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It’s no wonder the crab is the symbol of Cancer, with the shell to protect and find a refuge to keep out the chaos with a desire for some withdrawal and introspection.  Cancers are sensitive souls that intuitively feel every nuance and can become immersed and touched with tenderness or crabby emotional touchiness in a blink of an eye. The New Moon in Cancer has a take it easy, let it ride, follow your bliss, don’t worry go with the flow vibe that can kill with kindness and catch more flies with honey then vinegar. Jupiter Cancer squares the Libra nodal axis adding to the increase in indulgence, excess however with Jupiter in hard aspect blocks to abundance and luck can turn into ill or bad luck with too much of a good thing with some over kill. Mars finishes its opposition to Uranus as we feel the hangover of its affects with the waning cardinal cross.  Mars can now do a grounding drum roll and march forward toward some constructive repair  as it heads for a happy median with Venus in Gemini casting July with balancing energy patterns . The New Moon in Leo focuses on the Sun being at the center of attention with the summer and the Sun at its height warmed by the Sun’s healing, sunny radiance. The Leo New Moon is extra special with Jupiter in fun loving Leo jumping for joy and happy go lucky with a creative burst out and bust loose, larger than life drama.  Creative enthusiasm is alive and kicking, ready for embarking on a new creative journey. Jupiter’s good luck has much opportunity to show up whether a sudden windfall, finding some money on the street or a lucky break although ill luck can be just as prominent depending on Jupiter’s placement in your natal chart where over doing it, excess, exaggeration, poor judgement, over reaching  whether self inflicted or projected outwards with others in our life playing out these afflictions.  Areas  such as gambling, speculation, stocks, recreation, entertainment, children and issues with the heart, ego, pride can all present themselves.
Jupiter is always up for the next big thing, great adventure beyond and in Leo, s heating up a fever and life force opening up, making a grand entrance in magnanimous style. There is fire in the belly with a raw combative force that needs to act as the Leo New Moon squares Mars.
Mars moves into Scorpio changing the guard and shifting energy from Mars Libra to Mars Scorpio taking  action from indecisive, sitting on the fence Libra to direct intense Mars Scorpio on a mission. Happy Birthday Mick Jagger, born on July 26th who embodies this  Leo New Moon as Mick has the Sun join Jupiter in Leo square Mars Taurus which fits his front man bravado and  energetic, entertaining persona. The New Moon makes a sesquisquare aspect (135 degrees) with Chiron as well which may bring up some wounds to self and ego as well as to confidence and ability to shine, raining on Leo’s parade.  Leo especially points out the importance of being acknowledged, validated, celebrated and appreciated for being special and if ignored or denied can overcompensate with needing to be center of attention with some form of drama and desire for adoration.
Venus and Mercury in Cancer seems to keep the lid on and soften the blows although both Venus and Mercury makes some harsh aspects to Uranus and Pluto where relations and communications  get rough  around the edges with ruffled feathers and uncouth intense expression and confrontation (oppositions). The Full Moon in Taurus brings us to a standstill, steady as she goes, calming the storm stressing the need to assess our state of stability (Taurus) and security (Scorpio).  The Full Moon in Taurus further supports a sense of security as it forms into a cradle aspect configuration,  receptive, passive  and feminine (earth and water) giving a temporary reprieve of comfort, sensuality and serenity from the struggle aching for something to hold onto with a tone of avoidance and taking the easy way out. While Taurus is drawn to the immediate present and the issues at hand, the Scorpio emphasis continues to keep with constant evolution, shedding more skin and with it inevitable continual change and crisis.  Pluto ruled Scorpio forces movement along the journey, not letting rest any stagnation where whatever is no longer suited to your growth is discarded and put out to pasture. The Taurus Full Moon weighs in on the safer bet side while Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars, takes a risk open to exposure taking it to the next level. The Full Moon in Taurus in the aftermath of the October 23 Scorpio Solar Eclipse has us face the repercussions of the attack on Canada and the security and safety measures enforced. Scorpio points to corruption and power and leadership in the wrong hands perpetuating a pied piper following of sheeples whether  government, corporate, religion, mass media, radical groups, and even in smaller social circles where  bullies, narcissists and sociopaths hold a hypocritical false front using manipulation tactics pushing some warped ideology or do good agenda while often not practicing what they preach skillfully covering ugly and sometimes harmful underlying negative traits that can wreak havoc on someone’s life,  reminding us to not judge a book by its cover.
