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Vedic astrology is the original astrology from ancient India, brought forth by Rishis (Seers) to connect the world of our inner lives and innate dispositions into collaborative alignment with: the life of the cosmos, including the material (outer) world, and our creative lives, waged in tandem, within it. Through its rendering and remembering of a purposeful connection between inner and outer worlds, Vedic Astrology and its archetypal palette—of Planets, Signs, Houses; of Nakshatras, Deities, and Stories (Timely Symbols, Energetic Flavors, and Manifesting Modes)—may be applied to any area life. In conjunction with its Yoga, and Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology offers not only a language for exploring an entire field of creative tides and influences but also the means and practical measures to balance those influences that impact us most strongly. Although the planets and signs are by and large the same in Vedic Astrology as in Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology is quite distinct, emerging as one limb from the larger trunk of spiritual wisdom that is the Vedas. As a form of astrology, Vedic Astrology lends itself directly to the discovery of patterns and influences working both on us and through us. Referred to as remedial measures, the range of helpful responses that may be recommended to ease some of the more challenging facets of an astrological relationship span many aspects of lifestyle (largely addressed by Ayurveda) and styles of Yoga, frequently involving the recommendation of specific meditations, asanas, mantras, mudras, and pranayams. In contrast to the more Solar-inflection of the zodiac belt into 12 constellated signs, this more Moon-based inflection of the same circle, speak in more Lunar terms to our nature—reflective of and receptive an interior language of personal feelings and subjective experiences. In many ways, the Nakshatras bridge between the predicative dimensions in which Jyotish specializes, lending the wisdom of the sidereal star systems to matters of the mundane that populate and describe everyday living.
Imagine the Zodiac Belt in the Celestial Sky as the Circular Form of a Ring that can be worn. And yet, within this same circle—this same ring shines—there is Lunar Side, a Lunar Light, and a particularly Lunar Mode—of Being, Perceiving, and Knowing. Want to Learn How The Nakshatras Inflect Your Archetypal Profile—by the Light of the Moon in the Language of the Stars? Discover another Quality of Illumination, Based on the Movements of the Moon through Another Zodiac, Ordered on the 27 Lunar Mansions to a distinctly Sidereal Rhythm, which speaks to our Psyche and the Soul of Your Development! Muhurta, or Astrological Forecasting, is the timing of events, by type of action, with considerations made (and guidance given) for energetic factors that are Supportive (conducive) or Non-Supportive (conflicting, competing, complicating, obstructive, non-conducive)—to better anticipate the likelihoods of progress & outcomes, including insight into the qualities of the process as it unfurls, at stake in an elected choice or action undertaken. Horary Astrology is the selection of auspicious or conducive times for specific types of practice or action. Electional Astrology, much like Muhurta, is the process of placing decision-making in relationship with astrological considerations, indicative of the dynamic energies of the source, subtle, or archetypal realm which an esoteric cosmology understands as crucial to the unfoldment and manifestation of whatever the seed potentials contained within or promised by an idea or choice for likely or eventual fruition.
How—through timing—can you get the most quality out of your investments of time and energy? What times are most conducive for your projects—creative, mundane, physical, spiritual, or transformational alike?
Plans proceed gracefully when they are in alignment with the archetypal energies of the cosmos. Ready to Learn How The Predicative Branch of Vedic Astrology could Help You with Your Undertakings, Choices, and Timing Concerns? Thank you for visiting Unbelievable Free Tarot Readings, we hope you can find what you need here.
The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is a Hybrid north node eclipse (some parts annular and some parts total)  that point to a destiny or evolution pushing forward.  The key with eclipses is with the nodal axis and the closer the eclipse to the nodal axis, the more prominent the eclipse will be with lasting effects, here you can expect this eclipse to carry through the next 6 months to a year. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto has built in power with a sense of entitlement as well as empowerment.

