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De beginletters zijn opmerkelijk: twee stukken van opeenvolgende alfabetische letters (RST en KLM), en een stuk met drie keer de letter S.
Astrology is a Divine subject; a universal law consist of nine planet which effects on any body and shape the future.
Your birth sign, or Sun sign is the sign of zodiac that the Sun occupied at the moment of your birth. Star Sign, your Sun Sign represents the Sign of the Zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. Your Sun Sign represents the main direction and focus you want your life to take and your determination to accomplish what you set out to do.

The position of all the planets in our solar system at the moment of your birth, not just the position of the Sun, Just as the sun occupied one of the 12 zodiac signs when you were born, perhaps making you "a Geminian' or "a sagittarian', so each of the other planets occupied a certain sign.
Your Sun sign to influence your attitude as child, man, as women, as a friend, as a boss, as a employee and your every characteristics of life.
It represents your personal honesty and integrity, your ability to command respect and authority and your capacity to impress and influence others. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. It is the core of your potential and uniqueness as an individual; who you are and what you are about.

Nevertheless the Astrology has rationally been used to determine one's nature and direction of one's life.

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