If Uranus Aries (leadership) is teaching anything, it’s not to follow the herd nor conform to the norm and jump on the next bandwagon to do what is popular but to question authority or leadership while finding a unique identity and voice with a strong independent viewpoint not easily swayed or influenced by a social pariah think tank. The chart of Canada is vulnerable with Neptune Aries over the ASC  hitting on the degree of the October  Lunar Eclipse in Aries showing a direct impact and hit to the nation where the current Uranus Pluto transit is posing  tense exposure. Both Canada and the US reflect the collective cumulative effects, both having tense affects coming with the ongoing Uranus Pluto transit hitting hard the next year into the next eclipse seasons April and Sept 2015. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and likes harmony, peace, tranquility and taking an easy, relaxed and if necessary,  lazy pace.  The planet Venus is a bit out of the loop with this New Moon though aside from a semisquare she has been riding along with the Sun for the last few months which may have us draw out relationships and anything truly conducive to making beneficial flowing connections however Venus is fast approaching joining with the Sun which happens every year which always heightens Venus issues (relationships, cooperation,  diplomacy, balance, grace). Mars is moving direct after being retrograde since January -full steam ahead, batteries recharged, its last snarl with the nodal axis and will again hit at a long stride from end of April til the first week of May.  It will be energetic and full of dynamic spirit whether angry outbursts or physical exertion.
Mars moving forward  brought many changes in direction and actions with the Norwegian bomber’s plea for insanity not being held up yet who has behaved bizarre and very shocking-pleading not guilty claiming his actions were necessary with his testimony and all the gruesome details.   The case with Trayvon Martin turned with Zimmerman now found guilty of murder.
Just watched the movie “Man of the Year” about a comedian who mistakenly is elected as President due to a voter’s computer glitch which is timely in getting ready for the US presidential race as well as in the Canadian Government and how we are still investigating election fraud with the voting for the 2011 Canadian Election.  The debates will no doubt be injected with some of that same humor-wild, out of the box, absurdity as it’s already been a soap box. I had no idea that pilots can take a nap while flying over 8 hours?  I really don’t like the thought of that as I already have a discomfort with flying. As per South Park, you can “Blame Canada” as these are Canada Geese.  The good news is the pilots remained very calm (Taurus New Moon) with the emergency landings. Jessica Lang is a prime example of the Sun Venus magnetic charm she carries.  Her Sun Venus in Taurus with Mars Aries close by all harmonizing with Uranus and Saturn and tense aspects to Jupiter show much emphasis on her Sun Venus-it is very activated and engaged-stately charisma and beauty and grace (Venus Taurus) with a  twist (Uranus) and exuberance (Jupiter). Sun Cancer and security-the Moon (ruling Cancer) rules over safety and our comfort zones and this Full Moon will shine a big light over all those areas we hold onto for security which are being threatened with the rug being pulled from under your feet (Uranus). The Moon in Capricorn is serious business when it comes to emotions –feelings are calculated, cool and reserved-trust comes slow with caution and takes no prisoners when met with Pluto.

The Capricorn earth Moon is practical and has us reach a place of realistic appraisal- a let down to those wanting to protect their turf and a place of grounding and responsible action for others who see the necessity for strict attention.
Mars enters Libra – the heat is on and will build to a full tsquare to Uranus Pluto by the New Moon in Cancer on July 18th.  Wild raging fires spread out of control in Colorado-declared a disaster the worst the state has ever seen. With Venus and Saturn both turned direct from being in retrograde we often see events as planets changing direction have a releasing point turned direct where all hell can break lose.  Venus in sesquisquare with Saturn has been creating a rift of grumpy stagnation and tightness with relationships, love, finances in the last week and will ease off in this week.
Mercury Leo presently sits in a talent triangle with Venus Gemini and Uranus Aries which aids in communication and easing some of the tensions being flushed out with peaceful negotiations and unique compromises. To quote Michael Moore who has been a major spokesperson championing the healthcare fight “They know what we all know — that the path of history has been, and will continue to move toward the basic human right that all people are entitled to see a doctor and NOT have to worry about losing their home because they can’t afford to pay the medical bills”.
