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My location on earth was unique, and so were the positions of all of the heavenly bodies when I was born.
One of the main paradigms of natal astrology is that the unique positions of the sun, moon, and planets at birth can allow an astrologer to unravel the personality traits and life events of an individual. Astrologers would locate the sun’s position in a constellation (like Cancer the crab) on the day that someone was born and then write down all the characteristics of that person.
Our sun travels amongst the sky through 12 different constellations every year and the horoscope describes everyone’s personality for each constellation.

Over and over again, the astrologers would notice that certain characteristics were always common between people who had the same horoscope, thus astrologers could predict what someone’s personality would be like on the day that person was born. About 5000 years ago, people studied the stars to help them tell stories that describe all of us.
Their predictions may be superstitious, but millions of people have followed their studies. Astronomy is responsible for how we count 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year, we know exactly when summer is coming etc etc … these are all scientific facts.

Astrologists study stars to explain things like who will fall in love with you, what your true personality is like, daily predictions, and yada yada yada… these are not facts and sometimes it’s hard to believe. The very first astrologers believed that stars were Gods and therefore as the Gods moved throughout the sky, they told stories by their positions in the sky and what was happening in people’s lives.

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