Pluto rules over fears and Saturn control giving an opportunity to let go of fear and trusting what you can’t control.   The story of the Scorpion and the Frog speak the Scorpio story in that we can’t change our stripes and we rarely change our character or nature despite outward appearances.
The buck stops at Pluto, who rules the day with the last words as Pluto dominates the room being the slowest moving planet pushing the overall agenda.  Pluto, the ruler of the Scorpio eclipse, in hard aspect with Uranus just reached another exact square pushing  Uranus Pluto agenda into a climax with more elevated and intense, obsessive activity, Uranus protests around fracking, the LA airport shooting, another earthquake in Japan near the Fukushima site, exposed government (Saturn) scandal with tax payers money (Scorpio), bullying and more sexual abuse and harassment cases. Scorpio naturally rules over therapy and hypnotic trance that penetrates to the depths unraveling anything festering and remembering anything forgotten, opening Pandora’s box. With Mercury in Scorpio as part of the stellium, we have an open channel for telepathy and communication through thought forms as an xray type of communication that can pick up thoughts without the need to speak them.  Telepathy is said to be the next wave of communication in our future where we already feel the hidden subliminal messages influence of mind control through suggestive programming reaching masses through media-think herd mentality and Hitler. Mercury Scorpio in retrograde points to a significant stall and poor timing launching Obamacare’s website during the retrograde cycle shadow period as starting any major endeavor during Mercury retrograde proves to be daunting.  During a Solar Eclipse the wheels are in motion and plans in place to get started on a major new road however making that official first step shouldn’t happen until Mercury leaves its shadow end of November. Mercury makes many beneficial movements during this cycle that prove very healing and detoxifying whether physically, emotionally or mentally. For those who fail to heed Saturn’s call, misery loves company with Saturn grounding  a heavy weight forcing a gravitational pull to keep your feet on the ground with a sense of reality and limits that cast a gloomy shadow and a coldness, deep sorrow and bitterness under a heavy dark cloud sucking the joy out of any effervescence carrying the burden of regret and living with the consequences of your actions. Saturn reminds us of life’s limits and in Scorpio life and death matters become more top of mind with many looking at their bucket list more seriously whether to take that trip, hike that mountain or paint that picture or to simply be doing those things that won’t leave you with regrets, finally doing some of those things put off due to “life” and taking the time to really do what is true to your soul. A YOD pattern of the eclipse to Mars and Uranus presents a readjustment and realignment with Mars in Virgo in a purification process muddling through, sorting, adjusting misaligned energy patterns. Uranus is out of the loop and out on a limb in this YOD pattern without a supporting structure making it a more unpredictable influence setting the tone for rebellion and adrenaline junkies galore. As we leave the Scorpio Taurus eclipse season, the fall out of the eclipses is on the Taurus south node  showing the pull to the past and repercussions to Taurus issues such as the neck, throat, thyroid, greed, stagnation, stubbornness, comfort, jealousy, laziness, self worth and self esteem.   Health issues that have focus and attention during the eclipse are the reproductive, elimination organs (Pluto –Scorpio), teeth, skin, bones (Saturn) and all things to do with the heart being a Solar Eclipse, the heart ruled by the Sun. Today actually is the exact Mercury Saturn square (which would sap anyone’s energy) but also a Mars (energy) Saturn (work) trine so I was able to rally and do my work and talk to people but I feel it. Tomorrow Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (good for mental energy and optimism) and then enters Virgo!!!!
About MeAliza the Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Intuitive, Jewish Witch, Witch-Coach, Poet, Teacher, Blogger, Moon Pluto Conjunction in the First House at your service.
Its skillful use yields both helpful guidance and practical strategies, whether or not people see themselves as living a spiritual path.
In the process, we are encouraged to find a center that is deeper and more alive—at once more connected with the many facets of the world and who we have always been, in essence—while aligning us in harmony with the manifesting processes of the outer world to fulfill our destiny. In Vedic Astrology, for example, it is taken as a starting point that we are possessed of not only of a Physical Body, but also of a subjective, emotional, or Astral Body, as well as the Atma, our Causal-, Spirit- or Soul-Body. Vedic Astrology also provides particular insights into working through cosmic cycles of change as they impact our personal development—helping us to grow through such challenging experiences as tumult, upheaval, initiation of a new direction, differentiation within a pattern, release, return, and ultimate reintegration—on the other side of transformation. When combined with the techniques of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation, Vedic Astrology can help us to reveal and walk our path of destiny, lending us both the perspective and practical measures to walk in balance and grace toward our soul’s yearning, inner purpose, and intrinsic motivation. In simple terms, the Nakshatras speak to the esoteric side of the system that is Vedic Astrology as it mingles with its yogic and spiritual roots in the Vedas. On the outside, there is the visible surface, and there are things going on there, glinting, reflecting, shining, and so forth.
This ‘second side’ is like taking off the ring to behold its inside surface, to feel where it makes contact with the skin.

Ideally, we select we coordinate the timing of our actions such that our choices resonate with and harmonize to—that is, supportively align with—the energetics of the time, which are already more or less primed, ready, or thusly suited. Get your plans synced-up with the influences of the subtle planes as well as the manifest cosmos to harmonize the timing of your actions and bring your undertakings to the next level of success. Just for your information, Unbelievable Free Tarot Readings located in Tarot Reading category and this post was created on December 14, 2014.
Uranus in Aries sits out of this pattern where Aries traits of selfishness, independence, detachment and going it alone don’t wash with this strongly Scorpion intimate focus which further perpetuates a Uranus anxiety pressure cooker bursting forth, breaking and busting loose.
It offers the gift of archetypal insights—helping us to see our natural inclinations and existential developmental processes as expressions of a transpersonal orchestration that is at once spiritual (transcendent of the form) and practically manifested (immanent in the form). As we manifest and live, we are specifically ensouled in the cosmic field of elective creativity and manifest expression—like a shining spark within the larger burning flame of a living cosmos.
In order to excel amidst such cycles of change, specified helpful responses can be practiced to harmonize, mitigate, and balance our greatest challenges. Accordingly, each Nakshatra is archetypally representative of its own means by which to approach the Divine.
Furthermore, with their myriad repertoire of richly nuanced symbols, significations, stories, deities, and other qualitative factors—each Nakshatra speaks to the nature of the Moon, as symbol of dynamic immersion in manifest existence. This side of the ring is taken as the Solar Side, which is readily visible to the world, and thereby speaks to facets of this manifestation in a language that can be quite illumined brilliantly, like the qualities of solar light.
The logic of its felt insight and emotional awareness is apprehended and approached differently than its other particular flavors, which are more amenably suited to the eye, and the qualities of illumination furnished by the Sun’s rays.
This is a given with 12th house transits — tired or maybe fighting off a cold or depressed. Sometimes this would come up in conversation, someone would ask about a loved one who had died, but now folks who want to focus exclusively on this will get a chance to — with me. Through the process of a life lived artfully, we elaborate and nourish our Souls, and our life becomes increasingly suffused by a soulful radiance, exuding a palpable strength of being. Accordingly, this living spark shines radiantly as we become involved in the task of living, and burns to evolve through the sojourns we enact, walking pathways as we enact our choices in the realm of experience. Each Nakshatra also signifies a point, in the vast system of Vedic Astrology, by which to marry everyday concerns and choices with the vibrancy of an archetypal cosmos. Don't forget to share this picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media!
This side of the ring makes felt contact, and attests to the presence of a different visceral and palpable reality, even as it is experienced differently, less visually—rendering itself more through a language of feeling. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.

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