The US Sun, Mercury and nodal axis are in Cancer in the 8th house – insurance, shared resources.  Sun square Saturn in the US chart is a challenging energy when it comes to sharing (8th house). Hollywood is all a buzz with another significant relationship ending- first big news about Johnny Depp and now Tom Cruise adding to the line up of Hollywood love stories unraveling.
Tom Cruise Sun is in Cancer which is featured over this Full Moon-his birthday July 3rd-he turns 50.
Katie’s relationship ruler is Uranus-Uranus is not one to bow to any god or tradition-interesting she attracted a strong Uranus type like Tom. I have been looking at Vancouver’s chart being we have had crappy weather the last while-more dismal than usual for our “Junuary”. The New Year Full Moon in Cancer starts off the year with a thrust forward similar to the New Year New and Full Moon 2014 as it entangles with the Uranus Pluto cycle once again. While the Sun in Capricorn can keep a peripheral distance (positioning, status, reputation, business administration, management, government), the Moon in Cancer can’t help but be pulled into the emotional riptide and vortex of feelings for security and sustainability.  The nodal axis in Libra Aries will bring up anything to do with agreements, fairness, reciprocity, bargaining, negotiation, compromise (Libra) and fighting for individual and independent rights, conflict, disagreement, self interest( Aries). The Full Moon in hard aspect to Uranus Pluto shows where manipulation, power and survival tactics get maxed out with intense response. Pluto continues to be the protagonist to Uranus, the antagonist as Pluto is the farthest reaching planetary cycle (248 years) therefore inclined to very slow movement and subsequent extensive metamorphosis and evolution drawing out more awareness and deeper consciousness.  The slow moving outer planets continue to uncover their own purpose often beyond comprehension where dharma or cause and effect no longer fit into the equation or make sense of the chaos. All the cardinal squares are equivalent with Saturn and building blocks, strength and endurance. Venus and Mercury both enter Aquarius turning the other cheek for a more rebellious and unique approach.
At this time of year we tune into our deepest emotional reservoir as we set the tone for the summer season. Jupiter in Leo accentuates all things Leo where the New Moon join Jupiter in Leo is prancing along in cat style with no pussy footing around, demanding to be seen and heard, roaring in all noble glory with a jovial, generous and open heart.
Those with a Leo Sun and Leo prominent in their chart will feel the benefits and growth with Jupiter this year as well as other fire signs Aries and Sagittarius and complimentary air signs, Gemini Libra while Aquarius will find focus on relationships, partnerships and cooperation. Also in remembrance of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who died this year, a Leo with Jupiter in Leo square Mars in Scorpio, mirroring this Leo New Moon, emphasizing his impetuous nature and Leo sparkle tangled with being his own worst enemy, typical of Sun Mars difficult aspects. The problem lies with Uranus Pluto extreme response pendulum swings with radical and crazy schemes overarched on the fringe way out in left field all stemming from the source of choice where free will is only as good as consciousness allows. Juno rules commitment and with Juno in Sagittarius-freedom and the need to expand horizons may interfere with commitments. The interesting point to this was he mistook seeing Venus and thinking it was a plane coming toward  him-it must have been early evening or morning when Venus is  particularly visible and usually more so when closest to the Sun once a year. Wherever Capricorn or Saturn is natally or in transit will tell the tale of your current scenario and where you will be having some possible serious or somber feelings, musings or repercussions. Mars (fires) in Libra – relationships, financial markets (Venus rules Libra) could be the scene set with more fires or rages exploding.  Libra rules the kidneys and lower back-watch for accidents in this area. Sun Saturn is limiting and strict, harsh-profits made (Pluto 2nd) due to someone’s  illness. As I indicated in my Uranus square Pluto post, I had anticipated significant endings will occur at this time-Pluto.
Grand trines can at times run amok though as the energy has no challenge or any barriers so it is inclined to over reaching or extending especially in Jupiter Neptune in water. Neptune can show blinders or being deluded by fantasy and romance and rose colored glasses. Pluto is in Gemini on the Solar Eclipse degree from last month-(Pluto -eclipse = darkness)  Transit Neptune Pisces over Vancouver Venus Pisces and square Pluto Gemini explains all the extra rain and the floods as well.

