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INTREPID is the only full featured professional astrology software that is identical on Windows and Mac (fully native on either platform — no emulations). Intrepid Astrology Software is built from the ground to the sky to be as easy and user-friendly as possible without sacrificing the go-to techniques that most astrologers rely on. If you practice Electional Astrology, Horary Astrology or if you rely on Rectification techniques, these instant display features will transform the speed and efficiency with which you work. If you’re new Report Writers, these add-ons to Intrepid Software empower you to generate custom reports for anyone born anywhere at anytime.

Built natively into Intrepid, each Report Writer can be easily printed on paper or electronically (ie, pdf). In the last 7 years at conferences and meetings around the US, the number one response we’ve heard from old and new customers alike is how EASY Intrepid is to use.
We’ve also built unique features into some of the reports, such as the ability to include or exclude keywords.
We’ve really thought through how all current softwares have a significant learning curve as new users need to learn how the software thinks rather than the other way around!

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