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A classic Twilight Zone episode depicts seemingly benign aliens who have come to earth and pledged their help to mankind. It’s a clever twist on not just the word, but the concept of service, which in astrology is most often associated with Virgo.
Unfortunately, while every family, every workplace, and every cause needs such people, they don’t often appreciate them. At this Full Moon in Virgo, by all means indulge the desire to dream big, idealistic dreams. YES, i do appreciate the fantastic mechanic who just did a beautiful job on my brakes – smooch smooch wherever you are!!! These qualities stand for a lot in this often chaotic dance called life so let’s celebrate Virgos everywhere! I think candidate Bernie Sanders (a Virgo) really embodies the idea of your article: the hard-working, little guy who has had enough of getting the short end of the stick. Sign Up!Sign up for my mailing list & get my e-report, "Working with the Moon" - FREE to subscribers! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Free tarot reading for 7 February 2016 using the China tarot cards, their psychic meanings and numerology vibrations. Gregory Scott is a British, German-born Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot Expert with 20 years experience as an intuitive and spiritual practitioner who spent his formative years in South Africa. Gregory’s astrological chart contains a triple earth placement; a Virgo Sun, Taurus Ascendant and Capricorn Moon. OMTimes AstrologyOMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. What does this photo of Nate Ruess have to do with the Full Moon in Virgo meditation, other than the fact that he was singing under the February Full Moon at Universal Studios and he’s a Pisces? I visited both girls’ homes and then we headed to Orlando to Universal Studios, home of Harry Potter World. For example, we could have ignored the Nate Ruess concert and opted for a trip to Ikea instead or over to Disney instead of waiting five hours, but by being willing to jump when the opportunity presented itself, we had a magical night. Virgo, an earth sign, is generally practical, perfectionist, analytical, and—sometimes—woundingly critical. If you cannot find a positive way to release the tension that’s built up in recent weeks or months, then you could be looking at a destructive result.
For those of you who remember the meditations I’ve written before, you know how this works.

There is comfort, too, in the rocking, a gentle bumping along, swaying from side to side as though still in the womb, still protected, not yet knowing the fears and hardships and hungers of the outside world. Gradually, with your eyes open, you are able to distinguish the difference between the darkness a few moments ago and the darkness now, the difference between eyes closed and eyes open, other than the simple awareness that your eyes are indeed open. You turn your head slowly to the right, back to center, to the left, and back to center again.
You find the latch with both hands, pull yourself to standing position, holding your balance against the steady rocking and clacking that soothes and lulls you, calls you back to sleep.
You have been inside a train car, in the dark, sleeping, moving forward but not of your own power, going where you’re taken. As the train moves along a long slow curve, you look to your left and see the engine in the far distance.
You turn again to the left, looking toward the front of the train, and in the far, far distance, you see that it falls off its tracks and into a chasm at the end of your life. You study the landscape before you, the rise and fall of hills, the rivers beneath the train, the rolling pastures, the dark and mossy-laden woods, the wide open grasslands, the orchards, the meadows of flowers. You study the terrain, calculate the right moment, and then with everything you are, you fling yourself out the door. The sign of work, of diligent care on behalf of others, nevertheless has a rather nasty reputation–not entirely undeserved–for its hypercritical shadow side. The difference between pitching in to wash dishes after a charity pancake breakfast, and washing dishes at a minimum wage job, is that one feels like a contribution to society and the other usually doesn’t. All too often, the tendency is to take them for granted, to notice them only when something has gone wrong, to ignore their sensible warnings about system backups until the computer has crashed and taken with it all of our artwork. The long-suffering grade school Room Mother receives an early morning phone call from a More Important Parent with no time to bake cookies; surely Long-Suffering Room Mother can do it for her!
Like all earth signs, Virgo has a long fuse… which makes its eventual meltdowns all the more impressive and kind of scary.
Similarly, I think his populist rhetoric is a bit Piscean in that it is long on dreaminess and seemingly short on realistic processes.
His strong connection to this earthly reality allows for concrete guidance and specific time frames in all his readings. This Full Moon, I feel, is all about…unexpected magic as the moon waxes, if we are willing to let it in, but perhaps some missed landings if we don’t allow ourselves to be open enough to jump at an opportunity when the door opens. This particular full moon will herald some release of conflict or tension, I think, because there are some strong influences around it, in particular the Uranus-Pluto (upsets, regeneration, blowing things apart) square and a conjunction of Sun and Neptune (mysticism, uncertainty, magic, spirituality, deception).
Her many hats include writer, publisher, contract negotiator, mom, ordained minister, and life coach.

No matter how menial the task, another’s approach to his work can have a profound influence on the quality of your day. Apart from things like sustenance wages and job insecurity, I think it’s mainly for two reasons. This powerful combination excites the imagination toward big dreams for a new and more inspiring world. We think we can get away with it, because they are such nice people, so helpful, so patient.
The overworked IT guy, feverishly attending to the needs of thirty staff members and sixty temperamental machines, gets an impromptu visit from his supervisor, who needs help–urgently!–with her personal email account.
And because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, he or she can carve you up with an estimable blend of withering sarcasm and impressive vocabulary choices.
But remember that the millions of people who perform society’s less glamorous tasks, who work hard to develop valuable skills, and who patiently midwife our dreams with push-brooms, wrenches, an editing pencil, and computer code, deserve our appreciation and respect. Boy, do I struggle with my job as a high school teacher, all the demands, very little thanks. I love this gracious influence and feel it underpins the very fabric of our lives with its care, sense of detail, cleanliness, health awareness and sensibility.
The barista who serves up your morning coffee can set the day’s tone with a smile and a little joke or can seemingly go out of his way to piss you off.
We splash around in the waters of creativity and big, important undertakings, secure in the knowledge that if we get in over our heads, some kindly lifeguard type will rescue us.
The long-suffering astrologer, whose wages barely place him above the national poverty line, gets yet another epic email from someone detailing every problem in her life and insisting the astrologer read her chart for free, because hers is such a worthy and exceptional cause. I love what I do, and I love my involvement with my students, but I do become very disillusioned with the unfair balance that is enforced upon us by the system. Dreaming of a beautiful world is all well and good, but someone has to be willing to roll up their sleeves and make the dreams a reality. I announced in late December that I would visit my daughters on the weekend of 20 February and we’d have some adventure, though I really had nothing planned at the time but to see their homes and take them to dinner. Behind every great achievement is some diligent helper wearing sensible shoes and a headset, supervising logistics from the wings. Some good, patient, Virgo-like soul with a knack for untangling messes who can get the printer to work and troubleshoot the problem with the wireless network.

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