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An astrological chart is a map of the sky, as seen from a particular location, at a particular time on Earth - and as such represents potential energies present at that moment in time.
Crytsals are unique pieces, they sparkle and twinkle like the stars, each with its own marvellous landscape and figures within, like a little world that seems frozen in time. For many years I have studied astrology, interpreting natal charts, transits, progressions. When friends came around to visit, I began to notice that certain people were more attracted to certain stones but not others.
Personally I like to recreate my birth chart on a circular mat and sit in the centre of it.
It is much easier to have a circle marked out so that you can put the crystals around its circumference. The first thing is to orientate, to mark the 4 directions of the compass (north, east, south and west) on the circle with the 4 quartz points. Then place the zodiac stones around the circumference of the circle each in its appropriate constellation or zodiac sign. Put the stones for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the relevant signs as they are found on the birth chart. With the help of the stones try to picture the circle of the stars - the zodiac all around you.
Within the zodiac lies our solar system - the sun, the moon and the planets - all emanating energy. Depression does falls under the category of sadness but it’s something quite different if you see it in isolation within the domain. There are two extremes in depression regarding sleep; either you sleep more than daily routine or you stay sleep deprived as insomnia victimizes you.
We are going to discuss bunch of depressing poems and the reader will come across some engrossing and heart touching lines that might blow off your mind.
Love is not all about laughing, enjoying each other’s cheerful conversations, giving flowers, gifts or kisses. Hopeful people start becoming hopeless, lively ones grow dull and this happens when life becomes unfair and unjust. It’s something quite strange yet interesting that writing, enjoying and reading famous depressing poem serves as a wonderful past time.

Poems which are extraordinarily hollow and hit areas containing sinister, evil or disturbing poems arouses a state of awe. Lowness is nothing but a sickening disease or an illness that indulges one into sentiments of sadness, melancholy and even suicidal thoughts. As discussed previously in the article, depression is not only an illness but also considered as a gloomy phase which every individual goes through. No matter how long a dark period gets, it always vanishes because nothing in this world stays forever. Words like popular, famous, renowned and legendary best suit the outstanding poet named “Edgar Allan Poe”.
Here, shades symbolizes people who themselves are fraught with paradoxes but try their utmost to govern others life.
Whether dark poems are contemporary or classic, they’ll remain be worth reading as every word in them can be linked with the real life stories.
By reading out the blend of joyfulness and darkness, a twinkle of merriment appears which signifies that you are enjoying but a hint of sadness somewhere deep down dwells.
The best part of this haunting stage is that it comes for the greater good, makes you learn a message and then leaves you. An extraordinary and remarkable writer has compiled a set of depressing poems which are no less than a treat for people who are a victim of sadness. I would sit and put 4 quartz crystal points around me, in the north, east, south and west all pointing inwards towards me. But when a person is completely depressed, you forget your individuality and fail to be with anybody (close or distant relation). It’s the world of two loveable souls who so passionately feel for one another and are meant for dedicating themselves to their beloved. Interestingly, such pieces of writings are seriously engrossing and always convey an insightful message to the viewers. Where there’s depression, there’s happiness and it all depends on a person in choosing one side that can either make them or break them.
Piling up of dark feelings is poisonous and eventually provokes one to have an outburst which is then insufferable. The reader can feasibly relate to them especially those who suffer from sever anxiety, depression and carry the potential to harm themselves.

You start refraining yourself from catching sight of anything colorful and dullness overshadows everything bright around. It’s not that other writers aren’t brilliant but the degree of intensity varies in every poem. In this process, one might lose him or herself, breach the boundaries, live like the survivals only or become exceptional lovers forgetting the norms of world or society. Definitely, such dark poems will be mind disturbing and might chill every marrow of your bone if you read them with full concentration.
Strong affections for somebody give rise to expectations and when the beloved fails to fulfill your expectations then depression knocks your door. So lamenting the fact, sadness accelerates your emotions and convinces to write down your feelings which can serve as a consolation. Poems about darkness and sorrowfulness appear when a circumstance filled with ruefulness and grieve hits your life like a storm. The ones who really want their depressions to disappear must read writings of Poe so that they know that there’s a much bigger emotionally wrecked and crushed person other than them. You don’t know what the fate has in store for you and this unpredictability leads one to the darker end of the tunnel. This is because they can be easily related with our lives and we are capable of understanding the sentiments writer has so beautifully exhibited in them. An ill influence like evilness needs to be ripped apart by paying less heed to the darker ends and inclining towards the brighter ones.
In mysterious kind of poems, you come across lusty mixture of dark, deep poetry that shines out the unique spirit and style. Always have your spirits high even the hardest of times because only hopefulness can keep you with yourself.
For boasting your egos, confidence and self esteem, poems on getting rid of depression are written after which you might feel unburdened and relaxed.

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