence, although shy shone through with her Moon Jupiter in Leo.  Jupiter often shows weight issues where she may have carried herself with her weight as a protection and covering of her internal very sensitive emotional state-Cancer nodal axis.
Last night was especially potent at a play rehearsal where I expressed a soft, strong and compassionate character I’ve never allowed into the light of a stage before.
His progressed Mars Gemini 8 degrees exact square transit Mars Chiron Pisces 8 degrees when he met his demise. Mars rules over protein and muscle so increasing meat or protein now for vegetarians may be beneficial. Saturn rules age where many may just feel very tired and worn out with Saturn’s relentless task master at the whipping post.
The recent Aries stellium stressed her nodal axis in Cancer bringing up acute issues with her infection (Mars) that caused her demise. All this year (another influence being my prog Venus turning direct last December) my songcraft has been coming back light a lightning bolt and theater found me simply by wandering in at the right moment. This map illustrates where you must travel in this lifetime – the fears and challenges that you must face in order to unlock your genius. Last night I felt like my Cancer midheaven was on and shining as I told my crow stories, sharing the food of compassion and relations with non human intelligence.

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