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Based on your NEPTUNE transits, the Psychic Powers Report focuses on your psychic ability, your best timings for acting on it and how best to develop yours.
The Hidden Talents reports provide vital information for your customers and clients to enrich their lives by taking advantage of the second, hidden, extrasensory talents they possess. Every Hidden Talents report comes with optional KEY PHRASES which you turn on or off when you create a new report. Discover the unique facets of your physical and emotional style and accelerate your unique pathways to wisdom! Seeking solutions has become as simple as looking at planet-centered charts and interpreting life from their perspectives. Intrepid Software is the only charting program which can produce highly accurate birth charts from the surface of our planetary neighbors! When viewed holistically, our solar system is far more than individual bodies circling a star. In tarot astrology, the tarot horoscope card most closely aligned with Virgo is the Knight of Pentacles. Although the Knight of Wands is recognized for his practical nature, he does have a deep appreciation for beauty.
They key phrases are great for astrologers and astrology students, and can always be turned off for customer and client reports.

The Planet Centered Zodiac Report Writers provide alternatives that you already know about, but may have forgotten in the midst of confusion or crises. All 8 Planet Centered Chart Wheels are included in every copy of Intrepid Astrology Software. This includes material gain, financial security, emotional stability, and the fruits of our labor.
They represent our code of ethics and often refer to personal growth in our external consciousness. Good craftsmanship and tangible arts like sculpture and ceramics appeal to the Knight of Pentacles. Should the Knight of Pentacles lose touch with his connection to the earth, an element of his spirit will be lost. The extensive customization code used to create these reports may take a minute or two to generate, depending on the speed of your computer.
Learn where expansive change impacts your life, processes that work for you, spiritual wisdom and soul expression.
The rising and setting of the Sun, stars and planets from the surface of any planet contextualizes  in a unique way the inherent relationships between them. Each Planet-Centered Report carries you further into understanding yourself from the invaluable perspectives of each of our celestial neighbors!

Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used with his permission. We believe it is important to be familiar with many perspectives so that we can make wiser choices, personally, inter-personally, culturally and globally. It is the suit of giving and receiving and they denote the cyclical nature of our affairs, both personally and professionally. In this regard, he is like the Magician, whose skills include the intense focusing of one's energy. He is mesmerized by the mysterious of nature and always seeks to understand it secrets and laws.
On a more practical level, the suit of pentacles can refer to matters of real-estate, property, and industry. Your world view tends to be practical and realistic and thus you never over face yourself with unrealistic expectations. They may propose actions of charity, kindness, and the defending of those who are being treated unfairly.

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