These Lunar cycles synchronizing with the New Year are on the pulse igniting a re birthing, guiding and pushing into a new groove. The energy is confrontational especially with any shadow work forcing a face off and decisions with any unresolved hidden disowned parts of the self. The Moon (Cancer) is the ruler of home (4th house), feelings, family, roots, nourishment and emotional security. With Jupiter in Cancer coming to the end of its cycle, home has a special focus.   You know you are immersed in Cancer when if given a choice you are happiest to stay close to home with some stick to the ribs food or your favorite comforts and relax than be anywhere or do anything else.
Neptune in soft aspect is where the most damage can be seen whether in overflow, wallowing in emotion, addiction, codependency or deception.  While Neptune compassion, forgiveness and love are redeeming qualities, Neptune can let go and let slip through the cracks with messy disorder, distraction and drunk  intoxicated meandering without direction or purpose. Leo infused with Jupiter takes it up a notch with showmanship, entertainment, performance and getting on stage to strut your stuff in lavish fanfare. A great way to experience the Leo New Moon is to find a ritual that centers around the Sun, movement, fire, expression, to create some heat and wear something gold and yellow. Venus in Scorpio adds to the mix, taking stock of self worth, finances, cost- benefits, ROI and risk.
Add an extra ever present influence from violent media (movies, games) that seem to glorify terror and violence, and we have a dangerous cocktail of desensitization. After which I plan to bake bread (no bread maker-from scratch just like mama makes)-and permeate my home with the fragrant scent (Taurus) of baked goodness.  Although I plan my gardening around the Moon and lunar cycles, the baking idea was just a fluke-just shows how the energies of the stars fit into the right slots of time.
Juno strain to Mars may bring up angry disagreements in reference to commitment issues and unions.  Taurus rules the neck and throat and where we wear our stress-throat infections, losing your voice, and strains in your neck might become evident the last week of April.
Mars going forward has shown the gloves off and the pressure release in the hockey playoffs with more penalties than in the past 6 seasons, ironically this year when it’s been deemed necessary to curtail the violent aggressive blows that have created much controversy with head injury and brain trauma. Bird strikes have been rampant  lately – 2 with Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton in flight just in the last few days during the dark of the moon.
I have noticed strange activity with birds (Gemini)  in general- the last few weeks-birds chirping (the same robin) at exactly 6AM for a period of 10 seconds 5 days in a row.  If that isn’t a messenger, I don’t know what is.
Relationships, finances (Venus) and friendships (Uranus) are also favored this week-especially if you remain flexible (Gemini) and allow some space for open minded, new (Aries), untried, unique, out of the box (Uranus) strategies. US Sun square Saturn is going to be particularly hit with the Uranus square Pluto in the next few years-much reform and change where Sun Saturn wants to stick with tradition and the status quo-but Uranus Pluto has other plans and will show with radical turns. It is sad to hear-these guys are two of my favorite, growing together in the early days through the crazy 80’s – Johnny with 21 Jump street and Tom with Risky Business. Uranus is the planet of divorce and is in Libra at 8 degrees in their composite chart-hit by the current transit Uranus square Pluto. Her natal Neptune is square Saturn and the recent lunar eclipse activated this square-now hit by the reality of Saturn – the star dust blown from her eyes to see clearly. The Full Moon in Cancer is part of a cardinal cross accentuating the Sun Pluto Capricorn Moon Cancer Libra Aries Uranus nodal axis at 14 degrees.  One is left facing any emotional stirring (Moon) and responsibility and reality (Capricorn) with a sense of dread and perilous foreboding (Pluto) and some antsy in the pantsy crossroad 180 degree turns in an unsettling restless spirit craving excitement (Uranus). Uranus is keeping it wacko and weird with a strange disturbance suggesting we are indeed living in interesting times.
The good news is Mars will be building into a cradle –diamond formation -trine with Venus Jupiter sextile Mercury retrograde which might help contain some of the frenzied energy.
This is one change that many are either very or not happy about but  a necessary step forward.
Her Neptune particularly-in Sagittarius (ruler of religion)-being addressed by the lunar eclipses in Sagittarius both in December 2011 and June 2012 showing some focus on 9th house matters including beliefs. Thank goodness I chose yellow pot flowers to surround my house this year to keep me cheery through all this dismal dark dreary weather. Health is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is lined up well with the nodal axis and Jupiter making this a well timed decision.
Yellow flowers-signify joy, friendship, lightheartedness-perfect for the current Venus Gemini vibe. I feel like he read my New Moon in Gemini article  or maybe he is peeking at my back porch and sees all my yellow flowers.

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